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Boba Simulator - Achievement Guide
By Niceratops
A little roadmap to help you get all the achievements in Boba Simulator.
Welcome / Changelog
Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to check out my little guide. I’ve tried to keep everything as streamline as possible for you all. Whilst most of the achievements are unlocked naturally as the game progresses I’ve made sure to still list them here.

21/12/2023 – Guide Created

Feel free to post my guide on other sites, but I kindly ask for you to credit back to here (since this is the original) if you do. ~Niceratops
First Day
Finish the first day – You will unlock this after finishing the first level.

$5,000 Per Day
Reach $5,000 income per day – This can be easily obtained by upgrading your Boba stand.

$10,000 Per Day
Reach $10,000 income per day – This can be easily obtained by upgrading your boba stand. If you need a little push in sales, hire a Marketer (5 star) and a Bobalista (5 star) to help you get through loads of orders.

$100,000 Per Day
Reach $100,000 income per day – While this sounds pretty daunting you can easily get this in “Endless mode” with a little bit of time. Upgrade your Boba shop to the max, have 3-4 delivery drivers, and open multiple sub branches.

Reach $300,000 income per day – See “$100,000 per day” for all the info.

Reach $1,000,000 income per day – Whilst this number sounds daunting this achievement is pretty easy if you just give it a little time. Similar to the previous achievements this can be obtained in endless mode. Upgrade your boba shop to the max, employ lots of deliver drivers, also make multiple sub branches and upgrade them (I had over 20 sub branches when I reached this). It took me about 1hour and 30mins from start to finish to get this so just make sure you have some free time set aside too.

Waste 1,000 milk in one day – You can get this achievement easily by playing Branch 2. Do not buy the refrigerator upgrade, so any milk left at the end of the day will be wasted. Upgrade and work on your boba store, then when you have enough money go to the super market, buy 1000 milk (and nothing else so it wont be used) and play the day. It will unlock the following day after the report.

Full Boba Power
3 Active Staff – When you gain the ability to recruit staff members (Branch 4) , upgrade it 3 times and hire any 3 staff members at once.

I have a bad feeling about this…
Equip 3 bad mixers at once – When you gain the ability to use mixers with your drinks, just keep cycling through until the report at the end of the day tells you “Bad milk/sugar/boba mixer”. You must have a bad mixer for all 3.

Best Friends forever
Unlock VIP 1 – All VIP achievements can be unlocked on the same level (Branch 7) in one playthrough. To get the vip’s to visit add “mixers” to your drinks. Each perfect/good mixer at the end of the day will give you a star. Those stars gradually add up and will unlock each of the VIP members.

Desk Drawer
Unlock VIP 2 – See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

3 Apples Tall
Unlock VIP 3 - See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

Lasagne Lover
Unlock VIP 4 – See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

Bounty Hunter
Unlock VIP 5 - See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

The King
Unlock VIP 6 – See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

To infinity and beyond…
Unlock VIP 7 - See “Best Friends forever” achievement.

Earn 100 Boba coins – Boba coins are given to you after finishing each level. They can be used to upgrade VIP members if you wish. This achievement is easy to get its just very long winded. Since each level only gives you 1 boba coin (including endless mode). So the best way to grind these coins is to find the level you are fastest on and replay it over and over.

*Im unsure if you have to have 100 Boba coins on your person, or if they are accumulative (if you have upgraded VIP’s with them
Special Thanks
Thank you all for taking the time and reading my guide. I hope it has been useful to you.
Any questions please just ask away in the comments.

Also a huge thank you to the dev for making this adorable game <3
meggomyeggooo Jan 12 @ 12:02am 
nvm coming back to say in my playthrough i needed 100 in my wallet, not 100 over the entire playthrough!
meggomyeggooo Jan 9 @ 5:48pm 
hiya! love the guide. on a previous discussion thread the dev said this about the 100 boba coin achievement:

"You don't necessarily need to maintain 100 coins in your wallet, just accumulate them by completing the branch 100 times. Also, in the endless mode, there's a secret condition that rewards you with Boba Coin as you progress."