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Weapons and some basic guide for newbies
By Vietnam Flashback
This is just guide from user who have played some time (21 hours on writing this) and wants u to help.

- weapons, that I know and used
- Some basic tips, maybe u know them, maybe not.

Comment. If you can add some info - write me or in comments, I will be pleased to update guide.
Beginning and basic tips for newbies

If u played many time and completed game already, or played to mid-late levels u probably find nothing new.

If u new to this game - it will help.

So same basics:

- Seek for hidden walls. You can break them with melee, usually this is a not widght walls that deeper than borders around it. Use detector (200 creds) to find out that i mean if you do not understand me xd
Behind this hidden walls you find extra loot.
Beware, some walls have secrets, some not, so check (by using melee). It's okay then none of a wall on level has secret!

Then you know how secret walls look - do not use detector. It costs creds, it's take place in inventory. Melee check is enough on every levels.

- Shoot enemies if you have not good melee. So if u start with knife, hammer or other low range mellee ♥♥♥♥ - shoot small fast enemies. To half HP, then melee them or shot to death.

- Never bring melee to firefight. See enemy with guns? Cover, shoot, cover. Better keep distance. On mid-late game they will have very dangerous laser, stone fallling attacks like boss from level 2 (you'll understand that I mean) and rocket launchers that kill u from 1 shot.

- Buy shield device (500 creds) after 1 or 2 lvl. You will need it. And this is best device in a game, lol, really. Do not waste money on other devices. Why?
You will find gadgets, powerful guns, vital upgrades on station. Usually best things from lvl 3, but sometimes something good can be more early. And deeper you go more powerful thing will be.

- Starting gear usually nice only at level 1. So if you die on level 3, you may just restart game. I'm doing like this and it's best option in my opinion.
On death you lose EVERYTHING and can find your body only with SOME creds, SOME gear and SOME upgrades. And starting from level 3 upgrades are vital - stamina, damage, crit... So u just lose firepower if die midgame or late-game and usually not able to complete game, especially if you not lucky and game throws u into big enemies without good gear. Or into swarm. And this is will be common after death..

- If you not melee specialist, like some players (me not) - save some part of ammo for big enemies. This is not a problem, there is enough ammo looted by 1-2 an futher levels. And gadgets. If use shotungs after at lvl 4 and more, use revolver shotgun or double barreled.
And learn enemy patterns. For exapmle, for 1st lvl big guys best place is a large room. Especially with covers like big collumns there you can kite enemies.
And some mid or late game big enemies should be killed as fast as possible. See guys that bigger than you with blades-arm? Start shooting, use gadgets, keep distance.

Most big enemies can be kited or killed by keeping distance and shoot.

- On barge and train levels will be big enemy swarms, so loot as fast as you can. Run (save part of stamina) and shoot enemies, use melee then need. Use gadgets if overhelmed, but save real firepower to big enemies, they will apper soon. So loot gadgets, use, lot again or get killed!

- See stamina upgrade? Buy it. Really, you need it.
Take that you think is good, but always take stamina.
I usually go as:
- Stamina
- Ranged dmg
- Crit chance and DMG
- And then health/protections.

But if u like melee more than guns and can kill everything with melee, change ranged with melee damage for example)

- Have hunting rifle and many large caliber ammo

- Keep distance and shoot. Longer distance - longer time to regen stamina after dodge. U use dodge on projectiles, right?)

- NEVER USE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ CENTRY TURRET GUNS, you will die.

- use shield if stamina ended or u under attack.

- dodge from laser, then run for a moment and then walk. You will be no hitted or almost not.

- Rolls is easy phase, just keep distance and shoot.

- Have stamina upgrade from sewers lvl and woods lvl bought.

- If u have little or no ammo - do not start a fight. Find it and plenty of it.

- Have enough HP and armor, of course.
Melee weapons
- usually, in this game enough weapons and ammo to not use melee from level 2, often to use melee on at level 1. So if ur melee useless like hammer, think about take some guns you don't need and shoot.

Melee weapons:
- Ammosaver. Some gigachads can kill with it every enemy in-game, but if you not Chuck Norris - use only on small, weak melee enemies. Or get damaged and killed. NEVER USE ON RANGED AND BIG IF YOU NOT PRO.

Starting ♥♥♥♥ (gear):
- Hammer. Most useless ♥♥♥♥ that has 45 dmg, low range and no stopping power. Common enemies have 100hp so you need 3 risky hits. Change as soon as you can, better buy axe, really.

- Kitchen knife. 50 dmg but range and stop power as a hammer, so if you not found many ammo - change it, buy axe.

- Iron pipe. 50 dmg but better range. You can complete level 1 with using it on normal enemies.

- Shovel. 58 dmg. Nice range. Best starting weapon, with it you can save money and not to buy axe in my opinion. You can kill swarms on level 1 with it.

- Crowbar. Rare starting weapon. 65 damage, big range, but may be a little less than shovel. You can kill lvl 1 swarm with it too.

Other melee:
- Butcher cleaver. 70 dmg, range as an iron pipe or a little bit lover. use carefully.

- Fireman's axe. 350 creds, 1-2 lvl stores. 100 damage, nice range. Buy if u have bad melee and not very much ammo.
Sometimes u can find it as a loot (rare)!

- Machete. 550 creds. 3+ lvl stores. 100-105 damage, nice range, slighty better attack time. Not understood why it's better when fireman's axe, so if u buy mellee - buy on 1-2 lvls.

- Katana. Found in secret rooms only (walls that u break) in construction site and farhest levels. Really rare thing, in my opinon it spawns not in all runs, I found it only 2 times.
110-120 basic damage. Nice range, fast attacks, best melee ingame.

- Stun baton. Found or bought late game. 100 dmg, but make shock near enemies by 50 dmg. Primary melee weapon in final to fight swarms. Nice range, standart speed attack.

Modern fire axe.
Acquired from the use of Radio #2 in the Monorail Station.
Around 150-200 dmg in base, please write me if you know it's real damage.
Small caliber weapons
Small caliber weapons - common ammo, spawns in enough numbers. Use to save main gun ammo in my opinion.

Semi-auto rifle:
No stopping power but very precise. Long-range, 50 dmg. 20 round mag. Best option for clear 1-2 levels in my opinion.
Can be a started on 1 lvl, found everywhere.

Type-99 SMG
Nice accuracy, stop power then few bullets hit (can throw away small enemy). But have only 13-14 dmg, so eats your ammo fast. Nice option if your main weapons in other ammo.
35 rounds mag.
Appears from level 3 (sewers)

SA3 semi-auto.

Best small caliber gun in my opinion. Shoot 3 bullets at once, each doing aroung 40-43 dmg in base. Accurate in mid distances. 24 round mag, semi-auto.
Appear on Barge level and later

Yes, it called in-game MB5 or someting like this, in real life this is MP5 smg)

3 round burst, high firerate, base damage around 30dmg each bullet, 30 round mag if remember correct.
But it appear in late game, so usually... you just don't need it already, you have many ammo for ur main guns.
If u maso that do not restart after death on late game - take, of course.
Medium caliber weapons
Medium caliber - most common ammo type in game. Most easy to find, stack, use. Useful too.

Muzi SMG - 14 dmg, 40 mag, not very accurate then long bursts. good only on level 1 or then you cave no choice because eats ammo too fast.
Can be a starter weapon.

Automatic rifle - 30 dmg, 20 mag, moderate accuracy. Can be starter weapon and one of the best starter weapon then have ammo, I think.
Guaranteed to gain in container at 2 lvl boss room. If u have lots of medium ammo - u can start boss fight, then take it and kill boss with it.

Old revolver - usually starter weapon only (no found it or only 1-2 times) if u dead on 2-3 lvl. 8 mag, 80 dmg, nice accuracy BUT slow reload, by one bullet at time!
Very good then u low on ammo but bad vs swarms.

Battle rifle - 70-80 base dmg, 22 mag, semi-auto. Best weapon in medium caliber for me. Ammo-saver, gain enough ammo and you no need to go melee.

Large caliber weapons
Large caliber - not very common, but gain high amount if lucky.

- Hunting rifle. Usually found on level 2, somtimes on level 1. Sometimes found in store for 500 creds. 200 base damage, 4 mag, long range, slow time use scope (hold left mouse button then aim). Using VS big guys, gun guys, high HP guys, bosses... Totally worth it.

- Large caliber revolver (secret weapon)
Secret weapon. Find portable radio #1 (first portable radio in-game found, usually sewers or woods lvl), use it near microphone at woods level. In shop with microphone (secret locked door with glowing button).
Then go secret room opened and turn on the lights. You will find revolver at the end of the level, BEFORE getting on barge. If level completed without revolver found - it's lost.

Powerful gun, higher than 200 basic dmg, higher than military sniper rifle firerate, reloading speed as hunt rifle. 6 bullets cylinder. Can take down big enemy fast.
Also it's guarantted to gain if have radio in woods so take it.

- Military sniper rifle.
Rarely found, on 4 lvl or after it. In store cost 800 creds. 270 base dmg, 5 rounds mag, higher firerate - just better in all than hunt rifle. You should have it!

- Hammer gun.
Like big guns? If yes, take it. Machinegun with enough accuracy then controlled. Found mid-late game. 70-80 base dmg (as battle rifle but much more lead per second), nice stopping power. Slows you down a bit. Use if have enough ammo (I had 400-500 large ammo so used it of course), if you have around 100 ammo only better take military sniper rifle.
Also to shoot big range sniper better, of course.

I recommend take hammer gun if you upgrade firerate and ranged damage - you can make it 100+ damage if complete game from 1-2-3 level with not dying, and that means you will one-shot any small melee standart enemy (they have 100HP in base, like small spiders and melee soulless).
Energy cells weapons
Energy cells. One of main ammo. In my opinion, you need it mid/late game only so... In beggining, main other weapons.

- Laser rifles.
Light, semi-heavy, heavy.
They all make you almost unable to move then shoot, so beware. And eats cells very fast. Try then found, think for yourself. Light is pretty useless then have many ammo for other guns, others late game so... I would not recommend main laser. Maybe vs tough enemies.
Also need prercharge so use at distance only or you die (!!!)

- Railgun.
Eats 15 cells per shoot? 60 mag. Need 1-2 second to charge (!!!) but penetrate a few enemies. Damage around 300 in base per shot. Use carefully and keep distance.

- Shock-gun. Giant taser vs swarm. Use if need weapons like this, used only once, not remember damage. Please write if tested.

- Plasma rifle.
AMAZING weapon. Really. Best energy gun, does 60-65 dmg in base and uses only 1 cell per shot, accurate, 30 mag, high firerate. Must have gun from swarms to big guys and bosses. Slowing then shooting much less than laser and without ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ precharge.
Special weapons (explosive)

- Rocket launcher.
Expensive, usually store only (900 creds on forest chapter)
Ammo cost around 400-500 creds for 2 rockets.

VERY powerful weapon. It usually one-shots or almost one-shots big tough enemies (that survived died after 1-2 bullets on hard), so if gets ambushed by them... use this. Expensive lifesaver that require 2 slots in inventory (weapon and ammo)
Can be used on bosses if you have low HP and need to finish battle quick.

- Grenade launcher.
Less damage, less cost (around 400-500 per weapon and 300-400 per 4-5 grenades, do not remember correctly). Deals no more then 600-700 damage, 1 grenade loaded at once, so... I think you do not need it if got military sniper rifle (270 dmg per bullet in base).

- Anti tank mines
Good vs big ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Found and bought usually by 2 at once. U can have a lot of them (sometimes it was 2 to buy per store, so 4 mines is good).
How to use: clear road to big guy and place in his way while running. It deal nice damage and SLOW enemy for a moment.

Be careful - not use if any enemy behing you. Once got killed on a barge by placing a mine that was exploded by a runner behind me...)))))

- Throwing grenades. Comes by 2 per found/bought. Not very high damage, can be useful vs swarms but that's all. I usually just throw them away in swarms/big guys if stocked with gadgets already. Not worth to stock with them if you have other gadget or explosive options.

Nails ammo (nailguns)
Appear from 3rd level (sewers). Gain from 30 to 60-70 nails at one time, as I played.
Amount may be little different.

2 barrel nailgun.
Appears at 3+ levels (sewers and more)
Shoot 1 nail at time, accurate semi-auto with fast enough firerate (faster than semi-auto rifle in small caliver). Can be used long distance.
36 damage at once, clip with 30-40 nails if I remember correct.

4 narrel nailgun.
Appears at 4-6+ levels.
Shot one nail at time, base damage as 2 barrel nailgun, accurate with much more firerate - it's just full-auto nailgun. Nice option to play, in my opinion slightly more powerful than medium ammo caliber auto rifle (and much accurate), and make more DPS than battle rifle.

Did not found any other nailguns in-game (and nail ammo using weapons).
So, one day ago, as I written this guide, shotguns was most useless weapon ingame (too close to enemy with not enough dmg).
28.10.23 game dev buffed them by making more damage, less damage drop by distance and added chance to penetrate enemy with shotgun shot. So they became... good!
Use them now. Really.

All shotguns have:
25% pellet enemy penetrate chance (can damage enemy behind)
Large ammo pool - many ammo found.

Pump shotgun.
6 mag, reload by 1 bullet at time. 10-11 damage per pellet. Close to mid range, lower damage in distance.
Nice option to gane start due to large ammo pool, found on level. One-shot all standart small 100HP melee enemies even on NG+, can take large enemies on 1-3, maybe 4 levels.

Revolver shotgun - better at all than pump. 8 mag, 13-14 damage per pellet in base, high firerate. Found in level 4 and more. U can kill swarms with it or kill big enemies that go too close.
Can be found earlier, but can be used late game. Better than double barrel by DPS and accuracy, but eats ammo faster.

Double-barrel shotgun.
2 mag, but 17-18 damage, maybe little more per shoot and more pellets. Close range only vs big enemies. You can use it in all close range situations but it's just risky and one use only (better take anti-boss weapon or gadget if u want to). I sometimes used it in small rooms with big enemies the was low on gadgets.

Appear after barge or later.
il padre Feb 13 @ 1:20am 
thanks, brother :Addiction:
Vietnam Flashback  [author] Feb 12 @ 7:39pm 
Maybe I just missed it or never picked up so... Yes, if I one day go replay and find — will add, if you find and use it — please write me here. And everything is okay, man))
il padre Feb 12 @ 10:18am 
my man.. i'm really sorry. you get it from attacking an enemy, right? it's not written out anywhere? i just picked it up and then threw it away. if i ever come across it again, i'll check, okay? sorry!
Vietnam Flashback  [author] Feb 11 @ 7:31pm 
Il padre, do you know pickaxe dmg? Never picked up and used it so need stats)

And attack range, it's like axe / shovel or less?
il padre Feb 11 @ 6:44am 
hey man, great guide, thanks a lot.. i just got to The Caves, and i found a Pickaxe. i'm guessing that's a melee weapon? it's not in the guide
Orkpower Feb 5 @ 9:21am 
It's the Flamethrower Type II
EmperorOfChicken Jan 18 @ 4:58am 
Very good summary for new players. Thank you for taking the time to write this!
Vietnam Flashback  [author] Dec 18, 2023 @ 7:47pm 
Yes, flamethrower, thank you... Should add it later.

There's flamethrower and flamethrower mk-2 or something like this, like better. flamethrower model. Don't remember correctly now...
Flames_901 Dec 7, 2023 @ 1:56am 
i couldn't get a fire rate on it cuz i ran out of ammo before i thought of that but from memory it was a hit every 0.1 of a second? i cant remember
Flames_901 Dec 7, 2023 @ 1:52am 
i dont think its listed, but i found a flamethrower on floor 3, it just takes fuel and seems good, it has 6~ damage and has some after burn but does a lot of damage very fast and uses a lot of ammo