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Garry's Mod

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GTA V Drivable Vehicles for Garry's Mod
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Oct 6, 2014 @ 10:48am
Mar 23 @ 5:49pm
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GTA V Drivable Vehicles for Garry's Mod

This is a pack with vehicles ported from Grand Theft Auto V for Garry's Mod. Currently Rockstar Games has no policy against porting other than using their content and/or logos for commercial use. All original content belongs to their respective owners.

All included vehicles can be driven in Garry's Mod. Some are customizable and colorable in Garry's Mod, some are not.


Adder, Truffade
Bati, Pegassi
Bus, Brute
Camper, Brute
Futo, Karin
Gauntlet, Bravado
Nemesis, Principe
Patriot Limo, Mammoth
Police Cruiser, Vapid
Police Cruiser 2, Vapid
Police Cruiser Unmarked, Vapid
Rebel, Karin
Tri-Cycles Race Bike
Turismo R, Grotti
Zentorno, Pegassi

This is a standalone package and does not require anything else to work in Garry's Mod.

Requests, suggestions, ideas, bribes and threats are all ignored so don't even bother! Occasionally request events are hosted on the TDMCars Facebook[]

Did I mention this is for Garry's Mod?
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Green Dragon Apr 5 @ 6:48am 
TDMCars error - models/tdmcars/gtav
harrytheklingon Apr 2 @ 12:30pm 
yay new stuf
Nicky moons 🎄 Apr 1 @ 5:14pm 
i like this good job on cars gta v can you add sheriff car fib car to :steamhappy:
rb17885 Mar 24 @ 3:32pm 
now we need a photon for the ambulance
Gamestory Mar 24 @ 10:25am 
i have Error!
Fornirad_Donoldiez Mar 23 @ 9:11am 
Woah, you've just added new cars. Great job :)
rainerbankier Feb 11 @ 2:15am 
It makes garry's mode die out if you suscibe to this mode, i do not have a bad pc rather better than some 600 dollar one
MarchingInPlace23 Jan 30 @ 4:14pm 
Do the sirens turn on?
♥ N1c3 Bro ♥ Jan 20 @ 5:27pm 
for the Police Cruiser Vapid 1 can you make a sheriff skin for that?
Arctic Dec 29, 2019 @ 2:56pm 
the riot and utility trucks show up as errors which affect an addon that requires this addon