Evolve Stage 2

Evolve Stage 2

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Known Evolve tweaks FPS, FOV, Guides, Mouse Accel, No Intro
By bossy
Some first Evolve settings ... enjoy! Likes, comments and requests / questions are welcome! :)
No Intro (Renaming video file)
It is not known how to remove the intro by launch parameter. With this workaround you can remove one of the starting videos.

Remove Evolve video
(# 2 in the list below)
* Remark: Main Menu video will disappear also, but the game still works.

1. Browse to

2. Rename

for example to

1. Evolve picture (will stay)
2. Evolve Video (removed)
3. Nvidia video (will stay)
4. Crytek, etc logos (will stay)
5. Main Menu (removed/ will be black)
Remove videos and save 12,8 GB ssd space
To save my expensive SSD space i decided to delete the following videos. The game still works as always, but without the videos of course.

1. Browse to

2. Delete the following files (to restore see #3 below)
Videos_stage1.pak - removes one intro video Videos_stage2.pak - removes the menu videos

Remove tutorial videos for new characters. Do not remove them if you still not explored all the characters. (thanks Shocky)
Delete this files... Videos_stage3-part0.pak Videos_stage3-part1.pak Videos_stage3-part2.pak Videos_stage3-part3.pak Videos_stage3-part4.pak Videos_stage3-part5.pak

3. To restore the files:
Right-click on the game name (Evolve) in the detailed view -> Properties -> Local files -> "Check Integrity of file cache". Done.
Config / CFG settings
1. Search for the file "system.cfg"

OR create a new file called "autoexec.cfg" (i prefer this)

2. Add the follwing text to the file and start evolve.
-- FPS: select your FPS cap sys_MaxFPS = 145 -- Motion blur: (may not work) r_MotionBlur = 0 -- FOV (seems only to work with autoexec.cfg) (60 default, 90 to see more, just use your own FOV, see screenshots below) cl_fov_merc = 90 cl_fov_monsterThirdPerson = 90 -- Mouse Acceleration Off i_mouse_smooth = 0 i_mouse_accel = 0

FOV 60

FOV 90

FOV 120
(for me not playable)

In this section i would like to post all the commands and the result of the testing:

Not working commands:
r_DrawNearFOV = 60 Hud_hide = 1 g_skipIntro = 1 s_MusicVolume

Untested commands from crysis:
cl_aimassist_user_enabled = 0 r_AntialiasingMode = 3 g_optionsLanguageAudio = default s_DialogVolume = 1 s_SFXVolume = 1 net_voiceVolume = 0.5 cl_fp_camera_useroption = 0 cl_use_console_gamepad = 1 ctrl_invert = 0 cl_context_lmb_abilities = 0 mouse_invert = 0 mouse_sensitivity = 26 sys_spec_objectdetail = 3 sys_spec_particles = 3 steam_push_to_talk_enabled = 1 i_forcefeedback = 1 sys_spec_shading = 3 sys_spec_shadows = 3 cl_localAlwaysSprints = 1 ui_show_subtitles = 0 g_optionsLanguage = default sys_spec_textureresolution = 3 cl_pc_zoom_is_toggle = 1
Mouse pointer bug
- While starting or in the game you see the mouse pointer.
- While in archivement screen you dont see the mouse pointer.

Workaround 1:
SHIFT+TAB (multiple times change to steam overlay)

Workaround 2:
Deactivating the steam overlay (thanks dón kíam´)
Fix 21/9 Monitors for Menus
Step 1- Use Notepad to open Settings.xml in
Step 2- Change the file to your resolution:
Attr name="settings/screenresheight"­; value="1440"/ Attr name="settings/screenreswidth" value="2560"/

Step 3- Use Notepad to open system.cfg in C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\EvolveGame

r_height = 1080 r_width = 2560
(This sets your resolution in the game itself.)

But the Game is not 21/9. Just fullscreen without addid additional view to the sides
Ist only a 16/9 stretched to 21/9.
Thanks to [STG] Razorin Faust.
===== Other Guides ============
Hunter & Monster Mastery guide & Level Perk charts
A very good guide can be found here:


Thanks to ȻҐΘ₦ҞԼԼŘ ™ (ϾŇX)
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Conqu3r Jun 18 @ 4:14pm 
たわごと Sep 11, 2020 @ 9:33am 
evolve stage 2 but from the future
Zepy May 11, 2019 @ 9:19pm 
Uri Jul 16, 2016 @ 2:09am 
anything to change crosshair color?
Embuscade Jul 11, 2016 @ 1:40pm 
@Bossy you can refresh guide please please ?
Collapsed lungs Jul 10, 2016 @ 12:52pm 
Sooo... Now it doesn't work? They've removed all from config file, now u can only change settings in game. Am I right?
JackStillAlive Jul 8, 2016 @ 1:16am 
No fix for the fps jumping down to 27-40 from 60fps for no reason?
Timotheistic Jul 7, 2016 @ 7:57pm 
Any fix for the 60 fps to 9 fps sudden drops for no reason? Bounces right back but it breaks the fluidity every 30 seconds or so.
Shadex Jul 7, 2016 @ 2:34pm 
I have terrible mouse skips, in either the begining of the match. Or when theres a lot on the screen going on. (note: my fps is a stable 60 fps) What could this be?
Psycho May 6, 2016 @ 12:46pm 
Be careful with Kala and EMET guys, if you lose your save game (by deleting or anything), their masteries will be gone, only those 2, the rest will keep their Level. Sadly not even the 2k support could help.