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Halls of Teknor V9
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Complexity: Low Complexity
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Feb 23, 2022 @ 11:46am
Apr 4 @ 3:45am
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Halls of Teknor V9

A new Teknor version has arrived! This one makes some changes to how robots get stronger when you go before them in the turn order. There's also a revamped treasure streak multiplier.

What's new:
Robos now get Flipped and "Mad" when they are creeped in the timeline.
Treasure Decks are now divided into three tiers.
Treasure Roll multiplier is changed.
Overkill now yields a loot coin for _each_ point of excess damage.
'Damage potential', 'attack power' and damage are now rewritten to 'pre-damage' and 'damage'.

Smaller changes in terminology:
'Foes' are now called 'Robos'
'Halls' are now called 'Rooms'
'Nuke Zone' is now called 'Nuke Charge'
Melee icon is now a hammer