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Homeworld Remastered Collection

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Complex EVO [HW Remastered]
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Feb 24, 2015 @ 12:58pm
Nov 24, 2020 @ 10:38am
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Complex EVO [HW Remastered]

-Complex EVO series [HW Remastered]
dev. build 45, November 24 2020

Complex is an independent project, developed thanks to the support of Patrons
I would be grateful if you want to join my campaign.
With a small amount you will contribute to the development, and you will play Complex for a long time, your money will be used to pay 3D artists and voice actors.
Thank You very much, Beghins.

Developed by Homeworld Remastered core team members, Complex is scripted from scratch, fixes all critical bugs, improves the complexity of the original Homeworld gameplay to extent, where player has to take into account a lot of variables during space battle in order to prevail.
This version of Complex works on the updated Homeworld Remastered engine and has a lot of new improvements: new ships, new graphics and FXs, new UI (unit interface), new environments and complete optimization for newer hardware, thus allowing smooth gameplay.
You can subscribe and play the public version, stable and constantly updated.
The new improved series is in progress at https://www.patreon.com/beghins, becoming a Patron you can play the dev. builds and help us to reach the next public release. Join our mission and help us to make Complex the most perfect space RTS ever.

-It's recommended to play the english version, Complex is not localized.
-Launch Complex alone, without any other mod/addon/cheat
-It's recommended to clear the mod folder everytime you download the new version: ..\HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\398406822

-Main site www.homeworld2complex.com
-Complex 9 series [HW Classic]
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Taiidan Harvesting is super slow?
Yu Khan
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Firestorm Apr 4 @ 3:51am 
@Raidwonder the number one causes of desyncs are poor internet and too much "stuff" existing at the same time. Choose the person with the fastest internet speeds (Have everyone run a speed checker to determine), set wreck lifetime to low and don't ever pick the higher unit caps, especially with more than two players.
Raidwonder Apr 3 @ 9:36pm 
Any tips for reducing desyncs? Tried different races/maps. Desync every single game.
Firestorm Apr 3 @ 12:10pm 
@Vlad unsub, resub, launch game without mods then with the mod. If this does not work, Unsub, delete the mod from the game files ..\HomeworldRM\DataWorkshopMODs\398406822 , resub, launch game without mods then with the mod.

If all else fails, do a clean install of the entire game, then launch game without mods then with the mod.
Vlad The Inhaler Apr 3 @ 12:01pm 
i keep getting a general failure when launching the mod, do you guys have any fixes for a problem like that?
Firestorm Mar 31 @ 12:31pm 
@kabel he donated 15 (Idr whether it was $ or £) a year or two ago. I suppose that gives him justification in his mind to demand beghins to work harder as if he were a major stakeholder in a company...
kabel Mar 31 @ 12:03pm 
yo @reidnst why do people like you exist, do you pay for this mod? how bout you leave them alone and worry about yourself
reidnst Mar 31 @ 11:44am 
beghins very strange - in December 2020 it was answered to my friend that everything is almost done and that the next devbuild, including the continuation of episode 2, will be released in the first month of 2021 - it will be the fourth month and -you say now it is not finished?. So you're and team saying you haven't done anything in a year? In a year when other developers and modellers have made extreme progress in countless games due to the corona crisis? I have a feeling you're just making money and just saying you don't have money or people right now
beghins  [author] Mar 30 @ 3:52pm 
Allisonmattew9, Ep. 2 in not completed yet, you should see a msg on screen after the Space Sonar building, BTW it will be comoleted in next incoming build
reidnst Mar 30 @ 8:34am 
MHN -simple choose module on ship and in right down corner is icon for destroy or recycle
reidnst Mar 30 @ 8:28am 
allisonmattew9 Another player who caught up, according to the author -begins there should be text that the game will continue in the next build, but there is nothing the game will just end -look on the forum authors confuse players of this mode, just for information another devbuild done 3 months but they do not release it because they spend money from donors