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Hero Siege 2.0 Basics
By Cos
This guide describes the basics on hero siege 2.0, the daunting changes and a few examples.
What is 2.0?
As of the 2nd of October 2023 Hero Siege 2.0 has been released, within the update there was a lot of changes of which can be daunting at first. The new content consists of the following:
  • End of Hero siege 1.0 seasons
  • The Beginning of 2.0 season 1
  • Graphical overhaul Including 720p support
  • Save data resets
  • Skill Reworks
  • Inventory Reworks
  • Relic Slotting Reworks
  • Boss changes
  • Ai changes
  • Guild account merging
  • Combat reworks
  • Marketplace changes
  • Map Generation Overhauls

The biggest and most important parts of these being:
  • Combat Rework
  • Ai Changes
  • Skill Reworks
    and finally
  • Save Data Resets

The Video Below explains it quickly if you dont want to read.
Graphical Overhaul
Welcome to the Graphical Overhaul changes:

terrain now looks smoother rather than a mixed mesh of what the game used to be. Examples can be seen below:

As for GUI changes and the hero select menu, Well see for yourself!:

Hero Siege 1.0:

Hero Siege 2.0:

With the changes seen above a new sense of colour and brightness on the characters allow them to pop out from the other content in the game, Not to mention the new GUI looks much better as it does not feel forced into place. The skill trees can be clearly seen with what skills fit into what trees and thus it looks more professional.

Finally the background has changed to what the new HUB is within the game creating a much darker atmosphere, after all the world has been taken over by beasts of many types.

Combat +Skills Remake
Welcome to the part that confused the absolute living heck out of me when i played the new version, The Combat and Skills rework. The tutorial explains to you how to obtain skills but not how to equip them into your new keybinds of which there are many: Q,W,E,A,S,D ect for skills. And the game is now controlled by your mouse primarily which unlike old versions that allowed WASD was quite a odd change.

Combat changes:
There are really only 3 large changes combat wise in this update:
  • You now move around with your mouse and LMB or UP, Down, Left, Right
  • Jumping now jumps in the direction of your mouse rather than keyboard input
  • All skills have been modified in some way or another

I shall not go into detail about how these are all changed however as this would take a sizeable amount of time i do not have at this moment.

Equipping skills:
Video ver:

I am sure by now you know how to obtains skills via the skill tree [t] but the game fails to tell you how to equip active skills! Although daunting at first it is simple. Purchase the active skill you wish to equip, escape your skill tree menu.

Now Click on your GUI's Left click or right click:

Once clicked on you shall see a new menu there with your skill visible. Simply hover over the skill you want to equip and press the key you desire it on. this can be LMB, RMB, Q, W, E, A, S or D. Do note if you wish to equip to right click or left click you need only click on the correctly indicated slot and left click on the skill.


Congrats! you have now equipped a skill and are able to use them now!

Inventory Remake
The inventory has changed a little bit more than usual, it now features a Slot based storage rather than item based, by this i mean each item takes a variation of 1 - 6 slots to equip inside your characters bags. An example can be seen below:

This forces players to only really take what they can afford to take or to take multiple trips back to the town in order to scrap old weapons or items they do not need any more:

Charm slots
Instead of being able to equip one charm, you can now place them into the golden slots on the right side of the first page of your inventory to equip up to 20 charms at once depending on their size.

Video ver:
Welcome to the Q&A, Leave any questions and ill do my research to answer you in the easiest way i can.

Q: Where are my character saves
A: As of 2.0 all saves have been removed to stop corruption. This was deemed necessary by the devs.

Is there no way to edit offline save files any more?
A: No due to the Easy Anti Cheat.
BerserkWidget May 20 @ 4:16am 
Thank you, Cos. The guide is very helpful :)
BerserkWidget May 20 @ 4:15am 
I'm enjoying the game. I played a fair bit a while back, and also back in 2021. It does feel very different now, but it is still enjoyable. This guide has helped me figure out charms and where they need to be placed. I was storing items I didn't want to be 'sorted' in the yellow area, but now I can utilise charms. I've sold so many xD
Cos  [author] Jan 18 @ 3:47am 
Once again i am not the developers.
L4ZUR3 Jan 18 @ 12:01am 
:steamthumbsdown: this game was better before this update, i hate shoot using the mouse, do everything using the keyboard was much better. :steamfacepalm:
Cos  [author] Oct 6, 2023 @ 1:00pm 
not my game, im just a community member
Velaset Oct 6, 2023 @ 12:58pm 
congrats on the patch. on a side note... your game still sucks now
Cos  [author] Oct 6, 2023 @ 11:42am 
No due to easy anti cheat.
JenkiRymo Oct 6, 2023 @ 10:31am 
there is no way to edit offline save files any more?
Cos  [author] Oct 5, 2023 @ 6:03am 
That it is but once you get used to it its not as bad.
harlowng Oct 5, 2023 @ 12:47am 
yeah equipping skills is a huge pain right now :(