Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Game Content: Campaigns
Game Modes: Single Player, Co-op
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Nov 17, 2014 @ 11:57am
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No credit to me!

An upload of an underrated favourite from l4dmaps, which I couldn't find in the Workshop.

A solid campaign with a 28 Weeks Later vibe. Stay ahead of the gas!
Excellent story, great voice acting, imaginative interactive events, and the most fun I've had in any finale gauntlet.

Originally created by Boing and Soup Toaster and uploaded 29th Jan 2011

"The Military is flooding the city with deadly neurotoxin. Fight your way to the last chopper.
On map 3 you can call in airstrikes by picking targets on the map with your 'use' key and using the little radio.
If you want to play this alone start it in Singleplayer!!"

Uploaded by kind permission of Soup Toaster.
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S.A.T.8 Apr 30 @ 1:01am 
best map ever! 11/10:steamhappy:
⎛⎝cmy128⎠⎞ Apr 14 @ 9:38pm 
good map
Alonso1581 Apr 9 @ 3:45pm 
10/10 y Completada en EXPERTO! :D :v
Neχedail Mar 28 @ 4:04am 
Great campaign, on the 3rd chapter I felt like a General on my 8 players server
Festival Mar 13 @ 9:30am 
Great campaign, the first two maps are fairly easy (difficulty "Expert"), the third map is unique with a good idea. The fourth map is essentially a speedrun, runs quickly.
The campaign is interesting for its cutscenes and plot twists.
When loading the fourth map, there was a bug with a fall through the texture
I recommend to walkthrough 9/10, thanks to the author for the great company
Festival Mar 13 @ 9:30am 
Отличная кампания, первые две карты достаточно легкие (сложность "Эксперт"), третья карта уникальная с хорошей задумкой. Четвертая карта по сути спидран, пробегается быстро.
Кампания интересна своими катсценами и твистами с сюжетом.
При загрузке четвертой карты случился баг с проваливанием под текстуру.
Рекомендую к прохождению, спасибо автору за отличную компанию
McDaddy945 Mar 6 @ 7:24am 
Good map design, but the overall objective at the beginning makes no sense, the bots get stuck on single player after you escort the ambulance, and the fact that the ambulance make no sound while it drives makes it a terrible script. It would have been better if the ambulance started driving and the sound of the engine would have alerted the horde. Instead we get an Elon Musk hybrid engine.
又毒害一个 Mar 4 @ 10:10pm 
Not Filther Feb 18 @ 6:32pm 
(single player) your bot teammates get stuck and the zeds dont stop. unsubbed. :steamthumbsdown:
Borger Thief Jan 30 @ 12:36am 
The final chapter is just terrible, the rest was pretty good but good god that last chapter. Ruins the whole experience