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Garry's Mod

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Feb 10 @ 4:36pm
Feb 10 @ 5:11pm
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This is an edited version of the "Left 4 Dead Liberty Mall Pre-Infection" map that can be found here:
The original map is from the L4D2 Dead Center campaign by Valve.

This map requires CS:S

This map features the following additions and changes:
- Changed the name of the mall to Laurel Mall (which is a real mall in North Eastern Pennsylvania, it seemed like a cool idea)
- Added more store interiors with props for barricading in Zombie Survival. Also added more props to existing rooms
- Adjusted the time of day to night and adjusted the lighting to a warmer color. Added additional lighting in certain areas
- Added sounds to certain areas of the map to enhance the atmosphere
- Removed junk entities left over from L4D2
- Further improved map performance and optimization, though this could definitely be optimized even further but I don't have time for that now

Some important things to note for Zombie Survival:
This map is compatible with NextBots and D3Bots (Zombie Survival bots). However, for D3Bots (or any addons that work in that fashion), you will likely need to manually edit their generated navigation mesh for the zombies to find their way out of the vent spawn above the toy store. The navigation mesh generated by the source engine is already included in this addon. If you have any trouble with this, let me know.
You will also likely need to manually place Sigils using the Sigil Placer SWEP. There are pre-placed Sigil entities in the map, but I didn't see that they were working as intended.

Also, if you are subscribed to the above "Left 4 Dead Liberty Mall Pre-Infection" addon, there may be conflicts with the textures that I edited, so if you see errors, unsubscribe to that addon and try again. If there are any other bugs that you come across, please let me know.

I do plan on adding more stores and areas to barricade in the future.
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Micah-Mouse Feb 18 @ 12:40pm 
be on the look out for a rolling giant
MeanestManAlive Feb 13 @ 8:59pm 
No Jannies Allowed!
keinschlaf Feb 12 @ 9:12am 
Are you a dog? @foxwyi
Foxwyi Feb 11 @ 4:51pm 
when r we get Yanny mall????