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Decorative Railway Prop
Mod, 1.3
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Aug 3, 2022 @ 8:41am
Aug 27, 2022 @ 7:08am
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Decorative Railway Prop

My first attempt at making mods for Rimworld. Purely decorative, as useless useful as myself. Found in Railway tab.

This started out only containing a single piece of rail. Now I am progressively expanding its contents.

Current contents
  • utilities: rail and sleeper, level crossing signs & flashers
  • steam locomotive: Frisco 1503 (w/ coal car)
  • diesel locomotive: EMD SD40-2
  • trailer: flatcar (w/ cargo)
  • misc: handcar
If you have a specific model of locomotive you want, preferably simpler ones, please tell me in the comments since I'm not exactly a railfan.

Use Perspective: Buildings to adjust sleepers and to mirror some of the pieces because I am lazy.

You are free to use contents of this mod without my permission, but it's best if you do notify me.

Mod used in screenshot: [LTS] Furnishing, RimForge - Only Power Poles, Vanilla Furniture Expanded: Props and Decors, CMT Retexture

2022/8/6 Added level crossing utilities: sign posts, crossbucks and flashers. Flashers cannot actually flash. Now if anyone would like to tell me how to achieve that...

2022/8/7 Added catenary supports, but no wires. I've yet to find a way to implement that.
Signposts are stuffed now, meaning you can build one with wood or metal or stone bricks.

2022/8/8 Added a simple handcar.
Added 5x6 rail piece.
Fixed catenary support description.
Some buildings are now minifiable.

2022/8/9 Added flatcar, or flat wagon.
You can drag rails and sleepers now.
Added flatcar cargo: pipes.
Fixed flasher light color.

2022/8/10 Handcars now have rotation, yay!

2022/8/11 Added steam locomotive Frisco 1503 (horizontal textures only). I'm dead. Should've focus less on details.

2022/8/12 Added south-facing texture for Frisco 1503. (If you have it in your save it might disappear after this update!)
Added concrete sleepers so your track won't get ignited by lightning strikes.

2022/8/13 Finally, north-facing texture for Frisco 1503, and it's now COMPLETE (except for the coal car, have to do that too)
Added Chinese translation.

2022/8/15 Added Frisco 1503 coal car (horizontal textures only, and the coal doesn't look like coal but sh*t)

2022/8/16 Added all graphics for Frisco 1503 coal car

2022/8/27 Added EMD SD40-2 (horizontal only)

2022/8/28 Adjusted texture and description. And coal cars are called tender now. Unenlightend I am.
PentalimbedP  [author] Aug 5, 2023 @ 6:32am 
@Vex I do not work on Rimworld mods anymore so please don't make this dependency, but you're free to use the contents. Just give me a notice when you are releasing your mod.
Vex Aug 4, 2023 @ 6:56am 
Hey there,

I am currently working on a Functional Train mod and your icons look amazing.

Would you be fine with me using them by adding your mod as a dependency?

Would also love to directly use these images, and of course add Attribution clear on the steam page as there went a lot of work into it, but can understand if you'd prefer that not to happen.
qux Apr 20, 2023 @ 6:30am 
Hi ! is this mod abandonned ?
Pass_Me_Your_Human_Rights Mar 31, 2023 @ 9:41am 
Is this mod usable on 1.4?
PrimeSinreaper Mar 6, 2023 @ 10:33pm 
Is it safe to use this mod if its 1.3
毫无波澜球 Mar 2, 2023 @ 12:25am 
Dragon Fire 813 Feb 21, 2023 @ 7:20pm 
Which mod has that gravel texture?
Dragon Fire 813 Feb 7, 2023 @ 10:03am 
@Fonzo The mod author mentioned how to get mirrored pieces in the description: "Use Perspective: Buildings to adjust sleepers and to mirror some of the pieces because I am lazy."
And since you are already using deco mods, Perspective is a good mod to have anyways.
Fonzo Dec 31, 2022 @ 5:39pm 
@stoned pikachu Had the same problem, found out that if you're using the Designator Shapes mod, you need to put the shape back to the default "\" shape to be able to rotate the 2x1 rail. My problem however is that there doesn't seem to exist a mirrored rail shift anywhere...