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Workshop Guide
By Wilkin
Quick guide for accessing, publishing, and updating Workshop content for Dinogen Online.
Accessing Workshop Scenarios
In order to access Workshop scenarios in game, you must subscribe to the item.

You can view all Workshop items here.

Simply click the Subscribe button for the Workshop item:

The scenario will now be accessible in game.

You can view all subscribed items in the Workshop tab:

If you choose to unsubscribe from the item, it will no longer be loaded in game.

Publishing Workshop Items
Steam Workshop Agreement
Important! You must agree to the Steam Workshop agreement in order to fully publish items.

New Workshop Items

First, open the Scenario Editor:

If you are new to the editor, check out the wiki[dinogen.fandom.com] or join the Discord[discord.gg].

Once your scenario is in a playable state, click the Share Scenario button:

Make sure Share to Steam Workshop is enabled:

Congratulations! Your scenario has now been published on the Workshop.

The Workshop Item ID is unique to this item. Clicking the Steam button will open the Workshop item page where you can add more details, pictures, tags, and more.

Updating Existing Workshop Items

To update an existing Workshop item, make sure to open the scenario from the Workshop tab. The Workshop Item ID should be visible in the editor settings. Follow the same steps as above to update the item.