The Quest

The Quest

Ragnar's Revenge
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This is an expansion by Zarista Games to The Quest by Redshift.

This expansion is designed for level twenty five characters. To travel to this expansion visit Captain Verra in the port of Matras. Then select this title as your travel destination.

After many years, you have returned to the land of Humbria, summoned by the widow of Lord Stonely, whom you served once before. He commissioned you to kill the Viking Ragnar the Berserker who ran off with his daughter Freda.

Actually your dark assignment was to kill them both if she were dishonored. Lord Stonely too is dead now. They say he died of melancholy. Lady Stonely needs your help now as Ragnar’s Berserker followers roam the land, causing havoc to all. She fears for the castle.

Unknown to you, the great god Thor also awaits you in Humbria. He also needs your aid. His mission will send you to the cold world of Helheim, home of the dishonorable dead, where you'll confront Ragnar and his legions once again.