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Skrap Packs: Looting & Crafting RPG
Type: Game
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Play Time: 120 minutes
Assets: Scripting, Dice, Cards
Language: English
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Feb 19 @ 4:54pm
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Skrap Packs: Looting & Crafting RPG

A TTRPG where players are rewarded for trying to convince the GM they should be allowed to open the high-security vault with the packet of taco mix spices they found in their pocket.

Skrap Packs is a game where players gather items in the form of cards that they can use to face down all manner of crises! The better case they can make for why their choice of tool is successful, the higher their bonus to see if it works!

Everything is randomly generated, as cards offer prompts to the GM for how to construct the world and scenarios for players. Players are given a premise for the start of the adventure, a few starter items, and you're off!

This is an ongoing game, where each set of released cards will come with its own prompt to set up a one-shot that can be expanded into a campaign. Mix and match different decks to create an eclectic inventory and tell a wild story!

The premise for this release, Arcane Horror:

"It’s been 10 years since your high school graduation, and you’ve been invited to the Percival Estate, a creepy decrepit mansion on an island off the coast of town, by your friend Alex. They say they want to have a reunion for the whole class, but something more may be in store."

* Core Rules
* Character Sheets
* Player Cheet Sheets
* Over 120 cards

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