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MPW library
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MPW library


To use a library you just need to subscribe to it and enable it.
Library for creating and managing windows.
  • The library itself
  • Special activation (SA) (by default H)
  • UIBuilder (it's for mod makers, it is used by the library itself, it can also be used via MPWAPI)
This mod adds the ability to create custom windows for our mods (Int Team). Almost all of our big mods use this library. Without this mod, many of the features from our other mods will not work. So installing this mod is a must. All of our big mods that use custom windows will only need this mod. This is to avoid adding a ton of code to each mod!

This mod was created by the Int Team. Namely Laska, the person who wrote the code and Quickness, the person who drew the textures and came up with the window designs.

To use the library in your mod you need an MPWAPI []. The library itself does not need to be added to your mod, you just need to subscribe to it.

Current version: 1.1.10

Q: How it works?
A: After compiling a mod (this happens when you enter the game) that should use the MPW library, it starts looking for the library (this mod).
When the library is successfully found, the mod can use its functions.
You just need to subscribe and enable this mod.

Q: Why do I get a popup saying "MPW library not found..."?
A: This means that the mod or several mods could not find the library, most likely because you did not subscribe to this mod or did not enable it. If you did, then click "Retry".

Q: Why don't the library features work for me even though I subscribed and enabled the library?
A: Restart the game and wait a few seconds after compiling all the mods, if the dialog saying "MPW library not found..." does not appear, then everything is fine and you can go to the map.

Q: Why is my library not working correctly?
A: Most likely you have not updated the library. Re-subscribe to the library so that the update downloads for sure.

Q: What is Special Activation or SA?
A: Special Activation (SA) - is an activation that is activated by default on the "H" button and is separate from the normal game activation. It is designed to activate 1 object under the cursor or several selected ones. The functions of some items are activated using it.

Q: Why is the mod suspicious?
A: Mod uses System.Reflection to create settings.

Q: I accidentally made the windows too big/small, how do I fix this?
A: To resize windows, you need to find the MPW settings json in the path "People Playground/Mods/MPW_settings.json". It stores all MPW settings.

Q: What is MPWAPI for?
A: It is needed so that modders can use the functions of MPW library in their mods.

If you have another question, then write it on our discord server.