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New Game Plus Skip
By WheyOTW
How to skip to the end of the game after starting NG+ (SPOILERS)

The methods described will be using the console and console commands, therefore are for PC only, and will disable achievements. The only way to get around this is to use a Achievement Enabler mod. I personally use Achievement Enabler by brunph[], but there are several on the Nexus site that should work.

Theoretically this should work off a brand new game as well (completely new save and character) but I haven't done so. It's also possible that you can do this in the middle of the main quest line if you just want to skip to the end before you get there naturally but it may have game breaking consequences, attempt at your own risk!
Why You Would Want to do NG+ Several Times
In Starfield, every time you NG+ you get better armor, and a better ship, up to a certain point. As far as I'm aware, you get better armor up to your 10th time doing it, and the order of sets should look something like Astra > Materia > Locus > Tenebris > Solis > Gravitas > Bellum > Tempus > Avitus > Venator. Venator is the best set in the entire game, and is the reason why most people are going to be going through so many New Game Pluses. You also get the NG+ ship upgraded every time you do it, up to level 7, which is a nice bonus.
How To Do The Skip
There are essentially two ways to do this. You can skip directly to the end where you're at Unity and just walk up to the orb and just reset your game in less than 3 minutes, but every time you use the console to set yourself at this point, a few things happen. First, a dialogue will pop up on your screen which will ask you what major decisions you made in game (romance, who you sided with in the main story, major side quest decisions, etc), which may spoil the endings of quest lines for those who just went straight for the story and NG+. The other major downside is going to be it putting you back in the character creator. Every time I've attempted to do the skip like this, it puts me back in the main CC where you get to pick your background and traits again. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that it wipes your character customization and you have to remake your characters appearance all over again. This is a nonissue some, but for people like me who spent a decent amount of time making their character and don't want to have to completely remake them, this is a no go.

To do this we're going to use the "setstage" command to give ourselves the quest and trigger the game to think we just finished the previous quest and are at the unity. Press the ~ key to open up the console and enter in the command "setstage 0024EF9C 1"

This will open up the previously mentioned menu and subsequently the character creator. Then you'll find yourself at Unity. Congratulations!

(The ids for the quests should be the same in every game, but if that fails to work, use the command "help MQ305". This will bring up a list of options and the one you're looking for should be along the lines of "QUST: MQ305 (quest id will be here) 'One Giant Leap'". Just take the id from that and replace the 0024EF9C in the setstage command above and it should work.)
Alternative Skip
If you don't want to have to recreate your character every time you do the skip, theres another way I found to do it. We're going to be doing the exact same thing as described above, but instead we'll be doing it at the end of the quest right before the final one. There are several steps of the quest you can put yourself at, but the furthest I was able to find was right as you enter the temple, right before the final confrontation. It will teleport you right there. You can pass a persuasion check which will bypass this fight, which will make this go a lot quicker. You always have the option to fight though, just keep in mind that if you use the command right as you spawn on your ship in the new universe, you will have no weapons whatsoever.

The command for this will be "setstage 0018AE76 9". The number 9 at the end dictates what part of the quest it puts you at, so feel free to play around with that. Whenever I used this command it always put me as siding with the emissary and going against the hunter. This may be because in the last universe I sided with them, but that may not be the case.

(Same as before, you can look up the quest ID for yourself. This time just use "help MQ302b" and the ID will show right up)

There is a command that you can use to force all speech checks to pass (setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed 1) but I personally haven't used it. To turn it off you should be able to use the same command but just put the 1 as a 0.

(Completing this quest gives you 5k xp every time so you will gain a few levels doing this depending on what level you are)
Skip Straight to Unity
Possible Quest Spoilers/Forced to Remake Character/Faster if you just spam through it and just make your character on the last one

setstage 0024EF9C 1

Skip To The Final Temple
Possible Fight/Slightly Slower/Keep your Character

setstage 0018AE76 9

That should do it! Good luck out there Starborn.