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Magic Mod
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Jul 22, 2023 @ 12:09am
Aug 28, 2023 @ 8:59am
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Magic Mod


MPW library adds the ability to create custom windows for our mods (Int Team). Without this mod, many of the features from our other mods will not work. (Including this mod) So installing this mod is a must. All of our big mods that use custom windows will only need this mod. This is to avoid adding a ton of code to each mod!

Magic mod adds some magic stuff to the game: Spell Books, Mage Book, Mage, Sage, Spell Assignment Window. As well as new systems: Becoming a mage, learning spells, mana, effects.

Use magic to destroy your opponents or help your comrades. Master simple magic or dark magic. Use potions to heal yourself, or get negative effects. You can throw them to make the effect work on nearby entities, but the power of the effect will be weaker.

If you don't understand something, open the built-in tutorial with instructions for different mod stuff. Read about using potions, using spells, and more. This is the first item in the mod category.

By Int Team
Programmer: Laska
Artist: Gank
Ideas: Quicness, Laska

Int Community:
Realese Trailer:
Souls Update Trailer:

Why spells don't work?
Most likely you didn't assign the spell to the right limb. To do this you need:
1. Open the spell assignment menu ("Spell assignment" button in the context menu of any limb)
2. Select a limb.
3. Choose the spell you want to assign to this limb.
Video guide:

What is Special Activation or SA? Why is the assigned spell not being cast?
Special Activation (SA) - is an activation that is activated by default on the "H" button and is separate from the normal game activation. It is designed to activate 1 object under the cursor or several selected ones. Spells are cast using SA. The MPW library adds it, so you MUST subscribe to it.

Why doesn't the menu work for me?
If you are already subscribed and have enabled MPW library, then re-subscribe to the library (so that it is updated for sure), restart the game and wait a few seconds after compiling all the mods. After that, most likely everything will work for you.

Why is the mod suspicious?
Mod uses OpenURL for links and System.Reflection and work with the MPW library.

Why are my spells stuck in place?
Most likely, you were lucky and you came across a magical anomaly. This is a rare and unusual phenomenon that happens when interacting with magic. There is no explanation for the magical anomalies, only the suggestion that something might be disrupting the flow of mana, thereby causing the anomaly. this is actually a bug

Why so few spells?
In the next mod updates there will be new spells, mages and other items.

Check out our video guide series at the link below!

If you have another question, then write it in the comments or on our discord server.

You can support us by subscribing on Patreon or Boosty. There is early access to our mods. And also secret information about our future mods or updates.


Sponsor III - Peaks Thought, Rook34, Kiro
Sponsor II - goaatie, Dean Lips, OneVsNone, Vinyll, Darius Codes, Rere3419, Skully, Archievader583, Counter, kathryn pearson
Sponsor I - Vova Kisel, Alex, TeshDan &_&, Honk, Roma Perepletov, H&D, Zeke W, Susan Radwan, tim jude

Apex Legends has more of these unique characters, such as a flying character with rocket launchers on his shoulders, a healing drone, a smoke bomb, and much more!

Try this mod, I'm sure you'll love it!

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Your a wizard Harry!
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they are so weak
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@EarthyTea In the video he said that "the souls currently serve no purpose"
and that a use for them will be in "Souls Update II"
EarthyTea Feb 13 @ 8:27am 
the soul spell wouldve been cooler if you could swap souls with bodies, instead it just being an instant kill then serving no purpose
ragingryan Feb 12 @ 3:17am 
UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fonk_eats_cheese Feb 12 @ 12:12am 
Yeah this is my favorite mod and I hope it is updated to a good extent.
9kph Feb 8 @ 10:40pm 
The mod is being updated, Terry, they are adding like 8 new spells, there's a video on discord so theres still hope brother