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How To Upload Long Steam Artwork Full Guide! 2023
By 💗 NaVid || Artwork Designer
With this guide, you will be able to fix your problems and upload your artwork the right way!
Contact me freely if you having issues! I have also made videos on it, I will add a link.

Must Read!
  • You must be at least Level 10 on Steam to show an artwork/screenshot showcase.

  • Steam.Design site can help you to crop your background with accurate size. (Do not crop manually if you missed even a single pixel it will spoil and you will confuse)

  • If you are using the normal artwork showcase (1 middle and 1 side); for middle artwork, the width should be 506 pixels wide and any height. Then side artwork should be 100 pixels and the same height as the middle if you want it to align.

  • If you are using the featured artwork showcase which is only one big middle artwork, then it needs to be 630 pixels wide and any height.

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Open this link in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:

Give Any Name xyz, Welcome, your name.

Select your artwork under Choose File.

Right-click anywhere on the page, click inspect/inspect element then go to the 'Console'.

Or use Shortcuts
Chrome shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+J
FireFox Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+K

FireFox users:

Firefox only (only needs to be done once): after opening the console, MANUALLY type in "allow pasting " without quotation marks and then remove it (you do not need to press enter). By default, Firefox does not allow you to paste codes into the console and this disables that.

Now you need to enter the code carefully.

Enter this line of code into the console to upload as an Artwork or Featured Artwork:

Enter this line of code into the console to upload as a Screenshot:

Rest Options:
  • You can leave the description box empty
  • Select privacy accordingly
  • Check "I certify that I created this artwork" box, then "Save and Continue". (if you are owner of Artwork)

On the artwork selector, your artwork will appear to be a thin black line. That is perfectly fine and it means the code worked, when you select the artwork it should look normal after loading.

If you are confused with black lines picking I can share you little trick here, If you still don't understand it, I will leave my video link.

If you are uploading the Mid Artwork at first > your black bar should be 2nd.
If you are uploading the Right bar at second > your black bar should be first.
Steam Artwork Upload Guide: Youtube Link

Steam Black Bars Solution: Link

Steam Long Workshop Showcase: Long Workshop guide!

Order Steam Artwork Design:

Level Up Your Steam Account:

~ Thanks for reading! Have a great day ahead! ~
Common Problems During Upload (FAQ)
Q. I can't see the artwork option.
A. You must upload your design first then you will get the option (make sure you are using right code, if you are choosing screenshot code then you will get screenshot showcase enabled)

Q. What is the minimum level required for uploading Artwork?
A. You must have at least 10 levels.

Q. Why my images are not the correct size?
A. You need to upload a GIF first and then paste the code into your console.

Q. Still size is not correct, I have uploaded it the right way.
A. Your artwork size is not correct. width must be 614 (Mid 506) (Right side 100)

Q. My GIF size is above 5 MB, how can I fix it?
A. There are a lot of solutions but mostly during creating the design, you must design wisely to choose colors, effects, etc. You can also try Gif compressor but I won't suggest you as they will reduce your FPS + quality that will spoil your Artwork.

If you are failed and want to have a fresh design you can contact us here:

Order Now:

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💗 NaVid || Artwork Designer  [author] May 31 @ 3:09pm 
Shiko, at which step are you facing issues?
Killua May 31 @ 2:33pm 
Didn't work for me T-T
el mago Mar 15 @ 5:18pm 
it worked, thank you so much!!! <3
el mago Mar 15 @ 4:45pm 
hi op! i was trying to upload artworks~ didn't try uploading it as a workshop
i'll try deleting my current artwork and then uploading a new one!
💗 NaVid || Artwork Designer  [author] Mar 15 @ 10:11am 
Which showcase are you using @dategumi?, if its workshop then you should delete previous and again upload it.
el mago Mar 15 @ 8:14am 
i want to add a new art into my profile but for some reason steam just doesn't seem to load when i click to "save and continue", does anyone also have this problem? do i have to delete my previous art to do so?
highlikemoon Dec 11, 2023 @ 1:06am 
love you bro
💗 NaVid || Artwork Designer  [author] Jun 27, 2023 @ 3:45pm 
Feel free to add me!