Escape the Backrooms

Escape the Backrooms

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By Just Valerie
A basic guide for the 06/15 update to help guide wanderers through the newest levels..

This guide is just the basics, how to get through levels and what to expect. I hope to provide something for excited wanderers like myself to navigate the new levels should they get stuck.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my guide!
Welcome back
Its been a bit, and I thank you for visiting my guides again. This update is, in my opinion, a bit shorter than part 2 in terms of gameplay, but the content is quite interesting.
Level 7
This level is expanded quite a bit. Take a boat and sail around those distant houses!

Be sure to check out the houses! Thy're great for stocking up on much needed supplies after the previous levels

Just be careful, the deeper into the level you go the foggier it will get!

How to escape

Your goal is the opposite side of the village, simply sail straight through until to clear the fog
(image for reference)

Take the shark cage down and you'll encounter the Thing, to which you'll soon find yourself at the bottom of the ocean. One of the cage's walls opens up, so exit and take a slight right then swim forwards until you can find this outcropping. Honestly the most dangerous part of this section is the motion blur
Level 8

Moving on, welcome to the caves!

Female death moths are pretty frequent throughout the caves, so you'd best have left those squeaky rubber hazmat boots back in level 7

There are also skin stealers down here. The caves are pretty linear with branching paths so far all leading up to the same exit connections. Also to note, the FDM don't appear in the same areas as the skin stealers

How to escape

I crouched through the first section of this level. Basically, follow the left wall once you enter to find a meg checkpoint that'll have loot (in case you died like I did lol) then follow the right wall to the glowing mushrooms. Through the hole with mushrooms you'll find a pretty straight shot to a bridge and the first checkpoint.

This next section is pretty dangerous with skin stealers. They carry flashlights so your best bet is to turn yours off and try to not get in their line of sight (which is pretty difficult as they basically have unlimited sight range looking forwards)

First, follow the left wall until you reach the blue mushrooms and wait for the first skin stealer to pass before heading deeper. You'll see a light approaching so quickly move along the right wall, run until you reach the door.

An alternative route for the second section is sprinting through the center section and following the right exit where the skinstealer moves through and then following the right wall to the exit. This only works in certain conditions regarding where the skinsteals decide to path to first

Level 188
First and foremost, take a quick left and follow the left wall to get the door back to the hub!

There's a locker up ahead and a strange sculpture related to it, a puzzle!
(jumpscare warning after you solve the puzzle)

Another maze level 0, but this place has seen better days. At least the mold monster is the same.

The switches in this level are on a timer, after a few minutes a switch you hit will reset.

How to escape

First you'll want to unlock the locker and grab that chainsaw. It will be used to cut open the wall and bring you into the maze. Head through until you encounter arrows pointing you to where the mold monster is roaming and the switches are located. Chainsaw open doors and dodge the monster by hiding in vents (and it cant open doors). Find the 4 switches and then escape

Solutions to the 2 puzzles in this level

The first puzzle involves clicking on the light and seeing what shape covers the number though the shadow

The second puzzle relies on the lights on in the rooms from the courtyard outside the room with the puzzle. Click the buttons that correspond to the lights.

Level 9
There's only one direction to go, deeper.

Avoid staying outside too long, roaming monsters are looking for wanderers, be sure to head towards houses with lights.

Not all the houses are empty, there are level 6 monsters in some of the houses.

A door back to the hub is found in the first lit up house on the right (photo attached)

Monsters encountered:

Couldn't get a good photo for this one so far, so this is a bit hard to see

How to Escape

In the center of the town is a MEG base, but the gate is locked. Check the terminal to see which houses hold the unlock terminals and then head to them. Avoid the roaming street monster and the creatures inside the houses to find the computers needed to unlock the door. These computers take a moment to activate and cannot be interrupted, so be sure to lock the door behind you before activating one.

Once you have the gate unlocked you can walk right in and exit the level.
Abandoned Base
This is so far my favorite level on visual appeal. Theres a wretch wandering the halls and you can hide in lockers. A short informational tape plays when you enter which explains the shower in the center of the starting room.

Once you get the keycard head back to level 9 and go around the MEG base, at the other side is a big gate leading to level 10

How to escape

The task is pretty simple, find 4 bottles of liquid and bring them back to the device. Once all 4 are set up lure the wretch into the pressure plate trap to shower him and get that admin key card.
Level 10
A long road stretches before you, what may it hold?

Scarecrows, apparently. This level isnt safe, stay out of the cornfields.

They dont like being looked at, so keep a sharp eye behind you and move on as quick as you can

How to Escape

So heading down the road most of the time the facelings will try to come for you from behind. They dont make a ton of sound so just frequently check behind you.

The second part of this map is running through the cornfield to get to windmills. After you flick on the first light a faceling with a chainsaw will spawn. He moves slightly faster then you so you really have to use stamina bars to keep ahead as you run to the next windmill.

Its pretty difficult to keep your bearings in the cornfield, so hug the fence walls until you find gaps that let you get closer to the windmills.

Level 3999
The hub exit is on the left after you enter the sliding glass doors

Enter the dark to finish the level and roll credits.

Thank you
That's it for part 3 of Escape the Backrooms. I hope my guide helped you in some way. Do leave a comment if you have found things to add to the guide or if you just found it helpful.

Stay safe!
combat corpse Jun 22, 2023 @ 11:08pm 
Hey I have a good photo of the 2nd monster on floor 9, lmk if you need it :>
Just Valerie  [author] Jun 22, 2023 @ 9:08am 
@yenice head back to level 9 and exit the safe house complex, head around the right side of it to find a road behind it that leads to level 10
Yenice Jun 22, 2023 @ 7:09am 
At the abandoned base, what do i do after finding the admin keycard. There seems to be no doors we can go to end the level.
TOMI1985 Jun 18, 2023 @ 3:41am 
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Just Valerie  [author] Jun 17, 2023 @ 1:48pm 
@alfraido you have to go quite a distance, and its like one of the 3 rock outcroppings in the entire level
Alfraido Jun 17, 2023 @ 1:43pm 
THERES NO ROCK THAT LOOKS LIKE THAT IN LEVEL 7. You dont say how far forward and slightly right isnt helpful????? like. ive searched the majority of the area in front of the cage and there aint no rock like that, what are we even looking for at that rock????
foesysnozy Jun 16, 2023 @ 5:57pm 
preciate u
DispleasedChicken Jun 16, 2023 @ 5:40pm 
Thanks, kinda figured the abandoned outpost would have us going back but this helped confirm it.
jwap08 Jun 16, 2023 @ 11:48am 
thank you :steamthumbsup:
Skin H. Stealer Jun 15, 2023 @ 8:23pm 
Thank you my guy