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F2P Vs P2P
By snailsalad
We uncover the truth in the longest argument in tf2 history.

What's this difference between a F2P vs a P2P. A F2P is someone who got the game after the Uber update and a P2P is someone who payed for the game. Considering F2P can describe millions of people, let's change the topic from F2P vs P2P, to the Freemium vs the Premium.

What's the purpose of this guide? To answer the argument once and for all about the Freemium players vs the Premium players. Now if your one of those people who don't like to read alot. Feel free to skip to the Conclusion section where everything will be wrapped up there. So now let's begin.
Freemium's and Premium's: What are they?
So what is a Freemium and What is a Premium?

Freemium=A player that has not purchased any item from the MannCo. store.

Premium=A player that has purchased an Item from the MannCo. Store and/or purchased the game before it went free to play and was given Premium by default.

So now that you know the difference (although most of you probably knew the difference before), We will now hear both sides arguments and therefore determine our conclusion. So let's start with the Freemium's arguments first.
Freemium: Hat's don't make you better at the game.
This statement is partially incorrect and let me tell you why. Yes, a hat does not improve your skill. Wearing an unusual does not make you the best player and wearing a Gibus does not make you the worst. But then why is it partially incorrect then? That's because there are different advantages to wearing hats. For example.

Considering the fact that the tf2 community judges people based on their hats, depending on which hat you wear could be the difference between life and death. Ex. A player wearing a gibus hat might be underestimated and targeted by the other team as an easy target, meaning more enemies coming after you to try and get some easy kills, where as a player wearing an unusual hat might be overestimated by the team and have fewer people try and attack. Alternatively, this can be the other way around. Some people might ignore a player with a gibus thinking they might not be much of a threat and focus down an unusual wearing player instead. But what about Mvm? It's a lot more one-sided in Mvm. Considering a player wearing a gibus will almost immediately be kicked (I've seen it happen) unless they can prove their skill. So ultimately, wearing different hats can have different advantages depending on the situation. So no they don't make you better, but they can still help you.
Freemium: I know this one Freemium and he's better than most Premiums
We have all heard this one "I'm a free to play but I'm really good at the game". Yes, and there's no reason you wouldn't be. This one can be summed up rather quickly.

Being Freemium does not mean you're a bad player, it just means you didn't pay for the game. That's it. You can be Freemium and still be a good player. And you can also be Premium and be a bad player. Whether or not you paid for the game or not will not determine your skill. Moving on.
The Gibus

Ah yes, the gibus'. The hat most commonly associated with the Freemium. But why? Let's start with the ghostly gibus. It's an easy to obtain hat, simply dominate another player wearing any gibus. I can see why it's considered a Freemium hat because it's easy to get. Therefore meaning any most players wearing any of the gibus's will be accused as a Freemium and doubted. But what about the other gibus's. Leaving the 2009 ghastlierest gibus out of this. The ghastly gibus was given out around Halloween 2011 and to anyone who visited a secret web page. And the Ghastlier Gibus was given out around Halloween 2010.

So, the ghostly gibus, it's easy to obtain unlike the other gibus's, So anyone wearing it doesn't deserve as much respect as someone wearing the other gibus's right? Wrong. Wearing the ghostly gibus just means you like that hat. Same with the pyrovision goggles for people who like the look of pyroland.Because they like the hat does not mean they should be accused of being a bad player.
Premium: Premium's have more dedication than Freemiums.
(I know this image has nothing to do with dedication but I just like the look of it.)

It's true, as much as I hate to admit it. Premium players do have more dedication than Freemium players. Since Premium's have put money into the game they want to get the most for their dollar, whereas Freemium's only do it for fun. Like everyone else, we play Team Fortress 2 to have a good time, but Premium's are dedicated to getting the most playtime for that 140$ they just spent on the new update. However, this is not true that Premium's have more dedication than all Freemium's. There are some dedicated Freemum's who play Team Fortress 2 a lot. So yes. Most Premium's have more dedication than Most Freemium's.
Premium: Freemium's don't have any skill
Some. We've all seen the Gmod skits of the typical F2P and they're doing all these dumb things. In reality, it's not true. Freemium's aren't bad. And you saying they're bad is not helping them to improve. It's not like you were some all-powerful god of Team Fortress 2 when you started out. Everyone started out bad, even those Primeval warriors, the beta testers, were not always good. So why not help the new generation to improve. Remember that picture back in the Freemium section of the Premium picking on the Freemium. You know how much that happens, a lot. And it needs to stop. There's no benefit to picking on people that are worse than you. You know that saying "Pick on someone your own size" Well in tf2 it seems to be "Pick on somebody smaller than you" And it should stop.

But how? How can it stop? Simple. Help them. Volunteer as a coach. If you see somebody who's bad at the game, take a minute and explain what they're doing wrong and how to improve instead of trying to boost your ego every time you see one. Heck, when I bought Tf2 back in 2008, I wasn't no god then, and I'm still no god now. So please, just stop picking on the Freemium's and maybe, just maybe, they'll actually get better, and they don't even need to be Premium to do so.

However, there are 2 exceptions in the section. The Newb and the Noob. The Newb player just got the game and has no idea what to do. They might beg for free hats and ask players to help them get an achievement. But, everyone started off at this stage. Well, everyone except those guys with the Primeval Warrior badge. Then there's the Noob. This guy only wants attention. He'll specifically try to be annoying and not respond to what other players say. They are new, and they will not get better. They don't care about tf2. How do I know if I'm dealing with a Noob? If the other person is clearly being obnoxious and not listening then the best thing to do is to ignore him and not give him the attention.
Hat's and the MannCo. Store

So what bonus do regular hats have to do with anything. if only gibus's and unusuals have any sort of bonus then what about the hats on the MannCo Store? It doesn't matter. These items are nice, and If you're wearing them, it means you like it. Simple as that. So what about the MannCo. Store? If you buy something from it then that means you wanted it. So those "In between" hats are just because of personal preference? Yup. Hat's are nothing but a personal preference. It's that simple. But what about those promo cosmetics, like Bill's hat's and Earbud's? While most people have them just to show them off, I would assume they wouldn't be showing the item off if they didn't like it. It's that simple. If you like something, buy it, but nobody is forcing anybody to buy anything. Hats only prove your dedication, not your skill.
None of this matters and nobody should even care. Just play the game and stop caring about everyone else. It doesn't matter what you have and it doesn't matter your skill. Just play for fun it's that easy.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you learned something here today.

Feel free to leave a comment if you so wish.

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thecheesyexparament Apr 8, 2018 @ 8:48am 
My gibus attracts the RED like moths to a lamppost, then i gun em' all down, i may have died from accidental taunts, but its hilarious
RogElite Dec 8, 2017 @ 3:13pm 
Charleston Mar 18, 2017 @ 4:27am 
Man, i gotta read some more! :2016villain:
Cyber Von Cyberus Mar 17, 2017 @ 12:46pm 
well the unusual definitivly attracts those pocket meds who will insert their mediguns up that soldiers bum and only him
♥ Mr.Jackpot ♥ Mar 17, 2017 @ 10:53am 
sometimes wearing an unusual can inflate one's ego so much that the might actually play better. I've seen it happen.
macaroni Mar 15, 2017 @ 1:44pm 
As a freemium, i say, Thank you. Every time someone talks aboiut my sexy Ghostly Gibus, ill direct them to this exact guide. Via keybind spamming.
tawtis Mar 12, 2017 @ 8:07pm 
This is amazing, keep it up. I read every one! :2016trophy:
jeffrey223 Mar 12, 2017 @ 3:25pm 
You need more credit for your work, nice guide. Hope you make more :demoticon:
bill Jun 26, 2016 @ 4:34am 
Hats = skill.

You're just jealous of my painted special eyes
MageGamer4875 Jun 5, 2016 @ 11:12am 
here TIP for every one put on a gibus and go kill a shit ton of people cause people are dumb and call gibus all noobs so they think u suck and go for that guy with the cool hat when u murder him on spot into u force them to belive that
1. they suck
2. they rage quit
3. they always try to kill u and they go try hard mode
4. they rage and call you a noob when this happens you know you won
make sure to taunt at the end of every kill that really makes them MAD

AND ALWAYS HAVE BAD GRAMMAR so they think you are a 5 year old kid killing them

have fun :]