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Cross-Save Bonuses on the Steam Deck
By Kobun42
Using the stock SteamOS on the Steam Deck, FUGA 2 does not recognize the Fuga 1 save data by default due to each game being isolated in its' own separate container. This guide intends to help get you the cross save bonuses on the Steam Deck.
If you've played FUGA 2 on your Steam Deck and also have FUGA 1 on the same device, you may have noticed that your FUGA 1 save data has not given any cross-data bonuses for FUGA 2. This guide intends to help fix that.

Note: Please note that if you have installed Windows on your Steam Deck and are playing FUGA 2 on it, you do not need this guide as the Save Data will be recognized normally, this guide is intended only for Steam Deck users running the stock SteamOS.
But first, an explanation
You may be asking the following:
"Why does this happen?"

This is due to SteamOS's compatibility data essentially sandboxing games into their own instances, meaning FUGA 1 and 2 are separate from one another, making cross-save bonuses out of the box difficult.

Luckily, this can be easily corrected.
Enough chit-chat, let's get this done!
First, switch your Steam Deck to Desktop Mode, and open the Dolphin file explorer. You will need to navigate to the following path depending on where FUGA 1 and 2 are saved on your Steam Deck:

Internal SSD: /home/deck/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/
MicroSD card: /run/media/(whatever name it's assigned itself)/steamapps/compatdata/

Next, you will need to navigate to FUGA 1's folder. Each folder is named by its app id. In this case, FUGA 1 has the app id of 1357860. Go into the folder named exactly that app id and enter the pfx folder and then the drive_c folder. Then navigate through the following folders until you reach this path:


Copy the "Saved" folder within and go back to the compatdata folder you were in prior. Now we need to go to FUGA 2's folder. FUGA 2 has an app id of 2001340. Go into the folder named exactly that app id and once again go into the pfx and the drive_c folders. Then navigate to the following path within, largely being the same as the prior path:


If the TANK folder does not exist, create it with that exact name in all caps. Regardless of whether the TANK folder here existed or not prior, your next step is to then paste the "Saved" folder from prior into the TANK folder within FUGA 2's compatdata folder.

If done correctly, the next time FUGA 2 boots up on Steam Deck, you will have a snapshot of your FUGA 1 save data being read as well!

Please note that the save data will NOT update with your FUGA 1 progress if you so choose to continue playing FUGA 1 afterwards, you will need to repeat this process in order to update the save data to the state afterwards. Alternatively, you can also make a link to the "Saved" folder within FUGA 1 in FUGA 2's TANK folder if you know how to do so, but I'll leave that to the people who practically know the insides and outsides of SteamOS. Doing that, however, will actively update the save data from FUGA 1 within FUGA 2's sandbox as well. I recommend most beginners do this simple copy-paste technique as while it only saves a snapshot of the save from the time period, it is fairly easy to understand.
troll boron
congratulations for reading this guide, have troll boron as my reward because i can't think of a good ending to this guide.

Kobun42  [author] May 22, 2023 @ 4:53am 
v LMAO. I actually forgot all the skill names while coming up with that and forgot that would end up making that, purely unintentional but ends up being kinda funny. If it were a FUGA 1 centric guide then I guess it'd make more sense. Still, hope it ends up being helpful.
Scrub Marchioness May 21, 2023 @ 8:33pm 
"Enough chit-chat..." But Kobun, Chit-Chat isn't even in Fuga 2! : P

Thanks for the guide! I didn't know that was how the Steam Deck worked.
Kobun42  [author] May 21, 2023 @ 6:26pm 
I don't know how useful this guide will be or how much demand there will be but it's for the better someone puts this out here -- not only because this game lacks a lot of guides but also because this is something I immediately noticed playing the game on my Steam Deck and it may leave some confused as to why the bonuses don't trigger.