The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit

The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit

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The Stone Cutter and the Mountain Spirit - 100% Achievements
By 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠) and 1 collaborators
In order to obtain all the achievements, one playthrough is enough; however a lot of them are missable. After you complete the game, you unlock a chapter select menu that also shows you how many achievements you are missing in a chapter. Alternatively, there is a menu option to restart the current in-progress chapter in case you missed something early on in a chapter.
A couple of achievements are timed and require fast clicking.
Chapter 01: Home
🏆 Do you know the Mountain Spirit? (Missable)
Click on the man hitting a stone slab below the chicken coop.

🏆 Return (Missable)
After picking up both pickaxes, you will be asked whether to return or to go to the quarry.
Choose to return (up).

🏆 Chicken picker (Missable)
Talk to the man next to the chicken coop. You will receive a quest to find all his chickens.
Two are on the first screen with their owner, three on the second, and three on the third. Some of the chickens are hiding in the moving bamboo groves around the area.
Chapter 02: Quarry
🏆 Empress's jewel (Missable)
Talk to the NPC on the left of the tree near your cart to receive the jewel quest.
Click on the monkey hidden in the bamboo grove on her right, and then spam-click to win the fight.

🏆 Sneaky monkeys! (Story)
Awarded for completing the quest given by the Alchemist. Defeat three monkeys by spam-clicking.

🏆 Full cart (Missable)
Awarded for completing the stone-mining quest without overloading the cart. From the third stage on, you need to mine the correct stones so that you get the exact desired rock count, as shown in mouse-over tooltips. The solutions are:
#1:5 (can't be missed)
#2: 8+2 = 10 (can't be missed)
#3: 8+2 = 10
#4: 8+7 = 15
#5: 7+6+9+11 = 33
Chapter 03: Village
First location

🏆 The emperor's journey (Missable)
Click on the female NPC next to the fruit boxes, right after crafting the gravestone at the beginning of the level.

Second location (with two vegetables salesmen)

🏆 Super promotion! (Missable)
Talk to the salesman on the right until you receive this achievement (you will need to click on him several times).

Third location

🏆 Damn worm! (1/2) (Missable)
Before you talk to the NPC on the left with a quest marker, talk to the left of the two guards in the back. This step is mandatory for an achievement awarded much later.
Chapter 04: Weary of being a stone cutter
🏆 Effort (Missable)
After returning the gravestone to the rich person and after a cutscene, you will be required to work daily on destroying some rocks. Make sure to really hammer both your mouse button and the space bar so you can get 12 full bars with your pickaxe.
Chapter 05: As the nobleman (in your garden)
🏆 What beautiful fish! (Missable)
At the pond, before clicking the rest of the quest markers, click on the 3 fish. After you click the first one, small markers appear on the others.

🏆 What a hot sun! (Missable)
On the hot day, once you gain control, you have to quickly move to the next tree shade. Move from tree shade to tree shade, pausing every time in the shade until your heat bar goes back to 0. At the third one, click the arrow to continue. The achievement triggers in the next scene.

Chapter 06: As the nobleman (in your house)
First room of the house

🏆 Illuminated (1/2) (Missable)
Turn on the lamp in the first room. This is a toggle, so make sure you don't turn it off again and leave it like that.

Second room of the house

🏆 Crooked frame (Missable)
Straighten up the painting on the right wall.

🏆 Rock, paper and scissors! (Missable)
In the second room of your house, talk to your servant to play a game or rock, papers, scissors. Repeat until you win.

🏆 Beautiful kittens! (Story)
In the next scene, solve the jigsaw puzzle by swapping the tiles in order to place them in their correct positions. If needed, use the button on the bottom left of the screen to see the finished pattern.

Third room of the house (upstairs)

🏆 Illuminated (2/2) (Missable)
Before doing anything else, click on the two lamps to turn them on.
Chapter 07: Looking out the window
🏆 Poor workers (Missable)
When you look through the window from the top floor, you'll enter a minigame of finding 5 workers. Keep searching for them even if you discover the source of noise before finding all 5. Two are in the rice fields, one right of the left of the noise source, one in the far bottom left and the last one in the far bottom right. If you accidentally focus on the quest marker, you can still go back and scout the area.

Afterwards, click on the emperor's palanquin to progress.

🏆 Damn worm! (2/2) (Missable)
If you have done the first step of this achievement, you will automatically receive the achievement when you reach the bridge and talk to the guard.
Chapter 08: As the emperor (in the gardens)
🏆 Good morning, young master (Missable)
As the emperor, after you arrive at your palace and there's a time skip, talk to all the people in the courtyard (in the scene that comes right after the cutscene).

🏆 Flower collector (Missable)
🏆 Gardener (Missable)
When you start your walk through the garden, you will have to talk to the NPC standing next to an empty flower bed and follow the quest by planting flowers in each of the garden spots.
In the last location (where you can place plants freely):
For "Flower collector", make sure to have at least one of each of the 9 different plantable flowers simultaneously. Plant at least one of each type (each click on a tile switches it to the next flower in order, going back to empty after the 9th).
For the "Gardener" achievement, fill in all the tiles in the last location.

Here is an example of how it should look like in the end: the different flowers are marked with 1-9, the rest of the spots are filled with type 1 flower.

🏆 The five elements (Story)
Talk to the alchemist and solve the elements puzzle.
Chapter 09: As the sun
🏆 Nigredo (Story)
Unlocks automatically.

First location:

🏆 Severe draught (1/4) (Missable)
Dry the river.

🏆 A place in the sun (Missable)
While you have the power of the sun, at least once make sure to stop when people appear and allow at least one person to escape off the screen.

Second location:

🏆 Little ants (Missable)
While you have the power of the sun, kill at least one of the escaping people. It is very hard to avoid accidental murder in this chapter, so this is only technically missable.

Third location:

🏆 Severe draught (2/4) (Missable)
🏆 Fried fish! (1/4) (Missable)
Dry the river.
Burn all 3 fish.

Fourth location (source of the river):

🏆 Severe draught (3/4) (Missable)
🏆 Fried fish! (2/4) (Missable)
Dry the source of the river and burn 1 fish.

Fifth location (pigs stall):

🏆 Bacon Smell! (Story)
Click on the pigs stall and burn them.

🏆 Severe draught (4/4) (Missable)
🏆 Fried fish! (3/4) (Missable)
Dry the river.
Burn all 4 fish.

Sixth location (forest):

🏆 Deforestation (Missable)
Burn the forest and the people trying to escape.

Seventh location (palace):

🏆 Fried fish! (4/4) (Missable)
After you burn the ice, make sure to also burn the last 3 fish when you are zoomed in to the houses area.

🏆 Fire balls (Story)
Destroy the palace using the fireballs.
Chapter 10: As the cloud
🏆 Albedo (Story)
Unlocks automatically.

First location:

🏆 Nimbostratus (1/5) (Missable)
Absorb the small cloud.

Second location:

🏆 Nimbostratus (2/5) (Missable)
Absorb the small cloud.

🏆 The Flood (1/3) (Missable)
After absorbing the small cloud, rain over the gap until it fills up.

Third location:

🏆 Nimbostratus (3/5) (Missable)
Absorb the small cloud.

🏆 The Flood (2/3) (Missable)
After absorbing the small cloud, rain over the river until the screen fills up with water.

Fourth location:

🏆 Nimbostratus (4/5) (Missable)
Absorb the small cloud.

🏆 The Flood (3/3) (Missable)
After absorbing the small cloud, rain over the small water patch until the screen fills up with water.

Fifth location:

🏆 Nimbostratus (5/5) (Missable)
Absorb the small cloud.

Seventh location:

🏆 Paper palace (Missable)
Use your lightning to destroy the palace.
Chapter 11: As the mountain
🏆 Find yourself (Story)
Locate the stone cutter hacking at the base of the mountain.

🏆 Rubedo (Story)
Unlocks automatically.

🏆 The End (Story)
Unlocks automatically.
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