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Murder Drones - Murder Drone Uzi
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Jan 13, 2022 @ 6:06am
Jan 13, 2022 @ 6:09am
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Murder Drones - Murder Drone Uzi

Fan-made model of the concept of the Worker Drone "Uzi", from Glitch Production and Liam Vickers Animation's "Murder Drones" Pilot episode on YouTube, being a Murder Drone.
Source Filmmaker version

C_art and MrTheWizard for making this model together

This addon features both ragdoll and playermodel of the Murder Drone character, as well as the extra customizable limbs you can use, all contained in a spawn menu called "Murder Drones". This custom menu also connects to all Murder Drones models, made future or past, allowing for ease of access.
Facial Flexes
DISCLAIMER: This model previously had an unprecedented 124 facial flexes, including eye movement, to ensure maximum control for the user. However, due to Source and Game Engine limitations, this number has had to be reduced down 92. To compensate for such a big loss of shape keys, I have added bones to each of the face components (eyes, eyebrows, eyelids) to make sure that you can still customize this model as much as possible.
Also, please be careful with how you can change expressions, as they can lead to unplanned results. I assure you that we have done as much as we possibly can, but there are certain things you just can't avoid or fix.
  • 22 eye flexes, including the Murder Drones' "X" eyes
  • Full control over eyes movement (left, right, up, down)
  • Includes eyebrows and eyelids (use their respective "appear" sliders to make them appear)
  • 19 eyebrow flexes
  • 26 eyelid flexes (14 upper, 12 lower)
  • 25 mouth flexes
Included bodygroups
  • Wings
  • Claws
  • Hands
Additional bodygroups/props
These models have to be attached using the a bone merger tool. We recommend using the Easy Bone Merger Tool by Rubat. Please note that any modifications (left/right selection, color, etc...) need to be applied BEFORE merging this with the main model, otherwise you will not be able to edit it.
  • Blade
  • Beam cannon
  • EMP Device
  • "Literally so insanely suspicious" flag
  • Missile Prop (can't be attached to the main model)
Custom model color
To allow for maximum customizability, we have made the eyes, the different emission points of the model, and the eye sensors color customizable, allowing you to apply whatever color you would like to all, or individual, areas of the glowing parts of the model.
To do this, I MrTheWizard have made a tool especially for this purpose. The tool is called the Self Illuminating Color Tool. To color any one of the parts mentioned above, follow the instructions given by the tool.
The model comes with many additional bones to help you move around the various additional pieces. These additional bones are:
  • Wing bones - used to help rotate the wings around their joints. They are connected to 2 main bones, allowing you to control the wings individually
  • Face bones - mainly implemented for SFM users, they allow for more control over the face for more expressive... expressions
  • Limb bones - used to help control switching limbs for players doing machinima, by allowing you to scale, rotate and/or move the additional limbs. There are two of them (Left and Right), but they only work for the attachable entities, not for the hands or the claws, which are already attached to the model via bodygroups. Quick tip: if you want to make it look as though the hands/claws are switching themselves out, shrink the bone using the Advanced Bone Tool or the Inflator Tool, it's how SMG4 did it!
  • Tail bones - these come with physics, so you don't have to worry too much about them, but you can also move the hook part at the end of the tail using the Advanced Bone Tool or Ragdoll Mover
  • Eye bones - used to move around the different eye pieces (eyes, eyelids and eyebrows) independently of the flex controllers. Use the Advanced Bone Tool or the Ragdoll Mover

The playermodel contains all of the features the ragdoll has, with a few adjustments to some of them.
The playermodel has all of the bodygroups from the ragdoll, with the addition of being able to toggle the tail on and off.
Playermodel Face Posing
You can use the Facepose Me Tool by Rathos to control the expressions on the playermodel. All facial flexes are identical to the main model.
Additional Bones
Due to its nature, the playermodel does not give you control over the additional face bones of the model.
Custom arms
This model comes with custom viewmodel arms. However, you cannot change these viewmodel arms with what hand bodygroup you currently have selected due to technical issues. Additionally, the arms tend to block out a large portion of the screen. Should this become too much of an inconvenience, we will remove the custom arms from the addon.
You can still attach the additional limbs to your model using the Easy Bone Merger Tool, but it will not update your viewmodel.
Custom illuminating color
For the playermodel, all of the illuminating colors take their emission from your current Playermodel Character Color, which you can customize in the Playermodel selector. Alternatively, you can still use the Self Illuminating Color Tool to customize the different illuminating areas of your model should you want to.

We would highly appreciate it if you could credit us for using this model in your artwork
I don't know why I am putting this here, since this model doesn't seem overtly sexual in any way, but as this model is still partially created by a minor, we, the creators, kindly request that you do not use this model for any NSFW material!! We would really appreciate it if you do not use the model for anything like that, please.
The only thing that I will let slide, but do not endorse, is the use of this model in "gory" themed posters, as the Murder Drones are quite brutal, so it would seem wrong of me to forbid it.

Also, please, please, PLEASE don't spam requests for models. We get around to doing it when we get the time, and spamming us does not make us work any faster. We also work on whatever models we feel like working on, so don't get disappointed if "your model" does not get added soon. We are not robots, we are humans, and we work as fast as we can, when we can.

Should you have any issues with the models, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible