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Half Life 2 Cars rework (Props)
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Sep 15 @ 12:31pm
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Half Life 2 Cars rework (Props)

Quite a long time ago I started making this package, designed specifically for standard cars. But later I abandoned this idea, as a result, after a couple of months, I still decided to publish what had already been done so that the developments would not be wasted. In principle, this mini-package has not been finalized yet, but, in my opinion, there are a couple of interesting points in it, so I decided to share it with you anyway. Maybe I will implement all the ideas that I originally wanted, but definitely not now...

So, what is a pack?
- redesigned 4 standard cars.
- two additional transport versions have been added.
- the ability to repaint recycled vehicles.
- the ability to remove elements from recycled vehicles.
- some vehicles have additional coloring pages.
- some vehicles have additional body elements.

The add-on replaces standard vehicles!
You can create them using the section in the "Q" menu.
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simphys is not poo poo
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also having them as props makes posing and using them as cover a lot more easier
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