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CSL DD (and other DD) FFB Settings
By FootboxG
A million miles better-than-default, I feel like this is an amazing baseline configuration for the CSL DD, and (though not guaranteed) it may serve just as well on other Direct Drive wheels such as the DD1/2 and Moza R9. I have 1,500+ hours in ACC, which I consider the best in the business for FFB, and I am now more than happy with the feeling this produces in Forza Motorsport.

Here you will find both in-game Advanced Input settings and tuning configuration for a Fanalab profile.
Fanalab Profile
You'll want to setup the wheelbase in Fanalab first. I created a new Tuning Menu profile specifically for Forza Motorsport.

You will find an image of my settings below. The only setting you may wish to change or leave unchanged is the brake force, I use 60% on a set of Fanatec V3s.

Update: Note for users of DD wheelbases stronger than 8nm: Be careful with the FFB scaling strength both here and in-game settings, as these settings may be set too strong for the higher forces.

In-game Settings
The in-game settings are actually quite impressive, though they're not particularly intuitive to understand at a glance. I highly recommend watching OverTake_gg's force feedback settings guide on YouTube where they do a great runthrough of the settings, and of which these settings are derived from.

Here are the in-game Advanced Input settings.

Now I'll share my Driving Assists settings, I highly recommend trying them out as I have them. Feel free to toggle Traction Control and ABS to your liking though.

Huge shoutout to OverTake_gg for their amazing video covering all of the FFB settings in-game.

FootboxG  [author] Oct 15, 2023 @ 3:52am 
Thanks for sharing, there's good bits for non-DD wheels in there - his DD settings are very close though, minus the dynamic damper setting which he's set quite high. I still recommend dynamic damping be turned completely off as is just feels wrong on DD subjectively speaking.
Coaltar Oct 14, 2023 @ 9:45pm 
HokiHoshi did it better. OverTake_gg's isn't terrible, but it can be better. I suggest watching Hoki's video.
Lucktose Intoleranz Oct 9, 2023 @ 3:19am 
Perfect! Thanks!
FootboxG  [author] Oct 9, 2023 @ 2:51am 
Thanks for the heads up, I'll add a note to the guide in case people miss your comment!
Lucktose Intoleranz Oct 8, 2023 @ 5:22pm 
One quick warning for DD2 users. Scale down your FFB strength, ingame or in Fanalab. Or both...otherwise these settings might break your hands^^ Everything else feels good
Dynamix Oct 6, 2023 @ 9:18pm 
These settings feel great for mine as well