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SIGNALIS 100% Achievement Guide
By BunnyBot 5000
A quick rundown of all achievements available in SIGNALIS and how to earn them.

SIGNALIS may not have very many achievements, but the game provides no clues or hints as to how to acquire any of them. This guide should clear up any confusion on how to get them.

The achievements are separated into unmissable story achievements and missable gameplay achievements. Each achievement has its title and hidden text, followed by a short description of how to get the achievement with a separate, longer description when needed.
Story Achievements
These achievements are unlocked via story progression and cannot be missed. Enjoy the experience at your own pace.

Receive an important message.

How to:
Finish the prologue and begin Part 1.

Lose something of no value.

How to:
Descend in the Protektor elevator to floor 3.

Lose something of value.

How to:
After the MYNAH boss fight, get pushed down the elevator shaft by Adler.

Perhaps, this is hell.

How to:
Use the Administrator's Keycard to descend into the mineshaft.


How to:
After arriving at the Red Gate, fail to open the Penrose's hatch.


How to:
Continue, and try again.

Remember our Promise.

How to:
Defeat Falke and receive any ending.
Missable Acheivements
These achievements require specific actions in game to unlock. For the completionists.

***STOP: 0X001E97FF

How to:
Die once.

Rule of Six.

How to:
Collect the 12mm 'Einhorn' Revolver

After collecting the Flashlight Module, navigate to the Protektor Archives in the southeast of Floor 7, by the looping lift. At the north end of the room, collect the Hunter's Key. On the east side of Floor 6, navigate through the dark room to the Shooting Range and collect the Gun Case. Open the Gun Case with the Hunter's key.

A Gift.

How to:
Receive the 16mm 'Nitro Express' Rifle from Isa

After defeating the caged meat boss, return to the long room where you found the Large Wooden Doll with a ladder at the north end. A wall to the north of the ladder has been replaced with a door, and inside you can find a Small Bottle. Use the Small Bottle on Isa to wake her up. As thanks, she will allow you to take the rifle.

In the 1.2 update, you can now also collect the Rifle in the endgame if you missed it during Nowhere. However, this will not count for the achievement - you must collect the rifle from Isa for it to count for the achievement.

Ship of Theseus.

How to:
Die 16 times on the same save file.

If you navigate to your modules screen and press 'F' on the Diagnostics module on the right, a screen will show 16 grey triangles across a silhouette of Elster. Every time you die and reload the same save, one of those triangles is filled in yellow, or red if you die on Survival difficulty. Once all 16 triangles are filled in, you will receive the achievement.

Exit the Survival Horror.

How to:
Complete the game on Survival difficulty with Classic inventory rules.

On the settings menu when you create a new profile, set the 'Combat Accessibility' to Survival, and the Inventory Capacity to 'Classic'. Complete the whole game beginning to end without adjusting these settings.

Complete the Ritual.

How to:
Complete all other achievements.
Ricky Pee Pee May 15 @ 8:29am 
kinda peeved that i didnt get uberleben because of the inventory update automatically changing my inventory settings to "revised". I was already in rotfront when this change occured and i was unaware of the updated achievement requirement. :winter2019angryyul:
Bovi May 7 @ 7:40am 
Bit bummed out i didn't get the survival chievo on first go because of the inventory option, thanks for the info might as well try to get the secret ending for it now.
Aran Apr 5 @ 12:09pm 
Got the 100% thank for the guide
MassAlzheimers Apr 4 @ 6:20pm 
Hey hey. I recently wanted to test what was said about the ÜBERLEBEN achievement. I just got it without changing the profile. You just need to set the difficulty settings before beginning a new one.
Rixen Mar 8 @ 5:55pm 
great guide! Thanks for gathering this info. In case anyone else is wondering you don't have to start a whole new profile to get ÜBERLEBEN. I got all the achievements under the same profile and just changed the settings before starting a new run for ÜBERLEBEN.
Chonkems Jan 4 @ 4:26am 
Obtaining the Nitro Express during ENDE does not count, you have to get it in Nowhere
KiwiBurd Dec 30, 2023 @ 7:25pm 
just a heads up that i dont think obtaining the rifle the alternate way ( right before the Falke fight in the back room ) triggers the achievement. couldve been a bug on my end, not sure
Sadgezilla Dec 21, 2023 @ 9:30pm 
@_PAGAN_ did you really complete the game? It is a bit tricky and shows the credits and the menu again, but it didn't end and you can continue the playthrough.
_PAGAN_ Dec 19, 2023 @ 12:49am 
Completed the game and did not get GESTALTZERFALL
BunnyBot 5000  [author] Nov 2, 2023 @ 2:00pm 
@Heartview thank you for the update. I will edit the guide to reflect current game behavior.