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Balance Mod
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Oct 22, 2023 @ 8:13pm
Dec 7, 2023 @ 2:55am
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Balance Mod

Elites are closer in overall difficulty to each other, more weapons feel fun and are worth using, and fewer characters and starting weapons should feel frustrating or unfun. More items are worth using, and fewer choices are overpowered or 'always-picks'. Knockback is less frustrating, the Range stat is better, Luck is more valuable, mixed-weapon builds are easier to manage, and several bugs are fixed.

The full, detailed list of all changes can be found here: . Below is a shorter summary of the major changes you should know about:

Change Summary
  • Knockback now never pushes enemies towards you.
  • Range gained from level-ups & items is ~33% larger (both the increases and decreases).
  • Armor is slightly less effective (~7%).
  • Easier to have mixed-weapon builds: Shop weapon-set favoring now accounts for all of your weapons (rather than weighing all your sets equally), and the chances of being offered one of the exact weapons you already have is higher the more weapon types you have.
  • Base item/weapon rarity offered in shops slightly lower; Luck impacts shop rarity more; Tier 2-4 Luck Level-ups better.
  • Small tweaks to other level-ups, notably dropping tier-1 Harvesting to 4 and boosting several weaker tier-4 level-ups to be more worthwhile.
  • Horde Waves give ~8% fewer materials.
  • All explosions can now crit and tooltips now display explosion size.
  • Several tooltips cleaned up to be more clear, hidden mechanics are detailed, & character descriptions take up less room. Additional Quality of Life features such as icons for relevant Fairy & King items. Various vanilla-game bugfixes.

  • Torch, Wand, Crossbow, Plank, Cacti Club, Screwdriver, and Sniper Rifle all receive relevant buffs.
  • Spear, SMG, Lightning Shiv, Flamethrower, and Stick receive nerfs.
  • Rock, Pistol, Chopper, Hatchet, Scissors, Medical Gun, Potato Thrower, and Plasma Sledge receive minor buffs; Flaming Brass Knuckles, Fist, Nuclear Launcher, and Chain-gun receive minor nerfs.
  • Lightning Shiv & Sniper Rifle projectiles now have the same Crit Chance & Crit Damage as the main hit.
  • Hand partially reworked to make tier-3 and 4 worth buying.
  • Bugfix: Revolvers no longer instantly reload when used alongside effects that check if you're moving (e.g. Solider).

Tons of items receive small buffs or nerfs: overall more items are worth buying more often and the strongest give less power for their cost. Note that the goal is not to make everything equally strong; there is still plenty of variance and build-specific decision-making. Some highlights:
  • Esty's Couch, Robot Arm, and Padding have been reworked.
  • Spicy Sauce has a bigger explosion and proc chance.
  • Eyes Surgery also adds +1 burn duration.
  • Weird Food is now Tier-2 (easier to find if you have high Luck).
  • Snail now also slows enemy charges.
  • Power Generator now reduces your HP as it powers up.
  • Tardigrade is no longer wasted by Bloody Hand/Donation.
  • Ricochet is now friendlier with already-piercing weapons.
  • Heavy Bullets now stronger overall but lowers Accuracy.
  • Fairy gives less HP Regen and gives negative speed for tier-4s instead of negative HP Regen.
  • Candle is cheaper, and thus more viable for non-Elemental builds that want fewer enemies.
  • Sifd's Relic much cheaper.
  • Alien Tongue & Mutation significantly buffed.
  • Medikit & Bloody Hand nerfed.
  • Fixed several missing item tags (which make certain characters more likely to find appropriate items).

As with items, the goal is not for characters to be equal strength, as it is more interesting and fun for them to be varied. Instead, we compress the difference from top to bottom a little bit so the easiest options are less 'free' and the hardest are less frustrating/punishing. (For example, Jack is buffed and Masochist is nerfed, but Masochist is still a much easier character.)
  • Jack, One-armed, and Farmer receive moderate buffs.
  • Artificer now deals base damage with Tools (instead of only 1).
  • Knight, Loud, Masochist, Renegade, Bull, Doctor, Cryptid, Demon, King, Gladiator, and Brawler receive modest nerfs.
  • Mage can now run an Engineering build (turrets causing burn via Sausage) and also handles Gun builds better (extra Sausage).
  • Several characters have more sensible tagging (items they are favored to find), e.g. Streamer is now more likely to find structures. Streamer also now gets +2 Armor from Pocket Factory (instead of nothing).
  • Starting weapons overhauled to make more sense and to be more fun for random-weapon runs, with several nonsense picks removed and many new appropriate options added.

Enemies & Waves
  • Smiley/Croc, Hivemind/Colossus, and Mother Elites nerfed.
  • Gargoyle/Bat, Monk, Chef/Butcher, Mantis, and Rhino Elites buffed.
  • Loot Goblins are easier to kill in early waves.
  • Helmet enemies have more HP.
  • Wave 16 harder. Wave 14/15 Horde waves harder. Wave 12 slightly harder.
  • Wave 20 has additional small enemies, making it slightly harder and allowing for more synergy from effects that rely on killing enemies or picking up materials.

Support Me
Tune into my stream where I play a wide variety of indie games:

If you'd like to financially support my ability to make and maintain mods like this, you can do so on Patreon: or directly:

Other Resources
Fully unlocked Brotato save file (with blank character completion so you can still track your progress):

You might also enjoy my FTL Balance Mod:

Recommended Quality of Life Mods
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Tooltip Tracking Fix:
Advanced Statistics:
Revamped Icons:

Thanks To
Inschato, ArosRising, Hyphen-ated, Pasha, and everyone else that's assisted with feedback, suggestions, or coding help!

You are free to use concepts and code contained within elsewhere, ideally with attribution. E.g. if you want to make a spin-off mod for, say, only the Elite changes, you are welcome and encouraged to do so but I'd appreciate a link back to the Balance Mod and/or to my stream.
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Mar 5 @ 10:41am
Is Chinese translation for this mod still needed?
1003704283 Jan 16 @ 1:11am 
概述 精英们在整体难度上更接近,更多的武器让人感觉有趣并且值得使用,而更少的角色和起始武器应该让人感到沮丧或无趣。更多的物品值得使用,更少的选择被压倒或“总是选择”。击退不再那么令人沮丧,射程统计更好,运气更有价值,混合武器构建更容易管理,并且修复了一些错误。所有更改的完整详细列表可以在这里找到:。以下是您应该了解的主要变化的简短摘要: 变化摘要机制 击退现在永远不会将敌人推向您。从升级和物品中获得的范围扩大了约 33%(增加和减少)。护甲的效果稍差(~7%)。更容易进行混合武器构建:商店武器套装偏好现在会考虑您的所有武器(而不是平均权衡所有武器套装),以及获得其中一种确切武器的机会
DarkTwinge  [author] Dec 14, 2023 @ 7:19am 
@ppt: I'd love to support other languages for translations, but I don't know any other languages. If anyone is interested in providing additional translations for Balance Mod I'd be happy to add them in. (~50 lines, with ~2/3rds of the changes similar to vanilla text.)

[Google Translate / 谷歌翻译: 我想支持其他语言的翻译,但我不懂任何其他语言。如果有人有兴趣提供额外的翻译,我很乐意添加它们。]
ppt之神 Dec 14, 2023 @ 12:58am 
AzrealPlays2 Dec 11, 2023 @ 12:32pm 
@WiredInZero The Isaac mod still works with the game, as far as I know.
adalvar_thepeaceful Nov 30, 2023 @ 8:46am 
@DarkTwinge so i've been playing with removing and reinstalling the mods removing Exetatonian, VA, Elemento, Flotato, Lazuli, Diversified, Patamods Eientei, the new Elites and it still didn't let me select a dificulty. It only started to work when i disabled the signalAPI mod, but then when i tried to reinstall the other mods, it went back to not running.
Zero Anonymity Nov 29, 2023 @ 8:51pm 
@DarkTwinge It's also incompatible with the Isaac mod. Same issue with selecting difficulty
DarkTwinge  [author] Nov 29, 2023 @ 5:04pm 
@Aqua Azul: This is most likely caused by ViolenceAesthetics. If you don't have that mod installed, I'd be interested which you do have since that's currently the only one I know that won't work.
Aqua Azul Nov 29, 2023 @ 2:52pm 
I cant get it to work. whenever i try to select difficulty it won't let me. i dont know if its my other mods or not, but its still annoying
DarkTwinge  [author] Nov 23, 2023 @ 2:51pm 
@adalvar_thepeaceful The only incompatibility I've been able to confirm so far is ViolenceAesthetics, which will prevent you from selecting a difficulty level. It appears to work alongside most other content mods such as Extatonion, Patamods, and Mashtato.

If you're having a conflict outside of VA, you can try disabling a few mods at a time to narrow down what's causing the issue. If you do locate a specific conflict, I might be able to adjust code to make them work together.
adalvar_thepeaceful Nov 22, 2023 @ 11:42am 
So what mods does this conflict with? Cuz right now i can't get the game to start.