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Black Ops Zombies Perk Bottles (Sandbox/TTT) (2023 Update)
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Jun 20, 2014 @ 11:10pm
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Black Ops Zombies Perk Bottles (Sandbox/TTT) (2023 Update)

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to ask in the comments!

These are a series of perk bottles from Black Ops Zombies! You can get them in sandbox and ttt.

Current bottles:
- Juggernog
- PHD Flopper
- Double Tap
- Stamin-Up
- Vulture-Aid
- Electric Cherry
- Tombstone

When drank, you will gain 150 health. The perk is removed once you lose that 150.

PHD Flopper
Drinking it removes all fall damage and self-caused explosion damage, and creates a small explosion when you land from a semi-high fall while crouching. It creates the explosion at the height where you'd take fall damage.

Stamin-Up makes you walk and sprint much faster.

Double Tap 2.0
Double tap doubles your damage from every shot. In TTT, it doubles your firing speed.

Electric Cherry
Electric Cherry creates a shock-lightning upon reloading. It has a cooldown of 2.5 seconds, preventing you from spamming reload.

When drank, Vulture-Aid makes enemy NPCs and players drop ammo boxes when they are killed. Sometimes a green smoke cloud will spawn too, which will make the player invisible to enemy NPCs when standing in it.

Players with tombstone will spawn a grave where they died. When a player returns to the tombstone and interacts with it, they will get all their weapons back. Dying with tombstone while another tombstone is already active will replace the old one, and those items will be lost.

Random Perk Bottle Entity
When walked through, a player will be given a random perk bottle from all of the available bottles. If a player has the random perk, it will find one that the player doesn't have. If they already have all of the perks, the player is ignored and nothing happens. Someone else can pick up the perk instead.

Thanks to:
Treyarch - Models & Animation
Myself - Porting, coding, etc
Roach - Vulture aid smoke

Server Owners use
to forcedl all the files.

Perks_PerkLimit (default 0 = all of them)
Perks_Jug_BonusHealth (default 150)
Perks_VultureAid_SmokeChance (default 20)
Perks_VultureAid_AmmoChance (default 10)
Perks_DoubleTap_DamageMultiplier (default 2)
Perks_ElectricCherry_Damage (default 50)
Perks_ElectricCherry_Cooldown (default 2.5 seconds)
Perks_ElectricCherry_Radius (default 100)
Perks_Staminup_RunSpeed (default 575)
Perks_Staminup_WalkSpeed (default 300)
Perks_PHDFlopper_Magnitude (default 75)

Perks_TTT_DoubleTap_EnableFastShoot (default 1)
Perks_TTT_DoubleTap_FastShootMultiplier (default 2)


Q: Can I change something in the code and reupload my own version?
A: No. The code is my own and thus protected under copyright.

Q: How do I disable fast firing speed in TTT for Double Tap?
A: Use the cvar 'Perks_TTT_DoubleTap_EnableFastShoot 0'

Q: Why is Speed Cola not in?
A: Every weapon base handles reloading differently, so it's not possible to account for all of them.

Q: Why are there no newer perks like Widow's Wine, etc?
A: There are way too many perks so I set a stopping point at Black Ops 2 Zombies perks

Q: Are there going to be perk machines?
A: I will release a separate addon for machines, coming soon(tm)

Q: How do I limit the amount of perks a player get?
A: Use the cvar: Perks_PerkLimit (default 0)
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