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General Strategy
By Feldgrau
General guidelines for a better operation manager.
Emergency is a team game. The biggest success can be gained with well-matched roles. This guide will present these roles and their tasks.

German version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3026376279
Team composition
After selecting your shift there is a lobby. Dependend on the mission weighting (top right of screen) and the number of players you should assign your roles.


With two players:
- Police-Medic-Hybrid with police focus
- Firefighter-Technician-Hybrid with firefighter focus

With three players:
- Police
- Firefighter
- Medic-Technician-Hybrid

With four players:
- Police
- Firefighter
- Medic (one support slot)
- Technician (one support slot)
Genal tips for hard and extrem games
To withstand harder games you should follow some guidelines.
  • In general sending back vehicles costs more time than driving to the next mission.
    Keep always at least three vehicles in the field. If certain vehicles are not needed or you need to change vehicles, then send them back one at a time.
  • If one of your "core"-vehicles is currently not needed, park it in the middle of the map.
  • As soon as the final mission is triggered, send back all not needed vehicles and help the other players.
  • To work on multiple missions at the same time is essentiel.
  • Keep the water spots free for the firefighters (as long there is a fire on scene)
  • Repark your vehicles to shorten the walking of our personnel. In certain situations is is faster to get your personnel into the car and drive them to the next task in the same mission.
Role: Firefighter
The main task of the firefighter is to extinguish fires. In general it is better to focus on one object after each other. It is recommended to start at one end of the fire and work your way through.

The water tender is only beneficial on mission with a lack of hydrants (especially in area Countryside).

Mission focus

(In this order)
  • Extinguish explosive objects (marked with little spikes on fire icon)
  • Extinguish critical fires
  • Rescue person within dangerous areas (if fire could not get under control fast enough)
  • Open gates (with skill additional equipment)
  • Ladder rescue
  • Indoor rescue
  • Extrication
  • Extinguish other fires

Best cards:
Foam admixture (fire truck)
Significant improvement of extinguish efficiency. Cancel it after the firefight (Shift+Q), so that the cooldown can start as early as possible.
Additional equipment (firefighter)
The chainsaw can effectively replace many heavy crane tasks.
The fire extingisher can help in places without a hydrant and also it neutralizes the dangerous area around the fire. So medics can start work earlier.
The opening gates ability will help the engineers.
Water Pressure (fire truck)
Passive - better fire extinguish
Extinguish training (firefighter)
Passive - better fire extinguish
Additional firefighter (fire truck)
On 1-star it is of limited use. Because the general efficient reduction and the fact that tasks like ladder and extrication can only be performed by two.

Recommanded upgrade order
1. Extinguishing efficiency (firefighter)
2. Extinguishing distance (firefighter)
3. Water supply radius (fire truck)
4. Fire protection (firefighter)
5. Ladder rescue efficiency (firefighter)
6. Extrication efficiency (firefighter)
Role: Medic
The medic has the focus on the injured. This role will nearly never send their ambulances back to base (Use the shortcut 'T' to send back and call again), It is important to handle multiple missions at once. Your paramedics should always be on work and not waiting beside your doctors.

Mission focus
(In this order)
  • Treat critical injured (only doctor)
  • Treat serious injury (only doctor)
  • Treat minor injury (Both)
  • Treat stuck people (only doctor)
  • Transport stabilized (only paramedic)

Best cards
Additional doctor (Doctor's vehicle)
The debuff on 1-star is so high that it is of limited use. Active abilities like Adrenalin injection can used twice as often.
Doctor trauma training (Doctor)
1-star shows the medical conditions of the injured. Doctors should always focus on the worst ones first.
3-star the doctors will get an aura which prevents degeneration. If you have two doctors on the same mission they should spread out to cover more injured at the same time. Also it is possible to position a doctor near a dangerous zone to prevent degeneration of certain victims.
Adrenalin injection (Doctor)
Use as often as possible. Focus on person in worst medical condition.
Painkiller (Paramedic)
Use as often as possible. Focus on injured people which are more injured than your current ability possibilities. It is possible to have a paramedic use this ability on an injured which is taken care of by a doctor. After finishing the paramedic will automatically take over the injured.
Additional doctor (Ambulance)
The debuff on 1-star is so high that it is of limited use.
Use it together with the abilities Adrenalin injection and pain killer. With this combination you can very fast stabilize every patient.

Recommanded upgrade order
1. Treat minor injury (Doctor)
2. Treat serious injury (Doctor)
3. Treat minor injury (Paramedic)
4. Fire protection (Doctor)
Role: Police
In general it is recommended to send all units which are on the same mission also on the same task.

Mission focus
(In this order)
  • Prevent escaping
  • Disperse bystander - bystander decreases the efficiency of all units! Also dispersion will degrease chaos.
  • Deal with criminals
  • Take criminals to jail - Important: Overwhelmed criminals produce NO chaos. Only do this task if you have nothing else to do.

Best cards
Stun grenade (SWAT unit)
If used timed (one after another) criminals can be stunned for a long time.
Pepper spray (Police officer)
If used timed (one after another) criminals can be stunned for a long time.
Tactical gunfight training (Police officer)
Less injury leads to less medic work.
Additional SWAT unit (SWAT truck)
Active abilities like stun grenade can used more often.

Upgradfe order
1. Melee resolution efficiency (police officer)
2. Gunfight resolution efficiency (SWAT unit)
3. Melee protection (police officer)
4. Gun protection (SWAT unit)
5. Melee resolution efficiency (SWAT unitr)
6. Gunfight resolution efficiency(police officer)
7. Melee protection (SWAT unit)
8. Gun protection (police officer)
Role: Technician
If possible this role should also take a support role.

Most of the time the engineer has to free the way for the others. So this role need especially have a look on the newest missions.

Mission focus
(In this order)
  • Bomb defusal
  • Electrical fault repair
  • Repair
  • Chainsaw usage (with additional equipment)
  • Heavy crane duty (vehicle)
  • Heavy crane support (Engineer)
  • fire fight (with additional equipment)
  • Hydraulic tool usage (with additional equipment)

Best cards
Bomb whisperer (engineer)
Must have ability.
Engineer action boost (engineer)
Use as often as possible.
Additional equipment (engineer)
Takes workload from firefighters.
Additional engineer (engineer)
Most engineer tasks allowed the working of exactly two people. With the additional engineer in the same vehicle you can split up more easily.

Upgrade order
1. Electrical fault repair efficiency (engineer)
2. Object repair efficiency (engineer)
3. Movement speed (engineer)
4. Cranage efficiency (heavy crane)
5. Movement speed (engineer's vehicle)

Fuse boxes
On most electrical fault missions their is a fuse box nearby. An engineer can relatively fast deactivate the power on the scene. This boxes are also highlighted, when an engineer is selected.
The real repair still needs to be done.

Warning: Turning off the power will greatly increase chaos generation. Turn the power on again as soon as possible.

Tip: Use this possibility only if other emergency personnel on scene are blocked by the electrical problem and the solving would take significantly longer.
Role: Support
This is no real role. But in certain shifts it can occur that the police or engineer role does not have enough work.
A maximum of two slots should be used for this.

Certain units work without special skills. For example:

  • Ladder truck
  • Ambulance (focus on already stabilized)
Role: Allrounder
This role is needed in single player. In coop it will only work on lower difficulties.
Wet Valley Mayor Jul 13 @ 8:56am 
Additional tip to consider: Advance Rescue Training for Firefighters. This essentially allows firefighters to perform indoor rescues while it is still on fire. 3-star stops the uninjured in both indoor and ladder rescue from getting injured (even if it is just one firefighter) AND allows indoor rescues at major (yellow) fires. Critical (red) fires still kick them out, though.

Still, such skill helps reduce the burden of medics by reducing the amount of casualties.
腚大腰圆小熊猫 Apr 20 @ 10:28am 
Why do I keep getting stuck on the being logged in page after I enter the game?
ReconTiger™ Apr 5 @ 3:22pm 
@Feldgrau, your guide is great but you are missing a piece about cranes. Some missions they are more important than engineers. My current set up is to run an engineer in each crane, upgrade crane speed and then something else the mission calls for. That way you always have both ready to go.
SUPER-TANK Apr 2 @ 9:50pm 
There IS in fact one Global Card that gives you one extra slot (for a total of six), but they don't appeal to solo players because 1) Global Cards have horrible value, being extremely difficult to source and last for only one shift, not to mention it fares far better in MP because it affects all players 2) Even if they're far more accessible, each player only has one Global Card slot. 3) Each team can only use one instance of each global card per game to prevent their effects from stacking, otherwise you'd end up with nine slots for everyone.

Also try doing easy missions that are below lvl 30. Chances are there'll be only 4-6 missions for you to handle. Avoid doing these in the countryside as water spots are pretty scarce over there which can impede your firefighters significantly.
SUPER-TANK Apr 2 @ 9:50pm 
Our older Emergency games are inspired by the C&C franchise - You get units as long as you can pay for, but you're on a budget, and must care for them. That being said in EM4 freeplay with the right tactics you can earn much more than you spend, and I'd like them to make a real old-school RTS with German vehicles (which were already prevalent in Emergency games themselves, there's even a Leo in EM2m, and a Fennek in EM3) The Intensive Care Ambulance (EM4, has a number of aliases in other games) is probably a good addition as it can remove numerous casualties simultaneously with adequate support, achieving insane value with just one slot.
ThrustPlaceBo0 Apr 1 @ 7:16pm 
Single player is a nightmare. I definitely liked the older Emergency games where I could send out like 4 of each vehicle type. Bunch of fires and people need rescue? Just send 4 water tender, 4 fire truck (2 to fight fires and two to extricate people), four medics, and four ambulances. I also really miss the mobile medical thing whatever it was called.

Is there a way to unlock more slots for vehicles in single player? Before learning about the fuse boxes, I would have to send 4 engineers into a fire area just to turn off that power so it would stop starting more fires so I could get a ladder truck, fire truck, medic, and either (a) a crane and an ambulance or (b) two ambulances.

It's driving me nuts that on "easy" I'll have a job requiring 4 vehicle types just to finish and I get a job where 6 buildings are on fire already and four people need saving and there's power surging all over. I don't know how much more I can handle before I give up on it honestly.
SUPER-TANK Mar 2 @ 5:54pm 
Yeah it's gonna be a nightmare playing solo because vehicle CD scales with difficulty
hijodenietzsche Dec 13, 2023 @ 3:24pm 
Fuse boxes!!! I was getting crazy about my engineers getting hurt before fixing some electricities, and couldn't work it out. Your screenshot was exactly what I needed. Danke sehr!!!!
Pruegelknabe Nov 26, 2023 @ 2:49pm 
i find some missions impossible to solve, new emergency happen too quickly after each other, there is no time to finish the first ones... i find it too often unbalanced. what do u think?
mckenziemckenzie16 Nov 6, 2023 @ 4:02am 
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