The Nameless

The Nameless

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The Nameless | Achievement Guide + Walkthrough
By Stef
A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.
Estimated difficulty: 1.5/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~1-2+ hours.

Offline/online achievements: 5 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1, but you will likely need 2.

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: 3. SpeedRunner, Pacifist, A-Rank.
SpeedRunner Complete the game in under a half-hour.
Once you know what to do, 30 minutes is a very generous amount of time, especially since you can play on Easy. My current record is Just shy of 8 minutes. Go into the game knowing where to go and exactly what you need. You can grab the flare gun to make your life a little easier, but it isn't necessary at all. The only puzzle that can't be memorized is the Piano Puzzle, as the solution is random each run.

Pacifist Complete the game without picking up a firearm.
As far as I'm aware, there's only one gun in the game and it's the flare gun. You grab this in the room past the helm (where you end the game for the Good Ending). Simply complete the game without ever grabbing it. Easily done on Easy and during your speedrun attempt.

Good Ending Achieve the good ending.
Bad Ending Achieve the bad ending.
To achieve the Good Ending, you need to collect the purple hexagon, slot it into the altar in the engine room, and drive the ship to safety. For the Bad Ending, you need at least 3 bottles of whiskey, 3 flares, and the flare gun. Once you arrive in the engine room, don't slot the purple hexagon. Instead, unlock the door to leave, then turn around and kill the 3 enemies that spawn. One of them will drop the Captain's Key. Enter his room, grab the Radio Parts, and repair the radio in the room you grab the flare gun from. After spawning on the island, grab the body from in front of the rowboat and enter the lighthouse. To the right will be a lantern barely lighting up a trap door you can go down. Grab the torch and wade into the water down the hall to end the game.

A-Rank Achieve an "A" ranking.
I'm unsure what the exact requirements are for an A-Rank and currently playing around with results. I suggest pairing this with your speedrun and no gun achievements. Simply fly through the game only grabbing the items you need. Don't ever save or heal, as they have a big effect on your rank.
  • After waking up, open your footlocker and grab the flashlight. Go downstairs, exit the house and go right to the lighthouse. Talk to John at the top.
  • Exit the lighthouse, go down to the dock and ride the boat.
  • After boarding the ship, enter the first door to your left.
  • Go downstairs, hook an immediate right and enter the crew quarters (door to the right of the Utility Room. Complete the puzzle for the Bronze Key.

  • Woman burning: When you enter, pass the first 2 lockers on either side of you. Open the lone locker to the left, just before the blood writing, and push the button.
  • Man hanging: Turn the corner and open the locker to your right. Push the button.
  • Man decapitated: Go back to the front door and face the blood writing. Open the first locker on your right.
  • Woman throat cut: Go back around the corner and face the locker that we need to unlock. Open the locker to the right.
  • Woman burning: Interact with the first button again.

  • Head back upstairs. Continue past the Captains Room straight ahead and use the bronze key on the blue-ish door at the end of the hall. Go inside and grab the fuse on the crate to the right.
  • Run back downstairs and enter the utility room (door next to the crew quarters). Insert the fuse.
  • Go back and climb the ladder at the top of the main staircase. Use the bronze key on the door at the end to access the deck, then enter the door across and to the left. Look immediately to your right to find a dumbwaiter that will take you up to the kitchen. Inside is the Silver Key.
  • Exit the kitchen through the front door and head downstairs. Pass the hand reader and enter the door at the far end of the hall. Go right and use the Silver Key on the 3rd door on the right side. Open the drawer under the bed and memorize the first letter of each word on the note. This is the solution for the Piano Puzzle.
  • Go back down to the piano room and play the correct keys (these are random each playthrough). Open the cabinet to the right of the piano to find the Chemical.
  • Head back to the kitchen and use the Chemical on the dead body to sever his hand. Make sure you pick it up! Use that on the electronic reader in the lower hallway near the Utility and Crew Rooms. Inside is the Gold Key.
  • Exit this room and go left. Enter the door at the end again. Loop around the right side to the left and use the Gold Key on the right door, the left door, and finally the middle door. Enter the middle door. Inside will be a Valve Handle.
  • Exit the room and go right to use the Valve. Climb down the ladder at the far end and turn the last valve to the right.
  • Go back up the ladder, then head down the ladder near the door we entered the area from. Follow the linear path to a boiler room.
  • Pick up the purple hexagon and exit through the far door. Insert it into the obelisk in the center of the room, and/or kill all the enemies in the room. One of them will drop the Captain's Key.
  • Head upstairs and enter the Captain's Room. in his closet will be Radio Parts.
  • Head back up the ladder at the top of the staircase and head back outside. At the top, go right and up the staircase here. Enter the door on your left.


  • Interact with the telegraph (the dial that controls a ships speed) for the Good Ending.
  • Or, enter the room where the flare gun is and repair the radio, then use it. After spawning back on the island, grab the coffin near the dock and bring it to the lighthouse. To your right will be a lantern barely illuminating a trap door. Climb down and grab the torch off the wall for light. Push forward into the water, and offer the body for the Bad Ending.
Muckelchen Jul 9, 2023 @ 5:30am 
Well, it now worked in my 4th try...
Muckelchen Jul 9, 2023 @ 1:03am 
Yeah I did
Stef  [author] Jul 8, 2023 @ 7:51pm 
I know I had that issue as well when I was playing, but I can't remember if it was a bug or if there was a certain action I had to do before the puzzle registered as "active". I play so many horror games I might be mixing two up. Have you run the game back exactly as described in the walkthrough?
Muckelchen Jul 7, 2023 @ 6:22am 
Hey man, for some reason the piano puzzle doesnt work for (except in my first run where it did work). Do you have any idea why?
Muckelchen Jul 6, 2023 @ 2:31pm 
Thanks for the guide. You forgot to write to push the button for Man decapitated and
Woman throat cut
Stef  [author] Dec 27, 2022 @ 10:50am 
Whoops. Thanks for the correction!
erc Dec 23, 2022 @ 8:35pm 
Thank you for this concise and well-written guide. Just a minor correction though (for the walkthrough section): you go left -instead of right- after leaving the lab where the Gold Key is found. :steamthumbsup: