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Removed Real Corpse from Hobo Texture
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Dec 20, 2022 @ 2:38am
Dec 20, 2022 @ 7:48pm
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Removed Real Corpse from Hobo Texture

This mod retextures both the player and ragdoll variants of this model.

Inspired by Richter Overtime's video "The burnt corpse from GMod is a real body" where he explains that the model from Half Life 2 " corpse01.mdl" 's textures are made from a real dead body, this retexture mod completely removes the original texture's references to the dead man. This model is the hobo from DarkRP.

The new texture is a photobash/digital drawing made from Kleiner and Doctor Breen's faces. I didn't reference the original image other than the description of "charred partially skeletonized face with teeth visible" I think that the texture turned out looking more rotten than charred, but in the context of where it is used in GMod this doesn't matter

Also check out my other mod "Removed Testosterone from Hobo Texture - Soyjak Corpse" :)

This mod is mentioned in 2 Kotaku articles, another article by TheGamer, an article by Sports Illustrated Video Games, and a 4chan thread, Thanks!

I type weirdly in this description because I'm trying to hit search tags btw :)
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Oct 23, 2023 @ 2:37pm
Public opinion: Is using a real corpse as a texture Yay or Nay?
Alekzomer Jun 10 @ 7:11am 
For people who dissaprove of this mod:

ryan.yates11 May 7 @ 10:03pm 
thank you for this mod you are truly a patriot in the fight against stopping violence in video games
Hamlet #FixTF2 Apr 30 @ 5:56pm 
RedHatGuy Mar 21 @ 1:22pm 
i'd have at least given this post a thumbs-up but the author is toxic af so i'm not rating it at all
icedchai Mar 20 @ 6:12pm 
i dont remember seeing corpse01.mdl ever used for charred corpses, just general dead bodies, so this is probably fitting anyways.
monkey Mar 19 @ 8:55pm 
it would be an epic prank if you made a replacement texture but the new texture was also a real corpse
ԾՐɿԾՌ Mar 17 @ 12:15am 
Y'know, at the end of the day, you're still looking at polygons, it's no different than seeing death and gore in games, whether they're based off of real bodies or not. The Necromorphs in Dead Space were based off of real car crash victims after all. So I think the Charple is no big deal. I imagine that's the kind of thing you're taking inspiration from if you're putting in gore and whatnot into your game anyway.

But don't take it as if I'm arguing, I don't have any qualms with the mod or the people downloading it at all. I just don't see why replacing it with another corpse makes it any better. But if it puts people at ease, then who am I to judge? Enjoy the mod, folks. It's what you like, and it's simple as that.
trickstery Mar 15 @ 6:23pm 
this looks even worst than before
I N F I N I T Y Mar 1 @ 5:40pm 
adds so much realism to gmod's hobo fac:D
vito Feb 3 @ 12:22am 
Why you guys don't like Valve put Real dead face? Its not like Valve make fun of the dead person also there plenty of game using real dead face.