Forgive Me Father 2

Forgive Me Father 2

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Encyclopedia Diabolica of Forgive Me Father2
By 弓矢八幡会
Introducing the creatures of the FPS game "Forgive Me Father 2".
I plan to update it from time to time as the game progresses.

A pathetic corpse possessed by an evil being.

When a creepy Wretch, holding the severed head of its victim, spots the player, it approaches the player and slashes them with its sharp claws. Wretche move slowly, but they attack in groups, so you need to be careful.

If Wretch's head is destroyed with a headshot, he will sometimes revive by switching the head in his hand.
Brute Patient
A psychiatric patient possessed by an evil being.

When a burly Brute Patient, dressed in a hospital patient's vest, spots the player, it approaches the player and delivers a mauling attack while making a creepy growl. Contrary to its sluggish appearance, it is nimble, and its attack power is also high, so you must not allow this monster to approach you.
Civilian Gentleman
A middle-aged gentleman possessed by an evil being.

This monster, which retains the remnants of his time as a human, fires light bullets from his hands when it sees the player. This light bullet is compatible with medium to long range, so if you are fired repeatedly from a distance where you cannot attack, you will be at the mercy of evasion, so be careful.
Civilian Commoner
An ordinary citizen possessed by an evil being.

The algorithm is the same as the aforementioned Civilian Gentleman, but they tend to appear in groups.
A monster dressed in eerie equipment.

When the Liquidator, wearing a gas mask and protective suit, spots the player, he fires a barrage of green lasers from a firing device in his hand. This laser is easy to maneuver and easy to evade, but be careful as the Liquidator often attacks in conjunction with its allies.

Also, if the Liquidator deals a certain amount of damage, its protective suit will be destroyed, revealing a hideous monster. In this form, Liquidator only attacks with punches, but it has high durability, so you need to be careful as well.
Brute Cultist
A monster dressed in the robes of a cult.

This monster that appears from the church stage has the same algorithm as the aforementioned Brute Patient, but its durability has been improved, and it tends to appear accompanied by other creatures, so be careful.
A muscular grenade launcher.

He is usually a slow-moving grenadier, but if he spots the player, he will fire accurately with the grenade launcher in his hand, so be careful. The trajectory of a fired grenade is easy to read, so it's easy to avoid it, but you need to be careful as it stays in the area for a while after impact and becomes an explosive object.
A cunning monster with excellent mimicry abilities.

Mimic usually disguises himself as an explosive object, but when the player approaches, he reveals his true nature and launches a suicide attack. The Mimic's suicide attack is very powerful, and if you get caught in it, you will receive a lot of damage, so it is recommended that you attack and destroy the Mimic once it releases its disguise and before it approaches you.
A cleric who swears allegiance to a cult.

A cultist holding a relief carved with an evil god will fire a laser from his hand when it spots the player. This laser has a weak power per shot, but it concentrates like a shotgun, so if you get hit by the laser at zero distance, you will inevitably receive heavy damage, so keep your distance and deal with the cultist.

Also, the relief that the Cultist is holding will nullify your attacks, so when the Cultist enters an attack motion or exposes his defenseless side, this is your chance to attack.
The Arbiter
“Arbiter” summoned from another world
A boss enemy that appears in WORLD 1 "Court of Insanity".

The player is led to the defendant's seat at the back of the area and is forced to confront the summoned arbiter while the gallery watches.
The Arbiter has three forms, and the first form (first image) flies freely through the air and fires light bullets at the player. There are multiple attack algorithms, but since the body emits light when firing a light bullet, it is possible to anticipate the attack.

The second form (second image) emits a purple light bullet that stops in the air, and after a certain period of time, this light bullet slowly falls and drains the physical strength of the player it comes into contact with. If you have enough physical strength, focus on attacking without worrying about the damage from the light bullets.

The third form (third image) emits a green light bullet that causes a powerful explosion, and players who are forced to fight in a narrow circular auditorium will inevitably have to avoid this explosion. , the trajectory of the light bullet is easy to read, so it is possible to deal with it.

Note: The name of this creature is a tentative name that I gave it. note that.
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I'm glad you enjoyed the guide. HF!
The guide production is still ongoing, so please look forward to it.
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Damn brother! You did good job, as if Lovecraft gave idea on how to write it. Keep it up!