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Achievements Guide
By Atom'sTired
A descriptive guide detailing how to get the all the achievements :D
In this guide, I will help you unlock all the achievements in the game, by listing them, and telling you how to achieve them.

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Now onto the guide!
The rampage begins

So easy to grab, if you somehow haven't unlocked it yet, go ahead and start a new game, and just start the first level, then you should get it.

Gotta hatch 'em all

This is also another trivial achievement, you should be able to find a egg fairly quickly. If you are confused as to where to get eggs, you have to go through a door with an Axolotl symbol on it:
Note: This Axolotl image is not mine, all credit goes to this guide.

Hello Pond

So incredibly easy, just die once. If you haven't gotten this already either, then start up the first level and die.

Capitalism 101

Just spend Gems, after around ~30 deaths, you should at least 2 people to use gems on, just "progress" through the game, and you should unlock this one very quickly.

They grow so fast...

Level up one of your Axolotl to an Adult, which the max level. While that may sound time-consuming, it really isn't lol! After you get your egg and hatch it, you have the option to "Nuture", which will raise it's "Happiness Bar".

After you nuture the Axolotl, you are unable to "Nuture" the same one again, until after you die, and end up back at the base. However, with that information, it is very easy to cheese: Just boot up the first level, die, nuture the Axolotl, rinse and repeat.

When you raise the "Happiness Bar" full, it will level up to a Teen, which is it's second level. To level the Teen to an Adult, feed it by making food in the Cooking Pot, which is in the middle of your base:

Tip: To control the menus, you have to press FN + I to move up, and FN + K to move down, and Z for the category to the left, and X for the right.

Did you hit all the walls?

To get this one, find a secret area, which has a chance to be found in every stage, (besides the stage before the boss and during the boss). I have a couple of tips to help make finding these secret areas, a lot less painful to find.
  • All the Secret "Doors" are only on the right walls.
  • The Secret "Doors", look like this:
    in World 1:

    in World 2:

    in World 3:

    in World 4:

    (Note, those last four images were taken from this guide)
  • You can only break a secret wall after all the monsters have perished.

  • You can finda Axolotl egg, a chest with various drops (Cookies, Diamonds, etc), sometimes monsters, and sometimes nothing lmao.

Happiness Farmer

To unlock this achievement, you have to unlock the Crow or the Blisstaker (which is near your cooking pot):

(You can unlock the Crow by dying a lot lol)
After you unlock the Crow, you have to take a baby Axolotl (which has b), and put it near the purple crystal which is near the Axolotl farm, and then press "E" while being right next to the Crystal, and then you should get the Achievement.

Here's a video if you are confused:

Never gonna give you up

Although it seems cryptic, you just have to "Dash" 537 times, but they put "Roll' because Rick.
Easy achievement, by the time you beat the game, you should have unlocked it.


Kill the first boss, pretty trivial.


After you defeat the first Boss and leave the stage, you are transported to a little resting room with a little pond. Shoot the bucket near it for the Achievement.

Such a tryhard

For this one, just find a Door with a Gem Icon on it:

Then just kill all the Monsters in the room, then the Achievement should be unlocked.

Indie frogs slayer

After you beat the first Boss, World 1 will now have a new Monster, Frogs. Kill 25 of them to get the Achievement.


Kill the second Boss, just don't die lmao.

Laundry time

Kill the third Boss, just shoot at it until it dies.


Get 500 Doritos, although it sounds like a LOT, it is pretty easy to unlock it after completing World 3 in a single run.


Just take a baby Axolotl, and drop it next to the cooking pot in the middle of the main hub. This does not kill your pet, thankfully.

Chipzs out

Defeat the fourth Boss. Rip and tear, until it is DONE.

Armed to the gills

Unlock all the Primary Weapons. I have no idea what the requirement for unlocking a weapon is, however I think you should have all of them at the end of the game.


Kill every enemy at least once, besides special enemies and bosses. You should have this one after beating the game.

Apex form

Spend everything in the BlissTaker shop. You should also have this one at the end of the game.

Breaking space and time

Defeat the final boss, and beat the game. Use your guns by left clicking, good luck.


Kill a Mimic, which is an extremely rare enemy. No one fully knows what the requirements are yet. I'll put a link to this discussion.

"Cool, cool, cool, cool" and "Purrchase Perfection"

Both these achievements require you to buy EVERYTHING from 2 shops, so I put them together.

Git gud
♥♥♥ 100 times. Very grind-y achievement. Good luck.
Achievements Part 2
I think I stepped on one (thousand)

Kill 1000 Caterkillah, which only appears in World 1 and 2. Another grind-y achievement. Just play World 1 and 2 until you unlock it.
Edit: Apparently, due to a bug, you might unlock this achievement before the stated amount. It seems it has not been patched yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Winner winner time for dinner

Beat the game 10 times. Good luck ;)
Thanks for reading my guide! :D I spent ~10 hours on this, so if you don't mind, please spare your fellow steam brother some points.
Magitroscarpe Apr 2 @ 9:03am 
Soemeone has killed every enemy at least once? I have one missing and still don't know which one it is and where I can find it
Atom'sTired  [author] Feb 11 @ 3:12pm 
@Sockmonster43, thanks for the clarification, I'll be sure to edit that in the guide! ^_^
sockmonster43 Feb 11 @ 10:56am 
The caterkillah achievement is bugged as well, I have only two hours in the game so far and there is no way I killed 1000 of any enemy.
simp Dec 3, 2023 @ 4:08am 
git gud :dungdefender:
Atom'sTired  [author] Oct 11, 2023 @ 7:53am 
@Atom, Thank you! :D
Atom Oct 11, 2023 @ 7:38am 
Nice guide:ac6_heart:
Atom'sTired  [author] Sep 28, 2023 @ 2:07pm 
@helo, that’s strange, maybe report it to the devs.
helo Sep 28, 2023 @ 1:57am 
:\ the armed to the gills achievement is bugged since i got it when i still didnt have the axe