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Control Building Level Up v0.4
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Mar 24, 2015 @ 4:33pm
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Control Building Level Up v0.4

This mod enables you to control your city development by preventing buildings from upgrading to a certain level. Simple select a (growable) building of your choice and click on one of the level-up progressbars and the building won't exceed over this selected lock-level. If you select a lower level than the actual level of the building it will be bulldozed after a while.

Version 0.4: Added district support.
* Click on the district to set a lock level for residential, commercial, industrial or office buildings.
* Now we distinguish between district lock level (red symbol) and individual building lock level (white as so far).
* After setting a district level, which applies to every building of this type in the district, you can still set a specific lock level for each individual building, this level has always a higher priority than the district one.
* That means also, that already existing building lock levels will not be overwritten when setting a district level.
* When removing the building lock level, the district lock level is assigned to the building (if this is set for this building type).
* Changed lock symbol from '#' to 'x'.
* See new video!
Version 0.3: Removed debug-infos
Version 0.2: There was a bug in the first version of this mod. Some parts of the code were not initialized correctly, so basically the mod was working in background, but the user interface wasn't loaded.

Note: The mod should work with existing savegames and not corrupt them, but it is not that much tested yet. If bugs appear, please report as detailed as possible. Built and tested under Windows 7 64-Bit, I have no information about other plattforms.
This modification comes without any warranty, I take no responsibilty for loosing your savegame, your virginity, or whatever.

Special thanks to user nlight for ModTools modification , it immensely reduces the try-and-error work and makes working with the API much less frustrating.

Source code is available under GPLv2 at Github [].

Have fun!
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Aug 8, 2017 @ 11:08am
Mods not compatible with this mod
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657621353 Jul 14 @ 5:18am 
这个已经不能在使用了 我下载了 安装之后没有任何的反应
Bird Jun 5 @ 3:15pm 
boformer for President
boformer Jun 4 @ 7:16pm 
Your prayers were heard. A fixed version can be found here:
Katana59 Jun 4 @ 10:03am 
Ok, i saved the game, and now its not working any more. What a mess. I was so happy that it was working :(
John Wayne Jun 4 @ 9:38am 
It's true, if we bring this to forums and reddit, someone can help/make a mod similar...
It's been done before.
Katana59 Jun 4 @ 9:35am 
I don't know why, but right now it seemst to be working again. I can Mark a building again, i can mark an area, and up to now, the buildings don't get to the next level. I don't have changed anything
friedrich.rau Jun 4 @ 9:30am 
THE GAME DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT THIS MOD!!!! I cannot play anymore!
Mr. Bolivier Jun 4 @ 7:30am 
Omg, this needs to be fixed!
Bird Jun 3 @ 5:25pm 
TAKE TO THE FORUMS! Someone is bound to help. We just need raise this withiin the community.
Katana59 Jun 1 @ 8:42am 
Historic Buildings is more for single buildings, when you want to hold the way they look at this moment. I use it too, but for districts it is not good, and this is, what the most of us need