Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Another Tacticool Combine Replacement
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Jul 7 @ 12:40am
Jul 8 @ 1:13am
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Another Tacticool Combine Replacement

Replace your vanilla combine.

There won't be metrocop & zombine models.
A non-replace version might come soon.

Assest Used:

+BWAAF 2023 Revision(backpack & magazine pouch)
+Cheddar's Tactical Response Officer (Helmet)
+Trepang2 Black Ops (NVGs)
+US Combine Soldier (Texture)
+Splinter Cell: Blacklist Chemical Goons (Gas mask)
+Bloocobait's L4D2 Riot Officers(Body)
+PMC Terrance (Visor Texture)

Tags: (Ignore this)
Elite Shotgun SOG Special Forces Commando Task Force Contractor Private Military Soldier Tactical Spec Ops Black Ops Operative Operator Military Army Marine SCP MTF Hazmat Overwatch Ragdoll

Credits goes to:
+BWAAF 2023 Creators
+Splinter Cell: Blacklist Developers
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Jul 9 @ 4:06pm
Doesn't fully work
+rep spoon
󠀡󠀡 4 hours ago 
Playermodels work just replace the combine playermodels and they work just fine I did tried to see
That Guy 7 hours ago 
Whats the gun mod in the pictures?
eclipse 12 hours ago 
question, Is there pm version?
Some dumbass 19 hours ago 
never cook again
airbocchi Jul 11 @ 1:39pm 
@Frank Blaskovich Sadly no ... the wire isn't connected to the GPs. They wouldn't work
Rutas_Vadec Jul 11 @ 12:05pm 
verify gamefiles and check if you still have the GMA file in your addon file
Annasnoop03 Jul 11 @ 12:01pm 
i deleted this mod and it still replaces the combine, help:steamsad:
matymach21 Jul 11 @ 8:50am 
thanks for not making metrocop/barney, i already have a cool tactical replacement for them
󠀡󠀡 Jul 11 @ 6:53am 
Mind if I use your elite model?