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Mazica Party English Translation
Type: Game
Game Category: Card Games, Strategy Games
Complexity: Low Complexity
Number of Players: 2
Play Time: 10 minutes
Assets: Cards
Language: English
File Size
432.894 KB
Jun 28, 2022 @ 12:47am
Aug 3, 2022 @ 11:38pm
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Mazica Party English Translation

This is an English translation project for the Takara Tomy card game Mazica Party. The primary goal is to make the game as playable as possible for those who don't know any Japanese. The intent is to eventually implement all cards in high quality images and stay current with releases.

*Click the Notes feature to check game Terminology and Deckbuilding*

Included cards:
• Episode 1
• Episode 2
• Episode 3
• Episode 4
• Starter 1
• Starter 2
• Starter 3
• Promos
All cards! Up to date as of Aug 2022

Supported features:
• Rules (in notebook)
• Play mat (official)
• Bookmark page
• Book skills (reference, not function)
• Custom Mazica Party world background
• Custom Mazica Party table texture
• Custom Mazica Party card hidden backs

Visual Features not yet Supported:
- Gold print name on Starter SRs
- Flavor Text untranslated
- Card back data sheet untranslated

Known inaccuracies:
- Skill names have some visual bugs with tiny parts of furigana cut-off at the top. This was left in to reduce overhead time. to be fixed, low priority
- Some secret arts missing or synthesized, card# (bottom) not updated for those so you are aware
- White outlines on limited one-chance skills
- Certain Majin and Skill names have artistic license taken. No planned changes unless better ideas come along.
1. I try to preserve the smoothness and accuracy of the name first (Loafpanda as we have no concise word for "plain-bread")
2. Meaning and puns 2nd (Mirrorpon's Impression Mimicry)
3. Sounds next (Curriger)
4. Finally straight transliteration if all fails (Wanisuke); Japanese words left Japanese (Barikama).
5. No localization. Wanisuke would be "Gatorskate" which loses cultural meaning.

Mechanical features not Supported (nor planned):
- Scratch-off. No desire to create decals
- Limited one-chance skill (pointless)
- Thermal "scratch" One-chance skills
- Partially scratched cards.
- 3D Book models or "pages", use deck and hand instead

Technical info:
Images are 2.5" x 3.5" @ 300dpi.
~1.3MB per card.
~300 cards (and counting) & unique card backs!
Those on metered connections should take note

Source files are @ 600dpi with infinite size text but not feasible for TTS.

Credit to user "MrStump" for the Flex Table.