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District Recycling Hub
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Apr 26, 2015 @ 12:13pm
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District Recycling Hub

District Recycling Hub by dazflint

This lot is a small (3x1) roadside recycling depot. It sends 2 or 3 garbage trucks out over a small area (less than 1km radius). It's cheap to build (€1500) and cheap to run (€80/wk). It doesn't pollute, although it is moderately noisy.

These qualities mean that it's ideal for building a distributed, local garbage disposal network right there in your neighbourhoods - you don't have to place an ugly landfill or polluting incinerator close to your cims! Put one or two District Recycling Hubs in each neighbourhood instead. You can also use them to boost the service to local trouble-spots and out-of-the-way areas, far from your main facilities.

My design is inspired by NGon's wonderful Recycling Centre, and I've used NGon's recycling containers as props as well as adding my own.

Don't be surprised if it shows as 'not working' from time to time. This happens when the garbage trucks are out on the streets, and the containers on the lot are empty. That's the way CO have designed the garbage systems in the game - they're... eccentric. The bottom line is, I've tested the lot extensively and it works well! ;)
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Jun 24, 2018 @ 3:35am
missing: 417128174.Recycle bin_Data
< >
Trippy Oct 2 @ 6:24pm 
@RyujiSaotome - I think OneSpookyBoi (below) has in general corrected your misconception of this 'dependency'.
But I'm still laughing at the "should pay more attention" comment.
Perhaps it is you who should be paying more attention & reading simple descriptions before offering up your comments. There's only five simple brief lines if you could be bothered.
One of which states "Props not necessary.. just for added flavour".
So your somewhat overstated & paranoid comment about dependencies is rather null & void.
District Recycling Hub has no dependencies. It is however an improved & working version of the asset offered up here.
Props optional.. comprendez..?

Captain Toof Aug 24 @ 10:00pm 
Common parking near the garbage containers collector?
OneSpookyBoi Jul 21 @ 6:40pm 
@RyujiSaotome More Beautification is not a "dependency" for Decal Trash 01. More Beautification is listed under required items because it was the Find It OG before it stopped getting updates. The Decal Trash 01 asset simply lists it as a dependency because Find It wasn't out when the asset was released back in 2016. Every single asset I have probably a thousand assets that all list More Beautification as a dependency with no issues, and simply use Find it 2 in its place.
Fizz May 22 @ 11:17pm 
Recycle bin asset missing.. :(
SleeplessRonin Apr 14 @ 3:22am 
Echoing RyujiSaotome - missing asset: Recycling Bin.
RyujiSaotome Jan 22 @ 2:54am 
This version uses a deleted asset to "RECYCLE BIN".
The new version from Trippy, on the other hand, it's way worse because uses a s**tload of dependencies to other mods, some of them known as "problematic". For example, it uses "Decal Trash 01" that has its own dependency to "More beautification" that is known to cause really bad lags...
@Trippy this is really unfortunate and you should really pay more attention on what really makes game to break.

I'm sorry because this asset was really nice to use, but I'm unsubscribing :(
Aziz Jan 2 @ 7:41am 
Thank you
I Love you
Trippy Mar 23, 2019 @ 3:50am 
I've made a new version and fixed this asset. For all those grumbling about it not working or having ever been updated.

Can be found here: - District Recycling Hub
BoNeZ Jan 19, 2019 @ 6:37am 
Even when you hunt down the missing assets for this that they neglect to tell us, it still does not work, still says the assets are missing.