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Garry's Mod

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"Gordon didn’t see the tunnel coming. For a moment he thought the smoke had thickened so suddenly it had put out all light; but the sound of the train closed in around them, trapping them in a tube of darkness. Not long after that, a few dim lights flickered past, casting their wan glow on a grey amalgam of broken rock and cinderblock crammed together with bits of scrap metal. He thought he saw a human femur jutting from the wall, a rounded socket that could have been part of a skull. They passed through a portal of sharpened steel, razor-edged door retracting for the train, and the walls became smooth, dark, regular. And then the wheels were screaming. The train seemed to sway on the track as it started to brake. Lights flared ahead, space opened around them, and they floated into the station. 'Now arriving,' said the train. 'City 17.'"

-Marc Laidlaw, Now Arriving City 17 []


This is a project I have been working on, on-and-off, for around 6-7 months. This was originally supposed to be a 2001-2002 Half-Life 2 Beta themed HL2RP map centered around the Terminal, Industrial, and Commercial Zones of City 17. Unfortunately, I became stumped on the project and decided to complete the map as a decently-sized sandbox map. For those who knew I was working on it, and those who anticipated on its development, I hope you'll enjoy.

Map Features

- Trainstation Depot Area, with static beta-accurate trains and atmosphere.
- Partially Concept-Inspired Trainstation Entrance
- Fully Custom Remake of the Half-Life 2 Beta Terminal Plaza, blended with things from the 2001 Era and 2002 Era versions.
- Semi-Enter-able Buildings
- Lower Defunct Streetcar Area with Half-Life 1 Xen Fauna Infestation
- Beta Models (Original & Custom)
- Beta Textures (Original & Custom)
- Nodes
- Navmesh

Map Credits

Jack Ingof - Mapper, Textures & Sounds
Adam - HD Lamppost Model & Layout Helper
Valve - Leak Models & Textures
Coterminus - HD Razor Train Model
Build2001 - 2001 Brush Prop Models
HL2B Minimalist Mod - Cafe Music
Radiation Hazard - Hidden Music Easter Egg & Inspiration
Gunslinger ☢ - Gasmask Citizen Recreation Models from Thumbnails (ported from Snood's Gasmask Citizen Model)



>>There is an engine error involving missing textures on reflective materials that only occurs for people with low-end computers. If you have these issues, please type "mat_specular 0" in console.<<
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