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All 24 Golden Chest Locations (with screenshots)
By Lordrangleic
A quick guide with pictures to show how to find the 24 golden chests including those from the volcanic update and 1.00 updates. (2024/05/06)

I did have to use some information from the wiki:

P.S. Infinite portal golden effigies can be found in the procedural wrecks found by using the portal, however, there are only 24 golden effigies in golden chests. Also, effigies take up less space on the trophy shelves than building on any surface.

NOTE: I am using a mix of 2 different save files to get the best screenshots, one normal and one custom as I in my original save; I deconstructed golden chest for their aluminum and super alloy.
Map and General Directions
This is the in-game map, and the one I am using to give a rough directions. I assume that the top of the map as displayed on the in-game setting has north at the top of the map.

Here is the old, pre-1.00 map for comparison:

1. Starting Valley Chest
This is the first chest you will likely find exploring just after starting the game.
Facing south from the landing pod, wall towards the rock wall.

It is on top of a small dune next to the south wall.

If you look north at the chest, you can see the landing pod in the background.

Rough Coordinates: 258:27:485
2. Crashed Ship on a Hill Chest
From the landing pod location look to the west and you will see this crashed ship up on a hill.

The golden chest is on top of the ship.

Rough Coordinates: 290:161:1008
3. Central Plateau East Chest
Just north of the landing pod, there is a flat area (plateau) that is good for building an early base. To the east of this plateau, is the aluminum mining area (filled with large, gray rocks).

In between the plateau and the aluminum mining area is a small crevice or creek bed.
In the middle of the crevice, is a set of large, dark rocks (see the one at the bottom of the image).

Under the rock at the bottom of the image, is a golden chest.

Rough Coordinates: 926:17:352
4. Central Plateau West Chest (aka: Iridium Mine)
If instead of going east on the central plateau, go west you will see a large cave in the rock formation. This is a good area to mine iridium later, hence the name.

From this entrance, you want to go all the way to the back of the area, and all the way up, ignore the climbing vines if you are that far.

In the far back corner, you will see the below large, flat, and angled rock near the corner.

Go above and behind this rock, and you will see a small hole with the chest in it.

Rough Coordinates: 831:50:1206
5. Sandfall Ground Chest
The Sandfall area is a later, early game area that either requires having melted enough ice in the iridium caves, or going around the caves and through the sulfur fields (this route requires a high volume air supply to make it back)

Facing the sandfall.

Look to your left (south-east) and you will see this pile of rocks.

The chest is hidden under these rocks.

Rough Coordinates: 469:66:1564
6. Sandfall Upper Chest
Similar to the last chest, this chest is a later one, but I would say even harder to reach as you may need a jetpack to reach this area, either by attempting to just fly up the hill or to quickly go around even further to reach the arches area if you have not yet melted enough ice.

Being atop the sandfall area, facing southwest, you see the arches area.

Turn to your right (north east), and you will see a rock wall atop the sand fall area.

It is over and behind this rock at the top of the sandfall area, there is the second sandfall golden chest.

Rough Coordinates: 708:153:1882
7. Large Canyon Chest
The canyon area can be reached without a problem, if you have good movement tools and decent supplies.

Starting at the more southern entrance below, head northwest along the canyon's northeastern wall.

The rock pillar near the northeastern edge wall as seen below is what you are looking for.

The chest is behind it.

Rough Coordinates: 2152:3:238
8. Labyrinth Pillars (Small canyon)
If from the central plateau, instead of heading west or east, you head north: you will see a part of a crashed ship.

North of that ship, is a maze of tall rock pillars.

Going through the labyrinth of rock pillar, you will come out north and see a wrecked ship on a small, flat rocky area.

If you head to the west of the wrecked ship, and look south you will see the golden chest.

It is behind this piece of beam, in a tucked-away corner.

Rough coordinates: 1479:11:659
9. Aluminum Mining Area Chest
In the center of the aluminum mining area, there is the crashed part of a ship.

Facing north, from this point, head straight out of the aluminum mining area. Once out, turn around immediately (now facing south) and you should see the golden chest underneath a large, gray rock formation.

Rough Coordinates: 1075:24:-28
10. Cracked Spires Chest
Slightly southeast of the aluminum mining area, is the cracked spires area.
Head south through this area.

When you see this large, gray, and opened container go behind it.

Directly behind it is a spire near the corner of this area, not to far from an iced-off cave.

Under that spire is the golden chest.

Rough Coordinates: 406:5:-248
11. Broken Star/Warp Gate Chest
In the north east of the map, near the large canyon area, there is a broken star/warp gate.

Head directly south from the gate, past a few rock formations, to a specific rock formation. Jump on top of it.

You will know that you have the correct rock formation when you see a hole in the middle of the rock, and to your left (west) you will see a large crevice with a large downed satellite (has some decent loot).

Now in the hole of this rock formation is the golden chest.

Rough Coordinates: 925:96:-780
12. Waterfall Chest #1: Rock Overhang Chest
The waterfall area is an area in the south of the map, that has a large rocky mountain with a small cave in it.

Here's what it looks like with waterfalling:

Looking at the rock, turn around to face north/north west and you will see some rocky overhanging structures.

Head northwest until you see one of them sticking into a part of the hill.

Climb on it, and follow the rocky overhang to it edge overlooking the ground to find this chest.

Rough Coordinates: -139:182:789
13a. Waterfall Chest #2: Eastern Cave Chest (OLD LOCATION)
NOTE: After reading the wiki, I have discovered that this chest is still in the game, but the location has changed slightly (it isn't far from this location). I am keeping this old location just for review. New location below in 13b.

Head straight east from the waterfall cave entrance.

Enter this cave. (It will be underwater if you are at lakes development level.

The chest is in the back, behind a rock.

If you have reached the lakes stage, this is what it will look like:

Rough Coordinates: -585:52:95
13b. Waterfall Chest #2: Eastern Cave Chest (NEW LOCATION)
As of the 1.00 update, this chest has moved a little closer to the waterfall.

Facing the waterfall, go to the left (SE)

See the rock formation in the background that you use to get on top of the waterfall, stop short of it, and drop into the water if you are at that stage.

Underwater, you will see a similar archway, go through it.

The chest is behind a rock.

Rough Coordinates: -711:53:286

14. Waterfall Chest #3: Western Ridge Chest
Start facing the waterfall rock, and follow around the western side of the rock.

There will be a large sand dune on its western side.

Standing on top of the dune, there is a ledge-like outcrop.

The chest is under neath this outcrop.

If you reach lakes stage, it will be underwater:

Rough Coordinates: -982:43:676
15. Waterfall Chest #4: Top of the Falls Chest
Facing the waterfall, follow around the east side of the rock.

You will see these broken rocks.

Behind the rock, and up on the side of the waterfall you will see this angled, seemingly stair-like columns. Climb them.

Follow around the waterfall, actually going through it as you head upwards. To find a golden chest at the top of the falls.

Rough Coordinates: -840:285:581
16. Mushroom River Chest
Starting from the meteor field entrance, head down.

You will enter the Mushroom River.

Turn to your left and you will see after walking a little, you will see a wooden structure with a wheel.

It is next to one of the warden altar doors.

The chest is underwater, right next to the wheel.

Rough Coordinates: -428:-53:113
17. Highlands Chest
The highlands are the area in the far west of the map, near the sandy area with the crashed ship, adjacent to the Lost Paradise area entrance. This area is craggy, and uneven. This chest, I think is the hardest one to find since it is so well hidden, and in a remote area.

There is a large set of rocks toppled over each other roughly between the crashed ship and Lost Paradise entrance.

The chest is behind the lower of the 2 flat rocks here.

Here's where it is.

Just go a little further, to see it next to another fallen rock.

This chest will be underwater (probably at the lakes stage):

Rough Coordinates: 1744:0:1996
18. Cenote Chest
The Cenote area is the area directly west of the large meteor crater, above it on the ridge. Opposite of the the meteor crater entrance to the waterfall area.

Early game, this area will be blocked off by a large iceberg.

After some development, it will look like this:

Follow the spiraling path down to the bottom of the small waterfall in this area.

You are supposed to follow the cave through to a new area after diving.
Instead follow the small, offshoot cave.

At the end will be a golden chest ( I currently do not have a screenshot of this chest).

Rough Coordinates: -178:73:1943
NOTE: Late Game Chest
The Ancient City and Lost Paradise areas are hidden behind warden altars, as seen in an example below. The thing on the left is a warden altar, this requires a certain number of keys (depending on the altar location) to open.

An example of a altar key below (the keys are not found in storage crates, they are found in the world, on other altars):

To access the Lost Paradise, you need to find three keys to enter the area, and another five keys to enter the room in the Lost Paradise where the chests are.

To access the Ancient city area: you just need one key.
19. Ancient City Chest
In a sandy area to the west of the central plateau, beyond the Iridium mine, you will see the below pillared cave entrance, enter this area. (There is a also a large crashed ship in this area)

As you go through the cave, you will find this door and a warden altar, if you have it, place a key on it to open it. (Ignore the mining equipment, different save file)

This cave is linear, follow it.

You will come to an area with 2 buildings and a steeple in the back.

You will see that the left building has an opening, enter the left building.

In the back corner of this room, you will see 2 more openings to 2 different rooms, take the one on the left nearer to the corner of the room.

You will see this:

Behind it is a ramp, go up.

To your right is another ramp, go up again and follow it.

The chest is at the top of this scaffolding.

Rough Coordinates: 659:20:2103
20. & 21. Lost Paradise CHESTS
In the same sandy area with the crashed ship that you found the cave leading to the Ancient City, go to the furthest south of this area in some rocky outcrops, you will see a warden altar. It needs three keys to enter

Follow the linear path to this area.

This main building is where the 2 chests are, the central one with the blue dome.

It needs five keys to enter.

Follow the hallway straight to an open area with gold butterflies and 2 golden chests next to a tablet stand.

Rough Coordinates: 1106:123:2933
22. Beach Biome Golden Chest Location (Volcanic Update Chest #1) (UPDATED 2024/05/06)
NOTE: If I understand the wiki correctly, this chest no longer spawns on that island, this chest was moved to become golden chest # 24 location on this list

Compared to the golden chest location in the lava biome, this chest is easy to find. I found it just walking around the area.

Start off by looking at the waterfall in the south of the map, and move your crosshair so that you are facing roughly the direction of the small moon in the sky in the picture. Walk relatively straight to the West of the waterfall.

You will pass a small barren area just keep going, you will reach another beach and see a large island just off the beach.

The chest is on this island on the other side right across from a smaller island, just out in the open.

Rough coordinates: -1357:84:1339

P.S. Thank you to Steve for letting me know that this chest no longer appears on the beach island.

23. Lava Zone Golden Chest Location (Volcanic Update Chest #2)
This one is a bit harder to find especially since it is in an area with a large amount of damaging lava.


To start find the large wreck pictured below.

Do a 180, and you will see a path

Follow that path until you see a ladder to a abandoned bunker on your right.

Instead of going right to the bunker, turn left to see an arch with flowing lava.

At that arch you will see 2 flowing lava channels to your right, and a cave to your left surrounded by cooled lava, enter the cave.

Upon entering the cave, you will see more flowing lava, and a lower entrance to a another part of the cave.

Enter the next section of the cave and you will see in the forward distance, a normal blue chest.

But instead of going forward, look down and to the left, and you will see another semi-cooled lava step.

Try not land on the semi-cooled lava, but right behind it is the golden chest.

Rough coordinates:-1056:66:-131
24. Southwest Area (Waterfall Grove) (1.00 Update Chest #1)
Starting from the island where you find the golden chest on said island.

Face north-northwest from the island's western side.

You should be facing the area south-southwest of the crater on the map.

Go towards the waterfall to the farther on the left in the previous picture.

Below the very lowest area of the water fall is a small underwater cave. You will see seaweed in front of the cave.

The chest is behind a rock behind the seaweed.

NOTE: I have NOT checked this area yet without water, so I don't know what it would be like without that.

Rough coordinates: -1069:67:1927
25. Rainbow Caves (Northwest Area) (1.00 Update Chest #2)
The Rainbow caves are in the northwestern part of the map, beyond the large crashed ship scene on this map, bottom-center:

Keep going northwest until you find another area with waterfalls and rivers. You will find cave entrances that look like this:

There are individual caves of difference colored, mine-able rocks. There is a pink, blue, orange, and green caves. You want to find either the orange or blue. (I will show you the location coming FROM blue TO orange caves.)

This is what the blue caves look like, as blue has the appearance of an oasis in cave:

In the blue cave, there is a a set of ramps, the one on the right leading outside the caves, and the one on the left, leading up and to the orange cave. Take the left ramp up towards the orange cave.

When you see actual rainbow reflection on the walls near the ramp, stop!

You should see large orange crystals in the background in the orange cave. DO NOT go forwards towards the orange cave.

Instead, turn to your right, and see a small alcove.

Jump on the rocks to find the last golden chest, hidden behind a small rock.

Rough Coordinates: 2116:35:1843

Congratulations!!! You have all 25 golden chest!!!

P.S. Thank you to Blastaz for letting me know about the golden chests added with the 1.00 update

Bonus Section!!!! (Spoilers Ahead)
This game isn't realistic, as ice doesn't float on water in this game!!!

BunnyX May 12 @ 1:50am 
I've got 28.

You have to use the portal using the quartz to find the portal golden effigies (I have 3).
The higher the challenge the higher the chances are to find them.
Be sure to be on the oxygen stage at least and make sure to make use of the flares as breadcrumbs while searching a wrecked ship.
Steve May 9 @ 9:30pm 
24 effigies from golden chests. But, there is one hiding in a bunker and an unlimited amount as a rare drop in portals.
Lordrangleic  [author] May 9 @ 5:23pm 
Yes, there are only 24 effigies on a new save.
Frostygale May 9 @ 10:54am 
if Chest 22 is gone, does that mean the max effigies is now 24 if i make a new save?
Steve May 6 @ 5:41am 
I'm pretty sure no.22 doesn't appear in final release.
Kindmanathome May 2 @ 6:46pm 
Lordrangleic  [author] May 2 @ 5:05pm 
2024/05/02: Added the final 2 1.00 update chests to the guide with screenshots.
Blastaz Apr 24 @ 4:28pm 
There is now a 24th chest, in the rainbow caves in the blazar quartz (blue) section. It has a jetpack effigy inside.
KXNG_Tim Apr 1 @ 3:35pm 
are they good?
Kindmanathome Jan 16 @ 8:33pm