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Infinite Map
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Jul 14, 2023 @ 1:15am
Jul 14, 2023 @ 1:56am
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Infinite Map

What a spacious premise.

This map is 5,000,000 x 10,000,000 in size (1.25 million times bigger than humongous), but the space is infinite. There are no borders.
The map also features a completely unique floating origin system, so your game doesn't break when going too far (press F10 to toggle :troll:).

For any comments and concerns contact me on discord @awfulfault.

!! README !!
Keep in mind, I am not a wizard. Zooi himself said that making a floating origin would be "the most hellish thing ever", and I'm working with just mod tools. The system will keep whatever you're looking at from jittering, but it has limitations. Known issues are as follows.

- Camera resets to center upon clearing map. Causes dark screen if origin has been shifted. Just zoom out, it's the ground.
- Camera jitters slightly when zooming in and out too far. Minor problem.
- Whatever you're dragging will get flung in the opposite direction if you cross the origin shift threshold. Just don't hold stuff while panning across large spaces (Threshold is 20,000 units).
- Collision with floor is jittery at high origin relative distances (Like far away from the shifted origin)
- Lights, rain, snow, and lightning do not work. This is something I just removed during development and will probably easily be added back.

Unfixable - Limited by PPG or Unity
- Panning out from objects too far (hundreds of thousands of units) and then coming back will result in a deformed mess. Again, you won't run into any issues with whatever is in the center of your camera, but objects too far away will lose accuracy. I suggest keeping your play area within 100,000 units (250x bigger than humongous) for a smooth experience.
- Every origin shift results in all physics joints getting a tiny bit dislocated. This will only be noticeable after around 20 shifts. 20 x 20,000 units. I doubt you'll run into this issue.
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clearing everything messes up the map completely
< >
tmo97 Feb 20 @ 11:38pm 
'zooi himself'
scrolls to comment section
'i got discouraged by the shitty fucking mod tools'

zooi is a stuckup lazy asshole, i spoke with him regularly
Mesalon  [author] Feb 20 @ 12:24pm 
I got discouraged by the shitty fucking mod tools that PPG has so I just quit. PPG is easy to mod for new items, even new scripts and stuff, but modifying core game code is just such a hassle it's really not worth it.

This mod showed zooi that an infinite map is totally possible. It won't be super polished and still would be limited by the game engine itself, but much better than this. But zooi doesn't want to consider it anyway cause it would be too much work or something.

I would much much rather spend my time building a new game where I actually have control and don't have to use fking reflection to change up core game variables so shit works for 10 years until I die of total brain necrosis from reading all of your retarded fucking copypastas fuck you guys.
PeterMX Feb 12 @ 9:13am 
that sucks
SirCletus Feb 9 @ 8:45am 
@Mesalon fix it pls
Mesalon  [author] Feb 7 @ 11:18pm 
No plans to fix. Moved on from PPG, sorry.
ook Feb 3 @ 4:55pm 
its not broken
PeterMX Jan 31 @ 7:57am 
when is this getting fixed?
yummycreamc | Jan 26 @ 7:54am 
i love my new set of xylophones
i just thought i wanted to share this information with you guys:melon::jarate:
Kye Jan 22 @ 10:36pm 
Nice, you should try and make a 1:1 multiverse in the HPG engine next!
MniejNizZero Jan 12 @ 11:33am 
doesn't work on newest beta