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The Bridge In the Abyss
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Jul 4 @ 4:44am
Jul 7 @ 8:01pm
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The Bridge In the Abyss

***Scroll down to avoid my yap***

The title says it all really.

The map is a huge bridge, capable of supporting even Striders; it towers over a seemingly endless downwards abyss. It stretches from one side of a ice cold windy ravine to the other, taking minutes to walk across. Alien architecture that seems to serve no purpose yet in the same moment is artfully crafted - both for aesthetics and for combat (and OSHA violations)

The map is based on sections from - Halo:CE Assault On the Control Room. Originally my idea was to have an entire Strider factory but that might've been to hard for source and my PC so I had to cut it down. My second idea was two bridges which I thought would've been metal as ♥♥♥♥ but copying and pasting one bridge to the other side would be kinda lame and also again - too much for source.

Now we have this. I'm pretty happy with the results.




- Fully AI nodded (AI will take cover and such)
- Strider Nodes
- Player Spawned Gunship Full Functionality
- Climbing Nodes
- Nav Mesh
- Very Large Open Space (Big enough to fly a helicopter and shoot at the bridge!)
- Alternate Version
- Looks cool (Worth edging to)

Comment suggestions for what to work on next I will read them all (I have no life, I spent a month satisfying the male urge to build a bridge)

Okay bye. Suck me
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Jul 9 @ 7:30pm
place to make suggestions
mathewwwwwwwwwww 5 hours ago 
npc's just shoot at nothing when i play on this map, it doesn't matter if i have any other mods enabled they ONLY do it in this map for some reason
DerNachtSky  [author] Jul 10 @ 12:13pm 
I don’t know. I think he might have a kink for bridges or somethin?
bebrik Jul 10 @ 8:58am 
Is there a lore reason why Ass Blaster Disaster Master ejaculating due to the map being on the front page? Is he stupid? :houndeye:
King Louis III of France Jul 10 @ 8:32am 
worth edging to indeed :steamthumbsup:
DerNachtSky  [author] Jul 10 @ 7:57am 
Halo Reach Nextbots
bebrik Jul 10 @ 7:12am 
also what halo npcs were you using in the first image question mark
Screddy Jul 10 @ 6:50am 
Thats okay i guess
DerNachtSky  [author] Jul 10 @ 6:23am 
It wouldn't be an abyss anymore if there was a place to land or jump to
Screddy Jul 10 @ 6:22am 
Can you add a node part where the dropship lands instead of the abyss or the combine jumping off into the abyss. If you cant do that, then thats okay
bebrik Jul 10 @ 6:14am 
this bridge makes me want to go out on a Walk In The Woods™