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Enclave Force Field
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Enclave Force Field

Provide a strategic defense with the Enclave Force Field, a photonic resonance barrier that prohibits most matter from passing through it.


The Enclave Force Field, sometimes called a blue force field, is a type of barricade used by the Enclave in the Fallout franchise. It has been widely used for protection in important Enclave hotspots, most notably within Adams Air Force Base in the Broken Steel DLC and the Jefferson Memorial during Fallout 3's main quest line.

This addon allows the use of this force field along with other important features to suit your building/NPC battle needs.

Other than through console commands, this entity can only be deployed using the Enclave Force Field Tool. This is because spawning the entity directly creates issues when attempting to position the other pylon generator. You may find this tool in your Tools tab under the category Fallout.

The model has been ported directly from Fallout 3, along with its sound effects and textures. Code has been provided for the force field's effects and features such as barriers reacting to damage and disabling/enabling the force field. You are able to move and rotate the barriers and pylons with the Physics Gun, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find a way to rotate them through code after doing multiple test runs.

Below are two force fields you can spawn:

Large Force Field

Small Force Field

  • 3D model and textures of the force field pylon and its effects
  • Properly-implemented physics collision
  • Proper effects for the force field barrier
  • Barrier reacts to being damaged (creates an impact FX)
  • Toggle-able force field using any desirable key input
  • Changeable force field model
  • Can add more pylon generators to a single force field entity (able to chain force fields)

Operations for the Enclave Force Field Tool:
  1. Spawn the Force Field. The pylons must not be obstructed by anything that has collision.
  2. Add an additional pylon generator. The additional pylon can only be spawned in from the right side of the pylon generator.

Note: This addon does not require any games to be mounted.


Originally this was a personal addon I made to mess with NPCs and create fallout NPC battles. But because of its potential for scenery, NPC battles, and its purpose as a barricade, I thought it would be better to share it with the rest of the community for everyone to use. This project was surely an interesting one to make as its my first take at making a tool-based entity spawner with custom features. I hope you all enjoy.

Credit goes to Bethesda Softworks and the rest of the Fallout 3 developers for the model, textures, sounds, etc.

If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting my Patreon!

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@Dragon152123 That's weird. Not sure why that method fails to execute given that it can be called clientside and serverside. The previous line of code has another "getter" method similar to the method that failed to call, but that one is properly called, however. My guess is that the tool itself fails to recognize GetClientBool. You could try to restart the game, reinstall the addon then restart the game, verifying game cache for possible file corruption, or even try using all the toggles, selections, etc. from the tool menu to see if an invalid case resulted in that bug. Also, for further clarity, I have only tested this addon on the default branch of Garry's Mod, as I do with all my other addons. So if you're running a different branch you could try reverting back to the default branch and see if that works too.
Dragon152123 May 28 @ 6:21pm 
Bug report:

[3249673914] addons/enclave_force_field_3249673914/lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/prop_enclave_forcefield.lua:298: attempt to call method 'GetClientBool' (a nil value)
1. LeftClick - addons/enclave_force_field_3249673914/lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/prop_enclave_forcefield.lua:298
2. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/shared.lua:214

This shows up in the console whenever I attempt to place a field emitter. The ghost entity shows up, but the tool can't actually create anything for either model.
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It is not.