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Survival Guide
Official Survival Guide
Survival Guide
Hello, Everyone

I've brought you a survival guide to help you survive in the Backswamp.

Step 1 - Always check your health.
  • If you get hungry, you can't run for long.
  • If you get thirsty, it's hard to run.
  • If you don't eat or drink for a long time, you could die.

Step 2 - Gather your materials and make tools.
  • Split stones to make a stone knife, and cut fabric to make rope.
  • Once you have wood and rope, you can make a fishing pole.
  • For higher-level crafting, you'll need a variety of Addons
  • There are also tools for gathering rare materials.
↑ < Making the Addons You Need to Create > ↑

↑ < Getting soil with a shovel > ↑

Step 3 - Find a way to get food and drink.
  • Go fishing to get fish and cook them to eat.
    (You can set up a campfire, add wood fuel, and grill some clams or fish.)
  • Set up a cup to catch rainwater when it rains
↑ < Fishing > ↑

↑ < Get rainwater > ↑

Step 4 - Carrying heavy items and buoys
  • Heavy items cannot be carried in bags, they must be lifted.
  • Use buoys to lift heavy items onto the raft.
    (Each buoy can move one heavy object. You can install up to four additional buoys on your raft.)
  • You can move them to the crafting table to craft with other items.
  • Keep heavy items in Hold Storage so you don't lose them.
↑ < Carrying heavy items and using buoys > ↑

↑ < Heavy Item Crafting > ↑

This game is a work in progress, so the guide is subject to change at any time.