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Disposable Income Rebalance
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Apr 21, 2022 @ 9:48am
Apr 22, 2022 @ 2:23am
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Disposable Income Rebalance

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This mod includes rebalances on disposable income of the electorates and thus affects membership values of the 3 income groups. Also includes some minor balance changes on affected policies and simulations.

List of Changes (mostly): Positech Forum[]

More Detailed Description:
This mod will have several impacts on gameplay such as...
  • Late-game will have significantly less Wealthy voters
  • Early-game will have more Poor voters
  • Middle Income voters will maintain their membership in late-game
  • Unemployment will actually have an impact on disposable income
  • State Employees won't become rich just because you run several state-funded programs
  • All the income modifiers to Poor/Middle Income/Wealthy voters will actually affect Poor/Middle/High Earnings simulations
  • The retired will become poorer if you cut state pension and don't take steps to reduce poverty
  • Food Stamps won't print money out of thin air any more even when there is no poor voter
  • Rent Controls & Automation Tax won't make a person significantly poorer any more just because he believes in free market
  • Motorists will pay less Petrol Tax if more people start to buy electric cars
  • State & Private Housings won't have the same effects with the opposite directions any more
  • Being an Environmentalist, Retired, State Employee, or Religious won't make someone way more richer any more

I can say the single biggest reason I started this is because wealthy voters taking up 60% of the total population broke my immersion so hard. Another thing I wanted to address was absence of link between unemployment and disposable income, which is another immersion issue. In short, this mod is a mostly immersion-oriented project. Though it does have some minor improvements such as capitalist income problem (rent controls & automation tax) and future plans on indirect UBI improvements, most of its contents will just deal with disposable income, which mostly exists for immersion.

Nonetheless, this mod will have some gameplay impacts. There will be more poor voters in general. At start, nearly half the population will be poor voters. This is very likely to reduce gameplay difficulty at early stages since you can appease them with a handful of PC points.

As the economy recovers, wages and unemployment will be improved and thus boost disposable income in general but not to the extent of bumping most of the people up to wealthy class. This means you won't be able to evade income tax resistance by making middle class wealthier and appeasing the rich. Capitalist governments will get sandwiched between the poor and middle income while socialist governments are dealing with massive income tax disapproval affecting 90% of the populations. So, you might be tempted to tax the rich even though doing so doesn't really raise that much tax revenue and runs a risk of triggering brain drain.

This mod has 110 overrides such as....
  • 91 income modifiers (14 of them are fixed income converters)
  • 6 voter group membership modifiers
  • 13 modifiers for some minor changes
EntropicChaos Feb 1, 2023 @ 3:17am 
My base game is weird, there are only ever wealthy people even though I tax the pants off them
ivy Sep 12, 2022 @ 11:42am 
neat, and possibly what broke my collection of mods (just added LGBTQIA2+, Georgism, Cooperatives, several green mods & trams among others) jdfkjhgd

tho i wanna strive to keep this one, bc yes. 100 for the synopsis here. btw why is brain drain a thing when not appeasing capitalists? i don't understand the correlation, especially when de-skilling isn't on the table even? interesting topics this game and modding community bring up

appreciate you sharing this mod(!!)