Train Simulator Classic 2024

Train Simulator Classic 2024

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Running Train Simulator with Linux (Proton)
By Brynnydd
A quick on guide on getting Train Simulator to run with Steam Play/Proton, including the workaround with those tricky .ap files.
Enabling Steam Play
On the steam client, go to the menu bar and select "Steam", then "Settings" and then click the "Steam Play" section.
Check the "enable steam play for all titles", this will allow steam to run train simulator on Linux.

Setting Proton Versions
Getting train simulator to work with proton can be tricky at times. Proton is constantly under development, and can change rapidly. In that same menu as above, select your proton build. The current stable build is *usually* the most reliable. However, proton updates can break games. As of this guide (16APR2022), you need to select Proton 5.13-6 to get the best performance.

Manually Extracting .ap Files
You can launch TS now, but if you do you'll find you won't be able to actually play any routes, the menu will just freeze. This is because on windows, train simulator extracts the .ap files as you play. That isn't an option on Linux. So open a terminal window and type the following:

cd ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/RailWorks; find . -name "*.ap" -execdir unzip '{}' ';'

This works by changing directory to the folder where train simulator is; then finding any files with a .ap and extracting them in that folder. You'll need to do this each time you get a new addon, as Steam (and third party I believe) will just install the .ap files, so you'll need to extract them.

Sometimes TS getis finicky and you have to run this command twice. I'm not sure why, but if you run it once and still get asset errors, try running it again.

Congrats! TS now works!!!
Post Script
P.S. TS still has issues on Linux, water will sometimes have issues rendering, and performance is lessened. You'll probably need to tinker with graphics settings as needed. It can be a bit wonky, but being able to drive a steam locomotive is worth it :)