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Merge Bio-Trophies
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Jun 29, 2023 @ 9:58pm
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Merge Bio-Trophies

Tired of having so many different species to pamper? Now you can "assimilate" any of you bio-trophies into your original bio-trophy species via mandatory gene-therapy. The process is non-intrusive, but bio-trophies seem to be less-happy than usual while undergoing to process.

This mod was created by special request to reduce clutter on the species screen and Pop tab of the planetview.

Adds the "Mandatory Gene-Therapy" living standard, available for species that have Bio-Trophy citizenship. Similar (but entirely outside) the assimilation process, bio-trophy Pops are slowly converted into your empire's original bio-trophy species. Not available for your original bio-trophy species - what would they turn into except themselves?

Bio-Trophies remain able to "work" bio-trophy jobs while undergoing mandatory gene-therapy, but they do not receive the same +40% bonus happiness as standard bio-trophies.

Built for Stellaris version 3.8 "Gemini." Not compatible with achievements.

Implemented entirely via a new living standard and custom event. Should work with almost any other mod.

When to Install
You can safely add this mod to your game after it has begun. It is likely safe to remove during gameplay - Stellaris will log some errors and should reassign the Mandatory Pampering living standard to any species that was using the custom living standard. Always back up your savegame before trying to remove a mod.

Not Included in "Subtle Polish"
This mod is intentionally not included in my modpack Subtle Polish: A Collection of Fixes and Enhancements because this mod is not gameplay balanced. It is otherwise fully compatible.

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Source Code
Hosted on GitHub[]

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Palestina Libre Nov 18, 2023 @ 4:00pm 
@Thomas Ian no, that citizenship is only available for Machine Empires using Rogue Servitor civic
Thomas Ian Nov 8, 2023 @ 8:00am 
Is there any ways to use the Rogue Servitor civic /bio-trophy citizenship for biological empires?
Thomas Ian Nov 8, 2023 @ 7:25am 
May i know how can i unlock the bio-trophy citizenship?
riddemon Sep 18, 2023 @ 11:59pm 
@Seri The first is correct: a pop that is converted through gene therapy will be fully converted. This means that they automatically switch to mandatory pampering and count towards the original species (no sub species is created)
Lordfil Sep 18, 2023 @ 2:18am 
Can you do the same for robots if you are an organic species?
pourprsn Sep 1, 2023 @ 6:25am 
Do you plan to make something similar for Driven Assimilators? If not do I have permission to use part of the code from this mod as a base and credit you?
Sparble Aug 31, 2023 @ 3:19am 
You are a savior to my endgame lag.
Theta-6 Aug 8, 2023 @ 12:36pm 
Can you do This With Psionics and The AI's Serious Abuse of Gene Editing?
Nofe Aug 3, 2023 @ 5:31am 
This is what i need. Thanks alot.
Seri Jul 29, 2023 @ 12:21pm 
When they're converted to the original bio-trophy species, do they lose the gene therapy standard and just revert to mandatory pampering?

Or do they keep their own tab in the species pane and you have to manually switch them to mandatory pampering when they've all been gene therapied to perfection?