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FF8 "Ultra" Mods Guide!
By echoing.silently and 1 collaborators
Hello! This is MCINDUS (@mcindus_mods), and after making a bunch of tasty mods for you, I've decided to take some time out and make a guide.

These are the mods that will give you the most out of your Final Fantasy VIII experience.
You have two paths you can go down:
1 - You download each mod individually from each different location and sit through ads and multiple steps -OR-
2 - You donate to the cause and get access to a MASSIVE FF8 ULTRA Lunatic Pandora Mods Pack (v1.0) that does everything for you.
*Information in the Guide*

It's a matter of convenience and being able to show your appreciation for all of our hard work over the past few years!
Thank you, no matter which way you choose!
FF8 "Ultra" and Preferred Mods List
These mods should give you the best overall modernized FF8 experience!

Roses and Wine (RaW)[]by DLPB

This music mod is moderately easy to install and is by far the best music mod available. Choose between PSX/Original Sountrack, Orchestral Soundtrack versions, Rock/Metal versions (The Black Mages), or even input your own .OGG files to loop in the game!

Here's a sample of RaW in action:

UPDATE! FF8 Ultra - Lunatic Pandora Mods Pack v1.0 is now available!!!
FF8 Ultra - Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack v1.0[]
You can either go through the tedious process below or go to this website and donate (your own price) for a copy of all of the Tonberry Mods, along with an "Ultra" Launcher that Injects the UV Fix, the 'Hardmode' and 'Add-On's package, and comes with the GeDoSaTo config files. It is literally everything you need Graphics and Gameplay-wise! This took hours to compile and I hope you appreciate the hard work we've put into the project over the years! Avoid those pesky adfly ads!
*Lunatic Pandora is currently in English, but in order to modify it to your language, simply download the proper language files from the mod links and insert them after downloading LP!*

FF8 GeDoSaTo v2.3g + 2.3r Config[]
Downsampling (4k), Anti-Aliasing, PostProcessing (SweetFX/Asmodean)
Enables use of Steam Overlay, Tonberry, AND SweetFX
You must first download GeDoSaTo as the '' fork of the Github page and install it by moving the contents of the /pack folder into a NEW C:\GeDoSaTo folder that you create. Here is the link to GeDo itself:
Updated 9/04/18

FF8 ReShade v1.3 Config Profile[] (For use with ReShade v3.0 or later!)
Anti-Aliasing, Post Processing FX, CRT Scanlines Shader Option, Color Enhancements, Bloom Shaders, Lens Flares, Godrays, and more!
Works in tandem with Tonberry and GeDoSaTo!
You must first download ReShade v3.0 (or later) from - Install the OpenGL version of ReShade (*for tonberry/gedo compatibility*) and follow the directions in the FF8ReShace folder to pick between LOW, MED, HIGH, ULTRA, and MEGA settings.
Updated 9/04/18

World UV Texture Patch[] by MaKiPL (Easy Patcher by MCINDUS)
**Do NOT use with "FF8_Ultra_Launcher" from Lunatic Pandora unless you remove the UV_Injector file from "HL_Files/Hext_in/"
World UV Texture Fix!

These Following Mods require:
Tonberry 2: Enhanced[]

Tonberry Enhanced enables texture injection.

SeeD Reborn[]
Text, Menu, and GUI Overhaul by MCINDUS
*Includes ALL Languages*

Project Eden[]
Field Background Original Upscales by Omzy
*Use AngelWing OR Eden, NOT both. (This mod is over 1GB)

Project AngelWing[]
Field Background Waifu Upscales by FatedCourage
*Use AngelWing OR Eden, NOT both. (This mod is over 1GB)

"Triple Triad" Card Game Texture Overhaul by MCINDUS

BattleField Upscales Project by MCINDUS and FatedCourage

Rebirth Flame[]
Character Texture Project by FatedCourage[/b]
Art by Magochocobo, with additions/edits by Devina, Crestian, and Yagami Light
Big thanks to Mortael and Shunsq!

World Texture, Map, and Vehicle Upscales by MCINDUS and FatedCourage

Project Hellfire[]
GF Summon Replacements/Upscales by MCINDUS and FatedCourage

Boss Upscales by FatedCourage

Lunar Cry[]
Enemy Upscales (100% Complete) by MCINDUS

If you don't have them already, get them here!

*NOTE: I use Project Eden's textures with Project AngelWing's hashmaps. They are fully compatible. I personally like this 'look' the best, and Project Eden's hashmap is incomplete.


FF8 Controller Button Icons[]
For PSX and Xbox360
by MCINDUS and Norwin

- These will give you actual button icons instead of those pesky B1, B2, B3, etc.!
- Now available for HID mapping interfaces! (DS4Windows, Autohotkey, Xpadder, etc.)
- Mod requires SeeDReborn v3.2

FF8 Show PSX Buttons[] by Shunsq

- If you have Lunatic Pandora or RaW and a PSX controller, this is the preffered method!
- Works in-tandem with SeeDReborn/Tonberry -OR- on it's own!
- If using Lunatic Pandora ONLY (no RaW), put the file(s) in FINAL FANTASY VIII/HL_Files/Hext_in/
- If using RaW (w07), put the file(s) in FINAL FANTASY VIII/RaW/GLOBAL/Hext/

Gameplay Add-on's (Hard-mode Launcher)
FF8 Hard-mode and Add-on's[]
Add-On's by Phun - Injector by DLPB - Mod by MCINDUS

Hard Mode:
- Decreases player's melee damage by a factor of 1.5, increases the level of enemies by a factor of 1.1, and increases the melee damage of enemies by a factor of 1.1; this does not effect magic damage.
HP Cap Fix:
- 9999 HP is now as high as 32,000
Damage Cap Fix:
- 9999 DMG can now be as high as 64,000

***Currently, you have to have the 'hard' mod enabled for the hp and dmg dll's to work, according to some users. Check the 'Tools' and the 'Gameplay Addons' section of to see the latest work being done for difficulty and encounter mods!***


Future Mods
Magic/Effect Upscale Project
GF Summon Animations
Limit Break Upscale Project
NPC Upscale Project

MCINDUS FF8 Let's Play:

(Find more on MCINDUS YT Channel)

Lunatic Pandora Troubleshooting
This section should help you with any current issues!

* Lunatic Pandora MUST be installed in your parent FINAL FANTASY VIII folder!!!
(~/Steam/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/)
* If your OS is not on your C: drive, you MUST change the drive letter in tonberry/prefs.txt
* Turn OFF the Steam Overlay unless you're using GeDoSaTo!!
* Use "FF8_Ultra_Launcher.exe" to Launch the game!
(If you use FF8_Launcher.exe, the Add-on's and UV Fix will not be injected into the game, however Tonberry, RaW, and GeDoSaTo still will be.)

Current Bugs:
Maki's UV Texture Injection needs two 'fixes' to function properly
- Download THIS FILE[] and put it in "/HL_Files/Hext/
**delete the old FF8_UVInject file here**
IF that doesn't fix the error spam in the console window, try this too:
- Download THIS FILE[] and replace the one in "/HL_Files/") **optional**

Triple Triad came with the wrong hashmap, which leaves out only the menu card upscales.
- Follow this link and replace your 'Tripod_hm.csv' file with the one here:
Triple Triad Hashmap (fix)[]

Put it here: (.../steam/steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap/)

For issues in Windows 10:
- Download the DirectX9c June2010 End User Runtimes and Install the most recent package, do NOT use the 'normal' Web Installer.

- If you get the classic "MSVC100.dll" missing issue, please install Microsoft VC+ Redist 2010

If you don't want to use the Add-On's, go to "/HL_Files/DLL_in/" and remove them from the folder, but leave "Hext_in" alone.

Performance TIPS
For faster injection:
Put your /textures folder on an SSD and direct tonberry/prefs.txt to the folder location.

GeDoSaTo is a Supersampling, PostProcessing, and Anti-Aliasing Tool
To use GeDoSaTo, click below to install it and follow the instructions in your "FF8_GeDoSaTo_v2.2" folder to enable it in-game.
GeDoSaTo Installer:

Recommended: (not included)
FF8 Controller Buttons
PSX/Xbox360/HID Buttons

Roses and Wine (RaW)
Full Music Overhaul by DLPB

More Info:
UV Fix by MaKiPl - powered by DLPB Hext Tools - modded by MCINDUS
Hardmode/Add-on's by Phun - for old FF8Launcher 1.31 - ported for Steam by MCINDUS
The "FF8 Ultra Launcher" was created using DLPB's Hext Tools 3.0
The Tonberry v2.04 (Mod Tool) was created by Omzy based on the work of Matthew Fisher, and then further improved upon by JeMaCheHi and Mavirick.


Happy Modding!
Updated: 9/10/2017

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Rau Le Creuset 13 hours ago 
Only happened once, so all good. Great mod!
Drake Ravenwood 23 hours ago 
WiP maybe thats the reason it doesnt work at all :


After tweaking it works perfectly
I spent 100s if not 1000s of hours modding skyrim so a few hours of this is nothing.

Keep up the great work to the team on this and echoing.silently for the compilation, dont stop because of a few unappreciative people please.
@echoing.silently Yes im using the english version. Ah so its WiP maybe thats the reason it doesnt work at all :/ I reinstalled the Horizon 3.0 but still i dont see the differences that you ahve on your thread with the first cave with ifrti for example. Then dont let me bother you,if its a WIP i should have read the thread :s
echoing.silently  [author] Dec 17 @ 11:56am 
@Darkstalix -- it comes with all of the mods listed above, aside from any music mod or the controller buttons. It contains the Devina version of Rebirth Flame and Project Eden instead of Project Angelwing, but it should have all mods functioning properly. To see if the mods are working, rename /tonberry to something like /tonberry0 and compare before/after. The world map you see above is a WIP, but there is a fully complete 'vanilla' recreation included with the mod pack. Are you using the English version?
I bought the Lunatic pandora modpack. I wanted to know which ones it includes? I installed it correctly and it runs ok while so far i realized that only some HD models mod is working as well us the HUD looks HD too. I had to install from another mod the original PSX music. It drives me crazy cause the modpack said it does everything on its own,great compilation tho. For example i wanted the hd models, terrain etc. Any chance of explaining which one the modpack has?
echoing.silently  [author] Dec 17 @ 10:52am 
@Asukafag -- no problem! Just shoot me an email at and I'll respond with your link! I really need to make a list of what goes in the mod pack, but it's pretty much everything above aside from RaW, the controller mod, and uses 'devinas' models via rebirth flame, and project eden for field backgrounds. if you want project angelwing, you should install a large adress aware patch in order to increase your game cache.
Asukafag Dec 17 @ 10:23am 
@echoing.silently sorry for disturbing but my hdd died along with all ff8 files and your installer...Is there a way to have a new dl link? My brain must also have suffered damage cause i can't find out (reading the guide above) which mods are included in the package and their versions. I guess i'll just have a quick review of them all and get the updated ones:D
echoing.silently  [author] Dec 17 @ 8:41am 
Are you on win10? If so, try the msvc 2010 and 2013 updates, as well as the directx9 update that I linked in the troubleshooting section. Let me know if that helps! If not, try changing your processor affinity to the first processor in your task manager. GL
Rau Le Creuset Dec 11 @ 12:26pm 
This seems to crash after the dollet landing, before the first fight with the G-Soldiers, anybody had this issue?
LavaLeech_HD Dec 7 @ 7:35pm 
Thank you so much! Ive been streaming my entire experience of these mods, and im super excited for future mods to come!