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Reforged Eden 1.7 (Build 20) Full Change Notes
By ravien_ff and 2 collaborators
Here is the change notes for the 1.7 update of Reforged Eden.
This update makes a lot of changes to the scenario especially for ship combat. Please expect hotfixes in the near future for balancing and to fix any issues that come up.

Due to the large size of the update notes I am experimenting with putting them in a Steam guide instead of in the change notes section on the workshop. They have been literally too large to put in the update notes section. Let me know what you think!

You can access this guide in-game with the new Project Eden Updates button in your player inventory screen.

This is a massive update to the scenario. A new save game is very strongly recommended. You will need a new save to get much of the new content and fixes.
As always, please validate files through Steam to make sure you have the latest scenario files before starting a new save game or uploading the scenario files to a server.

For singleplayer games using the workshop scenario you will automatically download the update.
For servers or singleplayer games using a local copy of the scenario you will need to manually update it.

This update makes significant changes and additions to ship combat, galaxy generation, visuals, trading, mining, and more. Expect balancing updates based on feedback. If something isn't working right, is over or under powered, or outright broken please let us know on the workshop page for the scenario.

Check your blueprints and in-game ships and bases for CPU and power usage!

As always, the usual disclaimers apply. I cannot offer assistance with server setup or customization of the scenario as I typically get many messages a day especially during updates so please understand if I'm not able to respond to every comment.

If you encounter an issue with the game while playing the scenario, please make sure to first reproduce the issue in a new, vanilla, unmodified save game (exit Empyrion back to windows > start a new survival or creative game) BEFORE reporting any issues to the game developers.

Please see the Project Eden, Reforged Galaxy, or Reforged Eden workshop pages for any hotfixes that may have been added since this guide was created.

Project Eden

The below sections contain the updates to Project Eden.
Galaxy Overhaul

The galaxy has received a large overhaul with new additions.

Galaxy Regions:

New regions added to the galaxy map. These show up when "Region Names" are checked in the galaxy map. These will aid in navigation and also show the owning faction, making figuring out which faction is where much easier.
  • Added Major regions. Typically associated with a major faction. Shown with a large white label.
  • Added Minor regions. More for lore and immersion for now. Shown with a smaller gray label.
  • Added directional labels for galactic North, South, East, and West.

New Nebula:

New nebula have been added to galaxy regions. From the sickly green of the Sea of Silence, to the oppressive brown of the Wastelands, and the calming light blue of Tranquility, the goal is to increase immersion and make each region and faction territory feel different while still keeping plenty of "black" space for those who wish for a darker atmosphere.

Other Changes:

  • Added new visual variations of stars.
  • Companion stars can now be a much wider variety of star variations.
  • Overhauled the solar system config files. Instead of each star class having a unique config, the main stars are now generalized and use a set of configs based on the type (hot, cold, habitable, etc) and tier. This will save me a lot of work going forward in maintaining and added to the solar system configs. Some stars will still use a unique config. You won't really notice anything different in-game.
  • Added new sector nebula styles and ion storms. Tweaked visuals on sector nebula.
  • Reduced star count from 40000-44000 to 28000-30000 and reduced size slightly to compensate. This should help performance on bigger servers without affecting single player.
    Servers can further reduce the star count in GalaxyConfig.ecf before starting a new save game.

  • Changed position and size of many faction territories and mission planets.
  • Moved starting systems into neutral territory.
  • Added faction home systems from vanilla. You can find them by searching the galaxy map for the faction's star type, for example KrielHomeSystem or ZiraxHomeSystem.
  • Added new home system for the Zirax Empire and new customized homeworld orbit.
  • Added debris and wrecks to Wastelanders homeworld orbit.
  • Added custom star for Tesch home systems.
  • Re-added Drone Swarm faction territory. You will find more of their ships and POIs within their territory.
  • Added a chance for ambient audio around some planetary orbits in some faction territories. Random radio chatter, lost transmissions reflecting back on you, and creepy hums. Low volume and occasional.

  • Improved look of ice moons and some planet atmosphere visuals from orbit.
  • Added Temperate moons to more planets.
  • Updated Rogue planets (non-starters). Now has Drone Swarm POIs and are darker. Added Aluminum and Gold deposits.
  • Reduced overall POI counts of main planetary orbits to help with performance and save game stability. Increased detection range of some wrecks and pentaxid asteroids to compensate for the lower POI density in orbits.
  • Added space anomalies to cold and hot system orbits.
  • Dead type 5 planets are now found only in The Wastelands.
  • Changed space warp target sectors (sun sectors) all back to the default type.
  • Galaxy survey mission now requires specific star class.
Resources and Asteroid Mining
Added new asteroid mining (does not replace existing asteroids).
New mining equipment has been added to support the new asteroids. These new mining drills are only effective on the new asteroids.
The new mining turrets can automatically mine rich asteroids within range when set to target Prey/Base/Warp Drive (in rich ice or asteroid fields set them to NPC factions instead of prey).
Note: make sure your weapon turrets are not set to target warp drives or they may fire on these rich asteroids too! Does not work while in the pilot seat in multiplayer.

Dense and Rich Ice Mining:

New rich ice asteroids gives an alternative method of obtaining water and opens up trading opportunities for those honored with multiple factions.
  • Added Dense Ice Asteroids to cold system orbits, gas giant moon orbits, and ice fields. Gives dense ice that can be deconstructed for deuterium.
  • Added Rich Ice Asteroids to cold system orbits, gas giant moon orbits, and ice fields in the region of Solitude. These drop rich ice with greater deuterium yield as well as 5 new types of refined ice that can be sold to the major factions of the galaxy for profit.
  • Added new fixed CV Ice Mining Laser and Ice Mining Turrets sold at Colonist Scrapyards. These are required to mine the new dense and rich ice asteroids.
  • Added ice traders to faction distribution centers.

Rich Asteroid Mining:

  • Added 5 types of Rich Asteroids that can be found in new Rich Asteroid Field sectors and rarely in planetary orbit. These asteroids are spread among the major faction territories. Each drops ore that can be deconstructed for an assortment of various resources as well as a new type of material from each asteroid that can be sold to the major factions or crafted into valuable trading commodities.
  • Added new fixed CV Rich Asteroid Mining Lasers from schematics. These are required to mine the new rich asteroids and require deuterium to run.
  • Added automatic Asteroid Excavation Turrets that can mine out rich asteroids with an extremely long range and requires deuterium to run.

  • Added Colonist, Drone Swarm, and Legacy NPC mining vessels to ice field and rich asteroid field sectors. They fly around the sector mining the rich asteroids into their harvest cargo and can completely mine out a sector if given the chance (only while a player is nearby).
  • Added new ice and rock fields these asteroids can spawn in that use new visuals, including chunks of ice and rock that can be destroyed by flying into them.

New Ore Deposits:

    Added a new type of POI ore deposit. These deposits use a custom underground ore nugget you can mine up with any drill. They show up as a POI, do not show on the resource display on the map, do not show on the ore scanner, do not have meteors, and cannot be automined. They regenerate after 3 days if POI regeneration is enabled.
  • Added Tungsten Deposits to barren moons and temperate planets in colonist and neutral territory.
    Tungsten is mostly used for bolter, vulcan, and railgun ammunition.
  • Added silver deposits to barren planets in dangerous faction territories.
    Silver is mostly used for some high end components and devices.


  • Added new Industrial Automining Device. Crafting schematic can be purchased after completing the new Expedition: The Forge mission. Mines slower than a T3 autominer but has much greater fuel capacity and ore storage. Uses new Industrial Fuel. Better for servers where you can leave it for a few days unattended.
  • Updated Magmacite to use new ore rocks instead of voxel terrain.
  • Added several new components to shorten tooltips on expensive devices.
  • Resource costs of some recipes were tweaked.
  • Added inefficient ice and asteroid mining turrets used for NPC mining vessels. Can be salvaged but aren't very good.
  • Added Ice deposits to ice moons and ice planets.

  • Voidium Scanners are now Voidium Extractors.
  • Adjusted Voidium mining. Now spawns as a group of small or large crystals you mine out using a Voidium Extractor or Drill instead of using a dialog box.
  • Voidium Formations can no longer be harvested by multiple players but can now regenerate on servers with POI regeneration.
Weapons and Devices

  • Added new fixed CV Heavy Blaster Cannon from schematic. Burst fires a quick stream of blaster bolts for heavy damage to both blocks and shields. Reduces max shields on your ship while equipped.
  • Added Remote Shield Booster for SVs. Recharges the shields of the target ship or base. Experimental and untested on a PvE server.
  • Added more frequencies of CV Beam Laser Turrets. Can swap with a multitool between Infrared (long range), Microwave (short range point defense), Gamma (short range anti-shield), and Ultraviolet (medium range).
  • Added new CV Vulcan turrets (player and alien). High damage but inaccurate at range. When you want to shoot something full of holes and don't really care where said holes appear.
  • Added player and NPC versions of Swarm Launcher and Thermal Lance. Can only be crafted by obtaining Intact Swarm Cores from the most powerful Drone Swarm Mothers.
  • Added several new weapons for NPC ships and bases.
  • Cruise Missiles deal less shield damage and EMP Cruise Missiles deal less block damage.
  • Beam turrets and modulated SV lasers are now hit scan and use new visuals.
  • Railgun turrets are now hit scan and have block penetration. If their hit destroys a block, leftover damage is carried on to the block behind. Tracking speeds reduced.

Two new weapons inspired by The Expanse available as schematics from UCH Quartermasters:
  • Added fixed CV MX-4 Rapid Torpedo Launcher. This unique weapon fires a volley of 3 vertical launching guided torpedoes and is not obstructed by blocks directly in front of it. Place on the top, side, or bottom of your ship.
  • Added fixed CV LX-2 Prototype Light Railgun. This experimental spinal mounted railgun is capable of penetrating multiple layers of plastic or steel with a single shot and has a relatively fast rate of fire. Less effective versus combat steel and shields.


  • (Reforged) Light Ion Blaster now deals bonus damage to mechanical enemies.
  • (Reforged) Some weapons, items, blocks, and crafting recipes now receive Reforged specific config changes when used in Reforged Eden. Check your blueprints CPU usage.
  • Cruise Missiles now launch vertically. Only a visual change, the flightpath and functionality of the missile isn't impacted. Being used as a proof of concept of vertical launch systems.
  • Updated visuals on some weapons.
  • Reduced sound volume on cruise missile and sentinel flak explosion.
  • Reduced particle count on sentinel flak explosions.
  • Added several new shield effects for Abyssal, Drone Swarm, and Corrupted faction shields.
  • Added several new POI-only blocks. These should only be used for POI development, may be experimental or not work, and are use at your own risk!
  • Set volume of POI blocks not meant for player use in survival to 500,000.
  • Auxiliary CPUs can now be placed in 3 different types, with a max limit of 10 total shared among them.
    CPU: reduced CPU requirement same as it does now.
    Power: reduces energy consumption by 250.
    Shield: increases max shields by 5000.
  • Added poster from a contest in Spanj's community (thanks to ArtemisRouge, Lttetak, Resurgam7, and Procyon Lotor). Obtained after speaking with a certain number of UCH Quartermasters.
Missions and POIs
New UCH Research Vessel:

With the help of Pantheis and tips and feedback from the community the UCH Research Vessel has been redesigned from scratch.
For now it is still a work in progress (not textures yet and some interior isn't done) but is fully functional.
  • Replaced UCH Research Vessel with a completely new design.
  • Added once per ship random rewards for speaking with the quartermaster. There's even a chance for navigational data!
  • The repeatable research mission to earn unlock points now requires crafting a research report in the decoration tab of a constructor and gives unlock points based on which type of report you turn in.
  • You can now enter a quantity when turning in data pads, data chips, and navigational data.
  • Navigational data warp range bonus now properly stacks with the Reforged engineering bonus.
  • Reduced credit value of data chips and unlock points of data pads.
  • Added chance for sector nebula to appear in UCH Research Vessel sectors.
  • Added Schematic Computer to UCH Research Vessels.
  • Schematics can be turned in to the schematic computer to unlock the crafting recipe. Some have additional costs or requirements.
  • Extra schematics can be sold to the quartermaster.
  • Schematics can be found as loot, bought from traders, or rewarded through missions.
    Note: existing schematic items in your inventory will become useless after this update.

Empyriopedia Update

The Project Eden section of the Empyriopedia has received some updates to streamline and improve it.

  • Reduced unlock cost for many Project Eden weapons and devices. This plus the overall reduction in unlock point rewards from data pads and the research mission brings it more in line with the vanilla and Reforged unlock costs and rewards.
  • Updated many playfields and configs to integrate with Reforged for Reforged Eden.

  • Added new Secure Supply Caches to Trading Station sectors. These can be hacked into but not without angering the owning faction. The more successful your hack the more rewards, including ultra rare alien containers. Massive thanks to CheekyShenanigans, DarkestWarrior, Don2K7, Garaman, Stan, StrifeA, Pear, Sulusdacor, and Vollinger for the blueprints.
  • Updated Abyssal, Drone Swarm, Corrupted, and Raider ships and POIs with new shield generators and shield upgrades.
  • Added new Drone Swarm Needler, Guardian, and Capacitor Matrix.
  • Added new patrol vessels for The Syndicate that make heavy use of ECM (Thanks to Spanj and unknown author) and added new freighter (thanks to Filbertfarmer).
  • Added two new terrifying Warlord patrol vessels (thanks to AkevaBanshee).
  • Replaced first trap door with explosive block in Abandoned Tomb to prevent people getting desynced and temporarily locked out if they died inside on servers.
  • Removed Erestrum Ore from Alien Structure due to reported crashes when mining it on servers.
  • Added some internal supports to VOID Watchtower to hopefully help with structural integrity.
  • Changed capital vessel wrecks to the actual CV wreck group to prevent a POI from spawning with a broken teleporter.
  • Updated Abandoned Shipping Pallets.
  • Bandit and Raider ships now use a container ID for the insignia instead of preset loot.
  • Slightly reduced Drone Swarm POIs on Hell planets outside of Drone Swarm territory.
  • You can now destroy the crops in the Lost Colony Ship. No more baby aliens hiding behind them.
  • Updated planets that didn't have the no shield recharge flag for Polaris and Zirax POIs.
  • The Ancient Warp Gate is now in its own sector. Note: for existing saves this may break the portal. You can fix it in godmode invisible by changing the teleporter target.
  • Added trader to Abyssal Energy Research Lab that sells entropic plasma cells.
  • Intro popup when you start the game on a starting planet that has no missions is now a full screen, non-quittable dialog that asks you if you understand that missions are not available on the planet you started on and gives you info on where to start the missions.
  • Added one time tutorial popup the first time you open the galaxy map.
  • Updated Xenu Shrine to bring the spawn levels to a sane amount.
  • Added implants found in ultra rare alien containers. They give a permanent stat buff until you die or use another implant.
  • Did a quick edit to the Xenu Holy Grounds to reduce the NPC spawn counts to more sane levels.
  • Added tutorial popup the first time you open the galaxy map explaining galaxy map camera controls and search box.
  • Added light armor to ocean starter on hard starting equipment settings.
  • Added new test starting planet of Sharee. Not finished yet, WIP, start there at your own risk.

  • Added fishing. Find Talon fishing cutters on temperate, tropical, or ocean planets to get started (Huge thanks to RexXxuS for writing the unique PDA and dialog).
    Seems some people really liked the idea of fishing for some reason, so we added it in officially.

  • Probably a lot of other changes I forgot to write down.

Reforged Galaxy

The below sections contain the updates to Reforged Galaxy.
New Content

  • Shield Boosters are now available for CV/BA and HV/SV. These blocks are 2x1x1 and part of the shield overhaul.
  • Shield Capacitor: Increases the Shield HP of your ship's shields, but reduces their recharge rate slightly.
  • Shield Charger: Increases the Shield's charge rate, but reduces Shield HP capacity slightly.
  • Fusion Reactor: 5x5x5 and very expensive. This outputs enough power to run anything, it doesn't use Hydrogen as a fuel (yet), so it's like a super-sized Generator. It also has the bonus of increasing shield recharge rate, but requires an input of energy to maintain a balanced reaction. Good for combat, bad for idling.
  • 400 Trading Missions spread across the entire galaxy.
  • These missions can be gotten from any Trade Station, Factory, Mining Site, Shipyard, Village or Civilian POI. They will earn you credits, faction rep and items, as well as unlock trades. See "Trading Changes" further down.
  • New Food Processor (2x2x1) for HV/SV. This one has a custom model designed for RE/RG.
  • New Positron Turrets for HV, SV, CV, BA and Zirax: These are hitscan energy beams with lower shield damage than laser/plasma. They're good against armor, but fairly low damage. Use Small and Large Heatsinks as ammunition (cheap).
  • Positron Turrets can be upgraded to Heavy Positron Turrets.
  • New Positron Cannon: Fixed high-output Positron Cannon for CVs. Medium shield damage.
  • New Weapons Trader (Imperial Arms) can now be found on many trade stations. They sell zirax weapons and items (and also have trading missions).
  • New Zirax Particle Beam Rifle: Replaces the Plasma Cannon that Elite Plasma Zirax used previously. Can be dropped by Elite Plasma Zirax or bought from Imperial Arms.
  • Complete Overhaul of the Crosshairs: Every handheld weapon and ship weapon now has it's own unique crosshair type. The default crosshairs are bigger and bolder, so they're easier to see.
  • New Fixed Cannon for HVs: Fires Artillery Shells and is hard-capped to 1.
  • New Heavy Windows for HV/SV: These are properly added. NOT just setting CV/BA Heavy Windows to be placeable on HV/SV.
  • New Visual Effects for many weapon firing effects.
  • New Medical Database added to the Empyriopedia that describes all status effects in minute detail as well as treatments and "lore".
  • New "Naval Commendation" for server owners as rewards or if the Class System breaks (because you closed the dialogue in the middle) that allows you to increase your current Main Class or Sub Class level by 1, including above the maximum level of 5 (up to 10).
Shield Rebalancing Overhaul

With the new Shield Capacitors and Chargers brings a new dynamic to shield combat (Subject to change and balancing following player use).

Basic shield generators no longer require Zascosium and Erestrum.
All Shield generators have lower mass, CPU and consume less power. However they all have significantly less hp and recharge speed.

Weapons reduce shield capacity by a tiny amount. This won't severely impact anything but massive over-gunned dreadnoughts.
Shield Impact visual effects now indicate both the strength of the shield and the faction of the shield.
Shield Capacitors and Shield Chargers are hard-capped at 25 each to prevent exploits with certain people and certain services creating invincible shields (looking at you, Garaman). That still lets you get a 150k-hp shield at the upper end.

Shield Generator Tiers affect how long the cooldown is between being shot and your shield recharging; the amount of pentaxid required to charge your shield; how resistant it is to different types of damage; and the higher tier ones have more HP and a higher charge rate (but not massively so).
Auxiliary Cores now have a new shield upgrade variant that increases maximum shields with no penalty to recharge rate, but share a limit with the CPU version.
Turret Rebalancing
Naturally, with shields being changed, turrets need to be changed too. This is primarily for the large turrets/weapons.

CV/BA Turrets rotate slower, giving an advantage to HV/SV and other fast ships at longer ranges.
Soft cap limits have been reduced from 24 to 12 for non-heavy turrets. This is to save performance on servers and large battles where people use TOO MANY GUNS. This will only affect players that play with block limits on.

CPU cost and DPM on turrets have increased to work hand-in-hand with the turret cap reduction so you still get the same amount of damage, but with less turrets. That means cheaper crafting costs for the same amount of damage.

- Minigun and Cannon Turrets are unchanged
- Flak Turrets receive +25% CPU cost and +25% overall damage
- Rocket Turrets receive +50% CPU cost and +50% overall damage
- Pulse Laser Turrets receive +25% CPU cost and +25% overall damage
- Plasma Turrets receive +50% CPU cost and +50% overall damage
- Artillery Turrets receive +25% CPU cost and +25% overall daamge
Applies to Heavy Turrets and Fixed weapons.
POI Changes and Additions
  • Dion III Labs added to Ocean Planets.
  • Mining Sites added to most planets/moons wherever there are colonists, traders, farr or polaris (can be up to 12 on a very large planet).
  • Factories added for Polaris, Farr or Traders near any Trade Station on any planet. One factory per planet.
  • Several space factories added to most populated space playfields.
  • Legacy Defense Helix on Legacy Homeworld were overhauled.
  • New Polaris Tursas-Class Battleship added (has 2 quantums) - No interior.
  • Warlord Tianlong and Trader Dreadnought updated with quantums (2) and new shields.
  • Updated almost every single POI in the scenario with the new shield mechanics.
  • New Ghyst POIs to replace the original outdated ones.
  • Xenu Mainframe now has a debug console near the entrance that can be used to forcibly open doors if you've somehow been locked out of the POI mid-mission (e.g. on an MP Server where the POI regenerated while you were logged off). It will only open doors you've cleared in the mission already. No cheating.
  • Reduced number of enemies in the Xenu Mainframe. No more complaints of dying.
  • Quantum Boxes in the Decimator, Devastator and Eradicator are now blast resistant and more durable. They will still be destroyed if you hit one directly with an artillery shell though.
  • Rados Industrial Fuel Depots (Normal, Snow and Desert variants) will no longer chain react and destroy the entire POI if you hit the tanks with a stray rocket.
  • Abandoned Drone Base no longer explodes if you destroy the fuel tanks in the basement.
  • All Trader, Farr and Colonist ships have had their OPVs updated with new shields and standard equipment.
  • All Farr POIs have been completely overhauled. All traders have been fixed/rebalanced and the new mission system applied to all Farr traders.
  • All Rados and Epsilon variants have been updated with new shields and new features. You can now hack into Rados and Epsilon Communication centers.
  • Split up spawns of Infesters into multiple spawners in the Abandoned Drone Base and Abandoned Assembly Yard's basement levels so they spawn them faster instead of sending a stream of enemies that appear out of thin air due to the delay between spawns.
  • Added new Bio-Box loot container to many abandoned POIs. Some labs will be interested in the parts and you might find a very valuable use for holding onto some of the things you can find in them.
  • New Sector Command POI (Admin Core).
  • This is an Ultra++ difficulty Super-Dungeon that replaces the old Xenu Fortress. It is MASSIVE. It's so massive that you are encouraged to drive an HV inside it, since you'll need it to deal with the internal defenses. This is the hardest POI in the game. It took me 2 hours to do it solo. It has a Quantum Box and more loot than you can shake a stick at. Bring friends.
  • Sub-divided Defense Ships from their Patrol Vessel Counterparts.
  • When a Space POI calls for help now, the ships that appear will have inferior armor, shields and weapons so they can be easily defeated in lieu of giving loot since they self-destruct when disabled.
  • Bloated the Legacy Patrol Vessel group with variants of Infector and Decimator that are all slightly different, so you have a lower chance of encountering an Eradicator every time.
  • The Matter Converter's outer shell can now be cracked open at the joints, even though it's an admin core.
Trading Overhaul

Trading now includes a number of new dedicated trading POIs spread across all planets and moons. Anywhere there's Trader, Colonist, Farr or Polaris there are trade POIs. These could be the more common Mining Sites or the rarer and more important Factories. These POIs all have their own set of randomized missions with 400 unique missions available and over 50 new Trader NPCs.

Trade Stations:
Every single trade station Trader NPC now has a set of new dialogues. You can now ask if they've heard anything interesting, which would previously result in some mumbled nonsense. Now it gives you useful information relative to the kind of trader you ask (e.g. Ok'y Medical will tell you about medical treatments) Some will be related to gameplay mechanics, some will be related to game Lore, some will tell you were to find certain items or ways of making money.
In addition, each trader NPC (both in trade stations and in ordinary POIs) will give you a single randomized (from their specific list) mission that could involve finding them some Hacked Data or some kind of item they're short on in their shop. They only give out one mission per NPC, but there's usually 4-8 traders per trade station, so you're not going to be short on missions.

These are the new POIs dedicated to the production of infrastructure across the galaxy. Wherever there's a Trade Station, you can be sure to find a Factory nearby.
Most factories won't deal with a nobody, or they've had some kind of problem that's put them out of commission. Give them a hand with their first job and they'll open their doors to you with up to 10 additional randomized missions that will bring you a good amount of credits, some of their inventory and a boost to your rep.
Factories buy resources and components in bulk and sell devices slightly cheaper than you'd be able to buy from further down the production chain. They also produce Commodity items that you'll need to complete some missions for Mining Sites and other Factories.
Additionally, some Factories offer unique items or services. The InterWeapon Factory for example will exchange Sulfur for Nitrocellulose at a high conversion rate, making it possible to never need to cut down a tree for nitro ever again (if you have an interweap factory nearby).

Mining Sites:
These are the most common of the new Trading POIs. One for every ore type. Naturally, you can buy ores from them. The ore that they mine up, and a lesser secondary output that they pull up along with it. Prices are better than the market average here, so you can get ore for cheap if you don't like mining and have money to burn.
Mining sites buy up supplies like food, coffee and replacement gear for the miners.
These guys have up to 15 unique missions each and completing one will get you money and ore, but no rep.

Other POIs:
Shipyards, Spaceports, Settlements, Talon Breweries, Talon Quarries and Talon Tanneries are the odd ducklings.
The Talon Brewery, Mushroom Farm and Tannery are the talon's equivalent of a Factory, while the Talon Quarry is the equivalent of their mine. They each have 3 linear missions.
Polaris, Trader, Farr and Colonist Settlements are usually after supplies.
Shipyards and Spaceports are after blocks and devices and they'll pay good money for them too. Shipyards you'll find in space, and Spaceports on planets (speak to the chief mechanic). Spaceports are staffed by members of the Trade Federation, so completing their missions will net you Trader Rep if you need it.

The amount you get from completing trading missions is a lot. At least 200% of the market value of the items they want, sometimes as high as 1000% of market value if they're desperate.
Factories predominantly give Money, Polaris Rep and a few of whatever product they make at the factory.
Mines as you can guess give Money and Ore.
Trade Station Traders will give money and sometimes rep, sometimes items.
Status Effect Overhaul
You knew it was coming. Fortunately, the new Medical Database in the Empyriopedia covers just about anything, but for the time being the new status effect system lacks a display for treatments. There's a temporary measure, but it's kinda messy to look at.
For those who've played 7 Days to Die, you'll be familiar with how the status effects are set up.

Important Changes:
Status effects are less dangerous than they were in previous versions, even more so than vanilla because only the really serious ones will actually kill you.
The predominant trait of the status effects now is that they don't deal damage or starve you to death, instead they reduce your maximum hp, stamina, food or oxygen. That makes it easier to die, but it doesn't just sap your HP until you're dead.
When you receive a status effect and you treat it, even partially, the Status Effect's timer will change from Red to Green and go down faster. When it runs out, your status effect will be cured. Until that time, the effect will remain on you, but reduced by 50-75% of it's effect.

Example: If you have a status effect that lasts 30 minutes, reduces your maximum health by 100 and drains 2 hp every 10 seconds and you treat it: It will reduce to 5-10 minutes, reduce your maximum health by 50 and only take off 1 hp every 10 seconds.

This goes the other way for positive buffs too. Those Nutrition Bonuses you get from eating filling food no longer give stamina, health and speed regeneration bonuses, instead they increase your maximum health and food. You can stay full for longer, and have a higher HP capacity to resist damage.
Changes and Balancing
  • Legacy Disruptor Cannons now use the new Particle Beam method of combat. They're very weak against shields but will rip a hole through an unshielded ship. Which means you either win with no damage, or you lose everything.
  • Player Disruptor Cannons (found in Quantum Boxes) have been rebalanced to use the above method of combat.
  • Elite Combat Pistol now behaves more like the Starhawk Heavy Pistol. Huge damage, slower rate of fire.
  • Thin armor blocks are no longer as heavy or durable as their full-sized variants.
  • Presently, a 1x1x1 steel block is 1000kg, while a thin strip is 600kg despite being 1/64 of the size. With this update it will be around 200-300kg.
  • Blocks that are illegal in survival have been given a volume of 500,000L to ensure they do not find their way into player hands via 3rd-party mods that ignore the built-in safeties.
  • Oxygen Station (HV/SV) can now be crafted in the Portable Constructor
  • Improved the effects of the unique food items: Dirty Legacy and Ice Cream.
  • Ice Cream's Brainfreeze effect can be cured with Herbal Tea if you want to remove it.
  • Increased projectile speeds of Artillery Shells (Planet and Space)
  • Increased projectile speeds of Plasma Bolts (Space only)
  • Crafting Recipe for 15mm Rounds increased yield from 100 to 150. Marketprice adjusted accordingly.
  • Reduced mass of Promethium Hydrocells from 75kg to 50kg and Volume from 10.5L to 10.0L
  • Increased the speed of Hand Drills in Flattening Mode.
  • Hover Engines (HV) now provide a bonus to torque to improve handling over uneven terrain/mining.
  • Pentaxid Seed Crystal's yield doubled. Now has a new, unique model and icon and 2 new growth stages. Please do not lick the crystals.
  • SV Jet Thrusters 3x7x3 and larger have had their thrust output increased by 50% and power consumption increased by 25%.
  • HV Plasma Thruster thrust increased by 50% and power consumption increased by 20%.
  • Reduced sprint speed of Zirax and Elite Zirax Troopers.
  • Switched the weapons of Elite Zirax Soldier and the various Infected Human/Alien Soldiers for something weaker.
  • Infected Humans, Zirax and Aliens no longer speak while idle.
  • Reduced the Volume of Building Blocks and Deco Blocks to 4L for Small Blocks and 16L for Large Blocks.
  • Zirax Ammo in Ammo Containers now only contains ammunition for the zirax turrets the player can physically own. Amount of ammo obtained is higher.
  • Zirax ammunition is now available through the item menu in creative.
  • Pre-emptive Strike by the Zirax against CVs is now restricted to only happen on the harder starting planets and only once.
  • Torpedo Launcher now reloads in 2 seconds instead of 20. This means you can change to other weapons while they're cooling down instead of sitting there unable to do anything but fly around and rely on turrets.
  • Increased the range of Multitools and Laser drills.
  • New visual effects for multitools and drills.
  • Increased the damage of the Survival Tool's Resource Mode vs trees.
  • Chainsaw and HV Harvester Module damage vs Trees increased by 12%
  • Survival Tool's defense mode no longer fires a constant lightning bolt, it now fires lasers.
  • Changed the icon for Submachine Guns to something similar to their original icon.
  • Changed the icon for the 40mm Shells. (I always hated the original one I did)
  • Elite Zirax now have their own loot table instead of sharing with the regular soldiers.
  • Reduced repair cost for ship hull blocks from 125% to 75% (excludes Xenosteel. Now 100% instead of 125%).
  • Note: The 125% is the cost of materials + the 25% crafting bonus attributed to ALL recipes. Not some penalty.
  • Changed name and description of the Heavy Artillery Turret Ammo (HV) so it's more identifiable from it's normal counterpart.
  • Quantum CPU Extenders now have their soft cap of 10 enabled. It can be disabled by server owners or with block limits turned off.
  • Previously it was turned off unless turned on by server owners. But we're seeing stupid ships with 60+ quantums crashing servers and people blaming us. So if you don't like it, complain to them.
  • Advanced Core is no longer usable on HV/SV (A secondary Advanced Core may be added specifically for them at a later time)
  • Trade Stations and other POIs that offer station services will no longer recharge shields via Station Services.
  • Different handheld weapon types have different advantages and disadvantages against different enemy types.
  • (e.g. Pistols are effective against lightly armored humanoids and "soft" creatures like wildlife, but less effective against mechanoids and armored targets.)
  • Information on the weapon stats can be found in your Empyriopedia.
Credits and Acknowledgements
A big thanks to all the POI creators (credited in the update notes above).

Special thanks to Dogmeat for creating new models for the scenario.

Thanks to Rexxxus for help with Unity and for the extremely helpful eWCCT and eWPDA tools. Without those the scenario missions would take so much longer to create.

Thanks to everyone who gave kind words, reported issues, and provided feedback. Your comments and messages have helped out a ton.

Thanks to Vermillion for his hard work on Reforged Galaxy.

Thanks to Spanj and XCaliber for streaming previews of the update. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate your help in testing the scenario and everyone who streams or makes videos of the scenario. Besides always being entertaining and fun, watching others play helps find issues with the scenario that need fixing.
Future Plans
Now that this big update is out of the way, expect a few hotfixes as issues come up over the next few weeks.
Please make sure to update your servers as hotfixes are released!

The next major update to Project Eden will focus on planets and missions. No estimated time for that one yet.
Sordros May 27, 2022 @ 4:22pm 
having issues trying to set up a gportal server with this mod! had issues setting up a survival but somehow gportal got that to work but this time around they cant seem to get a creative server setup with this mod!!!!
Merenylo Apr 23, 2022 @ 12:29pm 
Fantastic Job! This is just stellar! :D
Bob-O-Matic Apr 18, 2022 @ 8:45am 
I too must add my very positive admiration to you two for your enhancement of this game and kudos to all those who have contributed to the content. R.I.P. Vanilla, Long live Reforged!
horkage Apr 4, 2022 @ 12:52pm 
Everything is looking great guys...I love the new UCH ships. Exemplary work!
Vyanie Apr 1, 2022 @ 1:47pm 
Just a question, since small ships and hovercraft cant dodge well because of the changes to thrusters, and now they have paper mache for shields, are we supposed to use them anymore?
horkage Apr 1, 2022 @ 12:14pm 
But what if I *want* to lick the crystals?
Sordros Mar 31, 2022 @ 8:55pm 
attempting to try n install this n galaxy on my gportal server and having issues! any help?
SGT Roc/K/ Mar 31, 2022 @ 6:31pm 
Much prefer this change note format. Thanks!
Thick Mar 29, 2022 @ 1:06pm 
Is this released?
Tarsis Mar 27, 2022 @ 10:48am 
Rate up on the change notes in guide format.