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FF5: Complete Modding Guide and Index
By Fugsnarf and 1 collaborators
A comprehensive, organized, and continually-updated index of every mod for the Final Fantasy 5 Pixel Remaster, and a full guide on how to mod the game
Getting Started
Keep up with the Pixel Remaster modding scene in the Moogles & Mods Discord server:

Welcome to Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster modding! This guide will assume you know nothing and give you everything you need to know to get started. Below this section you'll find a comprehensive list of all the available mods for this game, including screenshots and direct downloads, all organized by category.

What You Need
  • You'll need something like 7-Zip[] to extract almost all of the files you download, especially .7z files.

  • By default, your Steam games are located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common. If they're somewhere else, you'll find a folder there called ..\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common.

  • Find and click into the folder called FINAL FANTASY V PR. From now on, I'll refer to this as the "install folder". This is where you'll find the exe file, called "FINAL FANTASY V.exe".

  • Inside the install folder, there is a file called "UnityPlayer.dll". Every single mod with the exception of font mods requires that you replace this with a custom version. You can download that here: DOWNLOAD[]. Credit to Enfyve for their work, and you can support them here:

  • Download that file and paste that into the install folder. Choose to overwrite the original.

  • Some mods require that you use something called Memoria. I'll go over the details of the differences between regular mods and Memoria mods below, as well as how to get Memoria set up. You can download Memoria here:
    As a general rule of thumb, if something modifies gameplay or text elements, it is probably using Memoria to do that.

tl;dr Setup Process
  1. Locate your game install folder.

  2. Download the custom UnityPlayer.dll: DOWNLOAD[]

  3. Extract with 7-Zip or another program that can extract .7z files.

  4. Overwrite the original UnityPlayer.dll inside the install folder with the custom one.

  5. Make sure you did that because no mods will work without that step. Your first troubleshoot step should be to make sure you're using the custom UnityPlayer.dll.

  6. You might need Memoria for some mods and I'll talk about that next.

How To Use Memoria
If a mod requires Memoria, it should say so. You can find everything you need to know on the Memoria GitHub page here: Otherwise, I will detail how to get it working.

Installing Memoria:
  • Download this BepInEx zip folder here: DOWNLOAD[]

  • Unzip everything into your install folder. It should look something like this:

  • Next you need to download a specific plugin for whichever Pixel Remaster you're modding. You can download the zip folders here:
    Final Fantasy 1: DOWNLOAD[]
    Final Fantasy 2: DOWNLOAD[]
    Final Fantasy 3: DOWNLOAD[]
    Final Fantasy 4: DOWNLOAD[]
    Final Fantasy 5: DOWNLOAD[]
    MEMORIA ISSUE WITH FF5: Right now the latest update causes an infinite loading screen. Install version 2.14.2022[] as a workaround for now
    Final Fantasy 6: DOWNLOAD[]

  • So if we're installing Memoria for FF5, just download the Final Fantasy 5 link there. Then you can simply extract that zip into your install folder. Choose "Yes" to merge the folders when you see the prompt.

  • Now, to make sure everything is in order, you can click into the BepInEx folder and you should see a folder called "plugins". Inside of the plugins folder should look something like this:

  • At this point, just to initialize everything, I recommend running the game once. You may see the screen come up and then go away. Just wait, it should reload the game. You may also notice the game takes longer than normal to load -- this is also normal. But if it keeps loading indefinitely or your mods aren't working, then make sure you are using the custom UnityPlayer.dll, or try restarting your computer and then running the game again.

  • As a quick test to make sure it's working, try pressing F1 while you're in-game. This should speed the game up.

How To Install Any Mod

Most mods come in two flavors: bundles or Memoria. And sometimes both at once.

Bundle Mods

These mods are generally the simplest to install. Memoria is not required for these.
  • Inside your install folder is another folder called FINAL FANTASY V_Data. Your final destination is FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64.

  • This folder has all the bundle files. These are real game files, and overwriting these files cannot be reversed without a clean install. So it's generally recommended to back these up, at least the ones you modify.

  • If you download a zip file and it has .bundle files inside, this is where they go. Paste them here and overwrite. That's all you need to do.

  • Note that some mods may make use of the same bundles as other mods. In these cases, they will overwrite mods that you've already installed.

Memoria Mods

These mods are only a little more complicated to install because Memoria needs to be installed. But once Memoria is installed, this should be pretty easy.
  • Memoria is great because it doesn't change any game files. You can safely delete all of these mods, which will be located in a new folder called
    \FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\Assets, and nothing will happen to your game at all.

  • In an ideal world, any mod you download will have everything set up so that all you need to do is extract the zip into your install folder, merge and overwrite, and you're good to go.

  • And honestly, you shouldn't really need to know more than this. Just follow the previous step. But if you need any more help with the mods, it's highly recommended you join the Discord server and ask for more information there:

  • Like the bundle mods, sometimes Memoria mods will modify the same files as another. So it's possible to overwrite one mod with another. For example, if you download a full script mod, but you want another mod that also edits the script in some small ways, these two mods will be incompatible. Because they both edit the same file.

Okay! That was a lot, but we're ready to get into the mods now. And there's a lot to go over, so I highly recommend you make use of the guide index to the right, so you can easily navigate between each section. Happy modding!
Universal Mods
All the mods listed in this section can be used with any of the 6 Pixel Remasters unless otherwise stated.

Universal Gameplay Mods

Memoria by Albeoris:
MEMORIA ISSUE WITH FF5: Right now the latest update causes an infinite loading screen. Install version 2.14.2022[] as a workaround for now
Yes this is a mod in itself! I detailed how to install it so you can can use mods that make use of it. But it comes with some very cool features all on its own. Features include:

SoftResetter by Silvris:
Define 1-4 keyboard keys for a combination to soft reset the game straight to the title screen from anywhere.
If you read my guide on how to install Memoria, this is done the same way, as both use BepInEx. You need to download the BepInEx files and unzip them into your install folder. Then, unzip the SoftResetter files into your install folder.

Reduce Walking Stutter (ffpr-tool) by noskill-io:
Allows you to set the walking speed to Classic (60 px/second) or Fast (120 px/second) to better match the framerate of the game and reduce stutter.

Halved Encounter Rate for FF1-3 by Eatitup_86 (Memoria Required) Only compatible with Final Fantasy PR 1-3:
Place file in \FINAL FANTASY_Data\StreamingAssets\Assets\GameAssets\Serial\Data\Master. If those folders don't exist, just create them yourself.

Custom Fonts

If you want to replace that horrible default font, you're in luck because there is a multitude of options. And all of them can be used universally with any Pixel Remaster.

To reduce clutter a little, and make things easier on myself, I've created a separate Steam guide just for custom fonts.
Here you can find all the details on how to install custom fonts, as well as a massive organized list of every known custom font mod out there.

Universal UI Mods

ATBFix by Silvris - Fixes how the ATB bars would jitter while they fill up. Applicable with FF4-6:
If you read my guide on how to install Memoria, this is done the same way, as both use BepInEx. You need to download the BepInEx files and unzip them into your install folder. Then, unzip the ATBFix files into your install folder.

PR Controller Buttons Mod Pack by Faospark - 15 options to choose from, instructions and list in readme:

Subtle Autobattle by Kiyuya - Removes the autobattle button unless being used. And makes it more subtle when in use:
Final Fantasy 1-5: DOWNLOAD[]
Final Fantasy 6 courtesy of metalliguy: DOWNLOAD[]

Better Outline Damage Numbers by Faospark:

FFVI Battle Numbers by metalliguy - Also included in all FFVI UI Overhaul mods:

FFPR Colored Windows by Silvris (Temporarily Incompatible With Memoria) - Allows you to edit the color of the UI windows in real-time:
If you read my guide on how to install Memoria, this is done the same way. You need to download the BepInEx files and unzip them into your install folder. Then, instead of using the Memoria plugin files, use these.

Colored Windows Window Sets by Faospark - This is a collection of preset colors and custom window frames that you can mix and match to your own liking for use with Silvris' Colored Windows mod. This is a supplement to that mod:

Custom Title Screen by Silvris (Temporarily Incompatible With Memoria) - This allows you to replace the background image of the title screen, the title screen logo, and color of the title screen menu options. Even includes video support. This is not a complete mod, but a framework to create your own title screens:
If you read my guide on how to install Memoria, this is done the same way. You need to download the BepInEx files and unzip them into your install folder. Then, instead of using the Memoria plugin files, use these.

Soundtrack Mods
From now on, the mods listed here are only compatible with Final Fantasy 5.

SNES Soundtrack by Fugsnarf - Replaces the remastered soundtrack with the original SNES:

GBA Soundtrack by PayotCraft - Includes modified music player that shows hidden tracks (Music player mod requires Memoria):

Synthetic Origins Soundtrack mod by PayotCraft, Synthetic Origins by Mathew Valente - This project tries to give a glimpse at what could have been by recreating the entire soundtrack of FFV using the original synth libraries that the SNES soundtrack was based on. So the tracks are “restored” in a way that takes away the compression of the SNES soundchip.
Also includes a modified music player that lists all hidden tracks. This part of the mod requires memoria to use:
Mod link: DOWNLOAD[]
Example video on Mathew Valente's youtube channel:

Battle 1 BGM Intro Swap by metalliguy- Replaces the shrilly string intro with the ROCKING FRET SLIDE VERSION FROM FFI PR:
Preview: DOWNLOAD[]

Mambo de Chocobo Opening Replacement by Triforce141 - Changes the "ew" sound in Mambo de Chocobo's opening with "huahhhh hue" from Mathew Valente's restoration:
Preview: DOWNLOAD[]

Faithful Battle Theme Intro by Triforce141 - Replaces the battle theme to make it more faithful to the original. Preview included in the post:
Preview: DOWNLOAD[]
NOTE: This mod requires you to mod it in yourself. You'll need to locate "ff5_bgm_assets_all_392d6970062978e305d4a58f57f943a6.bundle" inside of \FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64. Then follow this guide on the Discord server[] to use UABEA to insert the song.

Battle On The Big Bridge Toms by Triforce141 - Mixes in the toms from the SNES version into the Pixel Remaster track. Preview included in the post:
Preview: DOWNLOAD[]
NOTE: This mod requires you to mod it in yourself. You'll need to locate "ff5_bgm_assets_all_392d6970062978e305d4a58f57f943a6.bundle" inside of \FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\aa\StandaloneWindows64. Then follow this guide on the Discord server[] to use UABEA to insert the song.

Gameplay Mods

UnCapFF5PRemaster by darkxex - Modify maximum FPS. Place the exe file in your install folder. Run it and choose your new maximum FPS:

XP, Gil, and Ability Points Mods by Eatitup_86 (Memoria Required) - Increase XP, gil, and ability point gain at 2x, 3x, or 4x. Includes quick leveling after lvl 50 based on values within the SNES FF5 Career Day Randomizer:
Place the included file in
\FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\Assets\GameAssets\Serial\Data\Master. If those folders don't exist, just make them yourself.

Remove Minimaps and Talk/Action Bubbles by Jikkie:

Skip Cutscenes by Eatitup_86 (Memoria Required) - Skips cutscenes for a faster playthrough. Part of an effort to recreate the original FF5 hack, Project Demi:
Copy the included folder to
\FINAL FANTASY V_Data\StreamingAssets\Assets\GameAssets\Serial\Res\Map. If those folders don't exist, just make them yourself.

Final Fantasy V PR Trainer by FLiNG: This utility allows you to modify different aspects of the game in order to cheat. For example: infinite health, 100% drop rate, no random encounters, increase game speed, one hit kill, edit gil, infinite exp, etc. See site for more details:

UI Mods: Window Frames
SNES UI by metalliguy:

FFV Super Famicom [Xtreme] UI by TAKStation- Matches whole UI including ATB bars to the original Super Famicom UI:

FFVI UI Overhaul by metalliguy:

Darker UI by faospark:

Shiryu's Custom UI by Shiryu64 - Replaces the UI with a custom one inspired by some aspects of the previous games with a modern and a retro option:

UI Mods: Text Box Portraits

Classic Text Box Framework by Shiryu64 - Removes the name from the old speaker box location, and puts it inside the text box for a more classic look:

Text Box Portraits by metalliguy - includes GBA, GBA Recolored, Old Version, and Opera Omnia portraits, as well as 4 UI options:


  • This mod comes with a Memoria-required fix for portraits inside of battles. Without it, portraits may appear in battle at times, but flipped upside-down. This fix is incompatible with Classic Text Box Framework.
    If you want to keep using Classic Textbox Framework with this mod, then when you pick your option inside of the zip folder of the Text Box Portraits mod, click through into the "StreamingAssets" folder. Now only extract the folder called "aa". If you also extract "Assets", this will overwrite Classic Text Box Framework.

Textbox Portraits Full Frame by metalliguy - Same as above, but places the full-sized portrait inside of the textbox itself:

UI Mods: General

Better Speaker Boxes by metalliguy - Not compatible with text box portraits mods:

Speaker Box Improvement by Zeikar - Not compatible with text box portraits mods:

Colored Icons by faospark:

Pixel Art Button Prompts by Shiryu64:

Controls Notification Removal by Saftle (Requires Magicite[]) - Removes the “Controls” notification:

Gold/Yellow Border Removal by Saftle - For those playing in 21:9 or 5:4 aspect ratios:

Title Screen Mods

SNES Intro Sequence by metalliguy - Converts the new intro sequence into its classic pixel glory:

Intro Skip by metalliguy - Skips the intro and goes straight to the title screen:

PS1 Opening or Ending FMV 4k Upscale by Hydra Spectre (Custom Title Screen Mod Required[]) - Go to the youtube video page and check the description for download links, then follow instructions on the Custom Title Screen github page to replace your title screen with this intro video:



Battle Scene Mods

Battle Positioning Fix by xanderglz (Memoria Required) - Moves character sprites down to match the GBA, Bartz isn’t so far towards the top of the background:

SNES Style Battle Positions by Raikoh (Memoria Required) - Positions the character sprites like the SNES version, lower and lined up straight:

Old Version Battle Backgrounds by metalliguy - Replaces battle backgrounds with those from the "Old Version" PC port of FFV, scaled down to fit the Pixel Remaster:

SNES Backgrounds [Metalliguy] - Metalliguy’s version of expanding the SNES backgrounds to fit in the PR, including background animations:

SNES Backgrounds [TAKStation] - TAKStation’s version of expanding the SNES backgrounds to fit in the PR, including background animations:

Tileset Mods
SNES Overworld Tileset by metalliguy:

Gamma Corrected Tilset by metalliguy - Brings the color and contrast of the default tileset closer to the SNES, less bright:

Old Version Based Tileset by Silvris - A tileset mod based off of the one from the FFV "Old Version" PC port (which was then compressed down to match PR):

Adjusted North Mountain Background by Silvris - Adjusts the background of North Mountain to place the horizon into view as it is in the other versions:

Majora’s Moon by metalliguy - Replaces meteor with Majora’s Mask moon:

Player & NPC Sprite Mods

SNES Battle Sprites by metalliguy - Includes custom death sprites for every job:

SNES Overworld Character Sprites by metalliguy:

SNES Overworld Character Sprites Enhanced by metalliguy - Enhanced and colour corrected version of the SNES overworld sprites, to match the colour palette of the SNES battle sprites:

Pixel Keeper Overworld Sprites by Shiryu64 - Tweaks overworld sprites for consistency with the battle sprites:

Battle Sprite Tweaks by Triforce141 - Various adjustments, fixing errors, adding details seen in previous sprite incarnations, and adding “wonderswan leg”:

SNES Battle Sprites, Replace Freelancer with Mime by metalliguy - Does not affect job abilities. Just replaces freelancer sprite with mime sprite. For use with SNES battle sprites mod:

Amano Wardrobe by Triforce141 - Replaces freelancer and mime sprites with new sprites based on the Amano artwork. Alternate version only changes mime:
Regular: DOWNLOAD[]
Mime only: DOWNLOAD[]

White Mage Lenna Without Hood by Eva:

Dark Cloud For Blinded Status by Shiryu64:

Enemy Sprites Mods
SNES Enemy Sprites + Enhanced Shadows by metalliguy- Restores the dark contrast of the original SNES enemy sprites, along with improved, consistent outlines and enhanced shadows:

Total Void by Shiryu64 (Memoria Required) - Replaces the sprite of Neo Exdeath, the final boss, with its Brave Exvius sprite:

Script/Text Mods

Enemy Names Better Localization by Fugsnarf (Memoria Required) - A pretty simple and conservative mod to improve on the localization of several enemy names. My methodology here is that if there was a really obvious mistranslation of a known word, I fixed it. And if the Japanese name was literally something very obvious, I sometimes changed it. But if the existing English translation was already clever and worked, I kept it. It's really a small list of changes, but I put all of them in a txt file within the zip:

PS1 Enemy Names by Mega64 (Memoria Required) - Changes the names of the enemies to those from the PS1 version of the game:

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Eatitup_86 Jun 12 @ 2:29pm 
@Fugsnarf I have updated the Cutscene Skip mod correcting a few improper file locations and scenes. The new link is:
Fugsnarf  [author] May 7 @ 3:51pm 
I think it's like 16x24, but it doesn't change between battle and overworld. The actual internal resolution of the game changes. 384x216 in battle, and 320x180 on the overworld. UI elements are rendered at your target resolution though.
Squall May 7 @ 2:29pm 
@Fugsnarf Do you happen to know what is the internal resolution for battle and overworld character sprites?
Fugsnarf  [author] May 5 @ 12:09pm 
A Couple Updates

Old Version Tileset in Tileset Mods, was updated to work with the last game patch

Adjusted North Mountain Background in Tileset Mods, adjusts the background of North Mountain to place the horizon into view as it is in the other versions
Grimm May 1 @ 4:21pm 
thank you for the amazing mods without them I wouldn't even be able to enjoy old FF titles.
Code Slicer Apr 25 @ 4:08pm 
Nice, thanks :cactuar:
Saftle  [author] Apr 25 @ 4:03pm 
@Code Slicer: You can use instead for now until it gets updated. @fugsnarf, if you like you can add me to the guides and I can help maintain them
Code Slicer Apr 25 @ 4:01pm 
"SNES Overworld Character Sprites Enhanced" link is broken (404)
Code Slicer Apr 25 @ 3:59pm 
The instructions about "Assets" and "aa" folder in the Classic Textbox section are swapped:

THANKS for those PR guides
Fugsnarf  [author] Apr 22 @ 1:32pm 
darkxex has updated UnCapFF5PRemaster found in Gameplay Mods, to now work with the new patch