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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Sundance - A Lone Wolf Firefight Mod!
Engine: HaloReach
Game Content: Firefight
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Nov 10, 2022 @ 1:45pm
Apr 4 @ 1:04pm
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Sundance - A Lone Wolf Firefight Mod!

Fight for your life at the end of the world...

A Custom firefight mission based off Lone Wolf!

Disclaimer: Map is best played in solo, but definitely supports coop.

Fully custom cinematic map intro to start every match, with random animations
Custom "Game Over" screen reminiscent of Lone Wolf
Fully supports Classic, Generator Defense, and Versus
Rebalanced arsenal to make things a little bit fresher
"True Ending" easter egg

Mod Changes In Depth:
GENERAL: completely custom hud positions for (almost) everything, equipment bitmaps for everything except drop shield changed to reach alpha, sprint changed to play more like h4 (longer usage, shorter charge, quicker charge delay, etc), you no longer breathe like an asthmatic Darth Vader when running, it no longer beeps, ALL WEAPONS THAT CAN HEADSHOT HAVE BLEEDTHROUGH, Melee now has bleedthrough, finally, the stun from fall damage no longer exists, but the damage itself still does

ASSAULT RIFLE: Longer range, can headshot, lower bloom, 36 rounds.

DMR: consistent 4shots on elite minor, 3 if you're lucky (5-10% chance), bloom down, maxes out after one shot, lower firerate to compensate for higher damage, mag reduced to 12 to not make it op

MAGNUM: remember the h5 beta? i did that. essentially. high fire rate, bloom reduced to allow it, damage upped, consistent 5 shot on elite minor

NEEDLE RIFLE: higher damage, lower bloom, bleedthrough makes the super combine not necessary, but you can still make em go boom

SHOTGUN: it fires a bit faster

SPIKE RIFLE: it go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR also can headshot, it's firing molten metal spikes, why wouldn't that hurt the brain so much you instantly die? Higher ammo reserves

SNIPER RIFLE: it fires at h2 speeds of 0.5 recovery time instead of 0.75, bloom reduced because at that speed bloom actually has an effect besides a cosmetic way to find out when you can fire again

PLASMA RIFLE: BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but can't headshot, it's plasma.

PLASMA REPEATER: NOW WITH LIQUID COOLING! Faster fire rate, slower heat generation, slower battery drain.

SPARTAN LASER: Overcharged. Back to h3 battery of 10 shots per battery.

MACHINE GUN TURRET: Slightly higher damage, slightly lower bloom, headshots, actually uses the max ammo capacity of 400.

Cinematic intro doesn't play in coop, only works in solo due to unforeseen bugs with Async coop and scripts.
AI sometimes have a brain fart moment and forget how to shoot the A generator
[REDACTED] sometimes ignore you during The End if you're playing Generator Defense, this is due to how AI just works in Generator Defense, they prioritize inanimate objects over the player.
The HUD may be cut off on 16:9 aspect ratios, if this happens, set your hud mode in the video options from Edge to Centered, the HUD works perfectly fine on ultrawide however with Edge.
Setting "Starting Lives" to zero causes the cinematic to break.

Thanks for checking out my little mod. Halo Reach mods are about to get cool now the tools and workshop are out.

Any bugs, lemme know with a comment!

- Cryosphered
Lt May 21 @ 4:50am 
Cryosphered  [author] May 14 @ 10:53pm 
if it's a bullet, it headshots
Lt May 12 @ 5:52am 
i remember when the AR used to autolock
StormPlumber64 May 12 @ 5:37am 
bro the assault rifle being able to headshot is so broken
Lt Feb 26 @ 4:37am 
thats the easter egg if your visor cracked
Ze_german Feb 25 @ 9:50pm 
I don't want to spoil anything but I found all three but then after the messages I died a few seconds later mostly because i was confused and unprepared, but is that the easter egg or did I miss something?
Halsi Feb 18 @ 10:23am 
The recent update to the MCC ended up breaking a ton of maps again.
Cryosphered  [author] Feb 18 @ 3:24am 
odd, if you can reproduce it link a video and i'll look into it
wigglesam09 Feb 16 @ 3:08pm 
hey so I played a few times and after like the second time playing the intro cinematic broke and won't play anymore even after a restart
Halsi Jan 5 @ 6:35pm 
ahhh rip.