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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

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All Decks/Skates/BMX Guide
By MegaLobsterFace
Picture guide to help you find all of the different gear customization collectibles throughout the game.
Devon - When you start Chapter 3, the garage door that allows you to change the BMX you have equipped should open. The board is right inside.

Terrence - At the top of the Hideout, where Mesh is usually hanging out. Use the stairwell in the back corner to get to the top of the garages, then jump down to the platform the board is on.

Maceo - In Millenium Square, underneath the stairs in the back alley. In the alleyway between the entrances to Brink Terminal and Pyramid Island, there's a staircase that the board is underneath.

Lazer Accuracy - In a hidden alleyway at the end of Versum Hill. At the Prince's court, there's a small alleyway behind one of the grind rails. It's so hard to see, I hate it. Once you know it's there, just go in and get your stupid skateboard. God I hate this one. Why did it take 38 hours for me to find this.

Death Boogie - In a ledge beside the subway line. Right after the first bend in the rail, jump off to the left.

Sylk - Near one of the cypher points in Versum Hill with the walkway bend going around it. The walkway has a hidden chamber right under it, just slide through to get the board.

Taiga - In the Underground Bazaar in Versum Hill, there's a platform overlooking the entrance with two vending machines stacked on top of each other. The board is in the top vending machine. To get there, you'll need to use the wallrides at the start to hit some of the upper rails, and get as high as you can until they lead you to the platform.

Just Swell - At the back of Versum Hill, in the large alleyway unlocked after completing Chapter 1, there's a platform you can't reach without using the fire hydrant elevator or getting heat level 2 and using a turret as a platform. Once you're up there, you'll be able to see a wallride with a purple guy on a green background. Behind that wallride is a hidden alcove that's holding the board.

Mantra - The only board in Brink Terminal. It's given by Mesh as a reward for letting him join your gang. You can find Mesh on the High Square, the high-up platform that leads to the sewer-like tower area, at any point after gaining access to Brink Terminal. He'll ask you to tag a spot he likes, and then he'll move to the planetary plaza to challenge you to a score battle. After that, you'll need to 'wait' for a text from him, which is triggered by entering the tunnel beside the canal in the main level. After getting the text, Mesh will show up on the bridge right by that tunnel, and he'll ask you to drain the canal. You need to go to the pier by bypassing the Oldhead, then use the lamppost to get up on a roof and take a hidden rail up into the control room. After draining the canal, he joins the gang and gives you his board.

Glaciers - Behind a painting in one of the office rooms in Millenium Square. Look in the back alleys for a window you can break to get into the offices, they should be easy to get into once you spot them. Attack the painting to knock it off the wall and get into the small room with the skates behind it.

Sweet Royale - In a different office in Millenium Square, the one overlooking the entrance to the Mataan level. Inside a vending machine, you need to kick the thing to get the skates out.

Strawberry Missiles - In Versum Hill underneath the glass. In the low section in the center area of the level, you'll need a character with skates to shatter the glass.

Ice Cold Killers - Up on a roof overlooking the street in Millenium Square. There are a few ways to get up there, but the easiest is to climb the wallride tower and then boost-jump off onto the beige part of the roof. Once you're up there, you'll have to circle around to get to the area where the skates are.

Red Industry - Up on a ledge in the back alley between the Brink Terminal and Pyramid Island stage entries. Real close by to Maceo.

Mech Adversary - In the underground ramp area blocked off by an Oldhead at Brink Terminal. Get the rep he asks for, and then a simple double jump off the ramp should get you the skates.

Orange Blasters - Behind some reinforced glass in the down low shopping center at Brink Terminal. Just go down to the lowest point in the level, beneath the bus terminals, and break windows until you have orange blades. wait why aren't they orange. why are ck orange and -- dude wtf

ck - In the control room for the canal in Brink Terminal. You don't need to worry about Mesh's quests to get these, just go straight to the pier and grind up into the control room, they're in the corner. Orange Blasters and ck HAD to have had their names mixed up in dev right? Man what the hell

Sharpshooters - In Brink Terminal beneath a glass roof you'll have to shatter with some skates. The roof is to a tunnel that looks like a mini mall. To get up there, you'll have to wallride and grind some nearby scenery. This is the spot you end up fighting Escher at the end of Chapter 2, so it should be easy to find. Oh my god because the skates have a retical on them, and that's where the sniper is oh my godddddd galaxy brain moment. Makes up for the """orange""" skates chicanery.

Mr. Taupe - In a room at the top floor of Millenium Mall's main chamber. Just get to the top floor and follow the rails to the right. The room looks like some kind of vault, but some idiot forgot to lock it, so you can walk right in.

Gum - On a ledge overlooking the hallway between the Mall's main chamber and the theater section. In the halfway point of the hallway, there's a small room with some wallrides and tags, just get to the top for the bike.

Steel Wheeler - On a hidden roof in Mataan. At the very start of the Mataan River, the section with all the bridges and railings, right where the race with Futurism ends, look to the right (as in, away from the progression of the level) and off the edge of the ground. You'll see a boost pad that leads you to a rail and wallride. At the top, you'll find the roof with the bike.

oyo - In Millenium Mall's main room, one of the lower levels has a BMX door along one of the walls, a big triple door that's hard to miss as long as you scan along the walls looking for it. Just use a BMX character to open the door, it's the only thing inside.

Rigid No.6 - On Pyramid Island, there's a BMX door in the section before Rise lets you through to the main level. Walking up the stairs from the ferry, turn left twice, and you should be looking right at the door. Again, just use a BMX character to get in.

Ceremony - On the helipad on Pyramid Island. To get there, go inside the giant pipe that gets you to the top of the level, and at the first fork in the path, turn back around to go down the other fork instead of forward. The pipe should spit you out right by the bike.

XXX - Hole.

On Pyramid Island, one of the holes near the cement mixer has smoke billowing out of it. Jump down there to get XXX.

Terrazza - In the first section of Mataan, before you pass the first green smoke barrier set up by Futurism, look over the side of the world, and you might be able to see the ledge underneath the road. Even if you don't see it, just jump down and you'll either find your way there or get a second chance to try and find it again. Once you find the hidden platform down there, the bike will be on a raised section in the very center.

Dedication - On a roof next to the highway you use to enter Mataan. Either jump down onto the roof directly from the highway, or go the back way around by using a lamppost on the other end of the building to get up on the opposite side of the roof, then use two of the on-foot kick jumps to get over a pair of fences that block your way to the other end of the roof. You only get one chance to jump down from the highway unless you leave the level and re-enter, so if you miss, going the back way might be a pain but it's faster.

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Ice Cold Killers SKATES WHERE
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Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!! Was going nuts looking for the last few collectibles.